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"The bathroom is just beyond that door and you are welcome to use it," Terri replies as she points to the door across from her.
12/27/2014 #91

"Thank you its been awhile thankfully school is out otherwise my coming to school as I looked after the beating from Terra and her gang it would bring up to many questions".

Star says as she then heads into the bathroom and gets undressed as she releases the bindings that where hidden as two amber wings spread out at her thought as she lets out a soft sigh.

"When you where dealing with my injuries you must have noticed the bandages covering something else well I can show you when I get out of here though I might need to make spots for them". Star says through the door.

12/27/2014 #92
"You're welcome and and I did notice the other bandages when I was treating you. What was under those bandages?" Terri curiously asks as she held Enfer in her arms.
12/27/2014 #93

"Its better if I show you when I am done".

Star explains as she step into the shower and washes her body and eventually her wings which for her was the hardest spot to do after a 5 minute shower she steps out and dries herself off with a couple of towels as her hair colour fades back too its normal shade of purple with pink and blue stripes.

After getting dressed and make spots for her wings she nods as she flexes them before they remain still on her back as she steps out of the bathroom as her wings fluff out for a moment.

12/27/2014 #94

"Nice wings, Star-san," Terri compliments her as she sees her wings and the door bell rings which Ciel goes to answer in her human form once she leaves the room.

12/27/2014 . Edited 12/27/2014 #95

"The mirror showed my true form back home and purple is my natural hair colour I went through a rebellious phase and until recently kept my hair dyed like that".

Star blushes at the compliment as her wings fold back to her sides as she had heard the door bell.

12/27/2014 #96

"I see and it looks like they sent over the officers to pick up the reports that finished recently," Terri notes as she sees Ciel still in her human form with an officer that she knew very well.

Terri then hands over a large metal brief case with the reports in to the officer who excused himself and leaves.

12/27/2014 #97

"I may have more limited magic but I have noticed that even the limited magic I posses would scare the military of this world because even without all my magic I have power equivalent of many nukes if I got upset enough".

Star uses a simple spell too disguise her wings as she lets out a deep breath that she held in.

12/27/2014 #98

"Yeah I understand how you feel and there's that one time when I accidentally scared one of the suspects so bad when I used a special single touch knockout technique on both of his bodyguards, who tried to intentionally grab me, he ended up having an accident on his pants and blurbed out some nonsense," Terri mentions as Ciel reverts back into her small fox form.

12/27/2014 . Edited 12/27/2014 #99

"That guard must have been extremely embarrassed when that happened to him".

Star says as she then thinks on something as she goes to the box from within the Jewelry box/music box.

"The mirror and the book are not the only things I brought from Equestria but they hold the most significant value for me".

12/27/2014 #100

"Okay and that knockout technique is one of many that have been passed down from generation to generation from my mother's side since the Feudal Era when most of my family were highly skilled but honourable assassins," Terri explains as sets down Enfer who then hops onto her bed with Ciel.

12/27/2014 #101

"Assasins so they exist in both my world and this one well there was only 3 attempts on my mom's lives but two of them ended with deaths of guards but first attempt the assasin was a scared filly pushed to do it by her family who where assasins".

Star remembers Ruin Sage or just Sage the Unicorn who had magic rivaling Twighlights and Sunset Shimmers before they became alicorns.

12/27/2014 #102

"I see and would you like to come down to the library on the first floor with me?" Terri asks as Ciel and Enfer decides to hop back on to Terri's shoulders.

12/27/2014 #103

"Yes that sounds like fun".

Star says with a suprising vigor as she bounces on the balls of her feet with glee.

12/27/2014 #104

"Okay then follow me," Terri replies as she leads Star down to their massive library on the first floor near the back of the house.

12/27/2014 #105

Star blushes as she sounds like her aunt Pinkie Pie more then her mom when she heard of seeing a library.

"I get excited when I see a library I have never been in before and well got carried away".

12/27/2014 #106

"I see and you might enjoy the selection that we have here," Terri replies pleasantly as she opens the door to the library.

12/27/2014 #107

"Yeah all my aunts and uncles say I have my mothers love of reading though both are avid readers moma Twighlight almost let life pass her by and then she and moma Sunset would never have met and I would not have been born".

Star says but her deppressed mood fades when she see's the sheer wealth of knowledge in the form of books as she dispels her masking spell as her human ears vanish and two purple pony ears show up ontop of her head and her wings open wide as she hovers off the ground to see higher shelves.

12/27/2014 #108

"How do you like the selection? Also on the far right shelf in the back are the notes that my ancestors have written and preserved from the many generations including many personal recounts of the wars and the jobs that they have taken up as assassins before and during the time of the slow shift to becoming magicians," Terri mentions as she heads over to the shelf filled with copies of cold cases that the police allowed them to keep to work on during their spare time.

12/27/2014 #109

"Its incredible with all this knowledge its hard to believe that soo many wars have happened though if they sat down together they could work things out and become friends with one another".

Star mutters the last part of the sentence to herself as she carefully examines one of the books as she feels a familiar magic surrounding it and the symbols are equestrian.

"Did your family history ever mention meeting ponies because this book is magical in the sense of the same kind as what I possess".

12/27/2014 #110

"I believe it did and it was in one of the earlier notes that we have archived," Terri mentions as she pulls out the old notes that mentions about the encounter of the Equestrians gently from the shelf.

12/27/2014 #111

Star flies back down from her examination of the higher book shelves as she looks over the information and goes over what she knows of when these notes occurred.

"That was before Equestria was united together under the rule of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna back when the three pony races where segregated into each of the individual tribes and suffered through the harsh winter and had dealt with the Whinidigo's".

12/27/2014 #112

"I see and is there any else that have caught your eye, Star-san?" Terri asks as Ciel and Enfer made non-burning fire clouds and hops onto them.

12/27/2014 #113

"This book I found up in the higher rows it is definetly an equestrian spell book though I thinks its one of the advanced spell books".

Star says but she also had seen some well written literature including Lord of the Rings but she has not read that or the Hobbit.

"Though these one's by this J.R. Tolkien are very interesting but I take it this is fantasy writting not historical events?". Star shows the Hobbit and The Lord of the rings books.

12/27/2014 #114

"I see and you're correct about the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series being a fantasy," Terri replies as Ciel brings over a cold case file to Terri before hopping back onto her mystic fire cloud.

12/27/2014 #115

"That is good because the way they describe magic is so bizzare though there does not seem to be that much mention of it outside of the wizard Gandalf".

Star says as she had briefly looked through the book but the brief look was a quick read of the book ontop of her love of books Star has a photographic memory.

"What is one of the longest runing cold cases to date I know there are quite a few I have read many diferent subjects too understand this world better".

12/27/2014 #116

"Well the longest running cold case that we have here would be this murder and robbery case which has been cold for at least 90 years now and I think I am close to cracking the case," Terri explains as she opens the case file and lays it on a nearby table.

12/27/2014 #117

"I see really 90 years old isn't that past the time limit for most cases that are not solved?".

Star puts down the two books as she wonders over to Terri as she see's the details in the file as her mind records every little bit.

"This case was from 3 years ago the whole reason the case went cold was all the evidence had been tampered with and fingerprints as well that would indicate that it would be someone with extensive knowledge of police work if not they may have been an officer".

12/27/2014 #118

"Yeah I agree and that would have been the case that it was beyond the time limit but they recently revised that law to have murders excluded from the time limit as the loss of life is irreplaceable and it would be considered as immoral to not be able to solve these type of cases and leave the friends and family of the affected longing for an answer," Terri explains as she sorts out the content from the file.

12/27/2014 #119

"So the case from 90 years ago was a murder but this case is a mess some of the evidence feels off".

Star sees a blur in one photo from that case.

"There is a blur that makes me think there is something hidden I can do something to clarify these pictures".

12/28/2014 #120
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