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"It was because of that group of girls that you had too scare away from the hospital they pretended too be my friend it was the big reason I was transfered too that private academy there where some cuts and bruises that I managed too fake they where while I was out in the bushes".

Melody at this point is quivering.

1/25/2015 #1,231

"Oh I see and I'm still sorry for incident though," Terri replies as Kid's dove with a message flies in and land on Terri's head.

1/25/2015 #1,232

"Its okay though I am still feeling the after effects of what they did".

Melody replies as she hugs both Aurora and Noel.


"Looks like Kid has sent you another message".

Star points wondering how near by Kid is since she knows doves can fly certain distances.

1/25/2015 #1,233

"Okay and I wonder what he wants now?" Terri asks as she takes the note from the dove and opens it to see that it said: "Are you ready to go yet?"

1/25/2015 #1,234

Enfer hops on top of the van with Ciel in their smaller fox forms to wait for the others while they saw Kid peeking from the top of a nearby building.

1/25/2015 #1,235
Kid quickly hides again but peeks out once they weren't looking.
1/25/2015 #1,236

"Seems like he will be following us too the hill".

Star says as she stands up from the table.


All three also stand up and clean there dishes as Melody fills a traveling coffee mug with more coffee for the trip.

1/25/2015 #1,237
"Yeah and he'll probably do something with me specifically once we get there," Terri mentions as she writes a reply before sticking it to a throwing knife and going out to the entrance and chucking it.
1/25/2015 #1,238

Kid quickly sees the reply as he uses a magnet on a cord to retrieve the knife.

1/25/2015 #1,239

A couple of harmless wisps that Phantom and Lekai made lazily floats passed the dining area.

1/25/2015 #1,240
Phantom glances at Lekai who just shrugs in denial about why the wisps just floated away.
1/25/2015 #1,241
Ciel and Enfer both lie on the roof of the van as they patiently wait for the others.
1/25/2015 #1,242
Terri then returns to the others after seeing that Kid has received the reply.
1/26/2015 #1,243

"That should be interesting too see what he is planning too do this time".

Melody says as she gets a jacket and that on after making sure the charm is working.


"So then it seems like we should get this show on the road then".

Star says as she bundles up as well.


Noel makes sure that Aurora is warm and secure as she also bundles up as well.

1/26/2015 #1,244
"Yeah and there's one thing that I know for sure, Kid's going to be skiing," Terri replies as she puts on her winter gear.
1/26/2015 #1,245

"So he is skilled on ski's?".

Star asks very curiously.


Melody makes sure that Noel and Aurora are bundled up as she finishes getting ready herself.

1/26/2015 #1,246
"Yep and are you ready?" Terri asks after Tai and Jacques both got their bags ready.
1/26/2015 #1,247
Enfer and Ciel made sure that nothing was going to fall out of place in the van.
1/26/2015 #1,248

"Yeah we are ready".

Melody replies as both Aurora and Noel give a thumbs up.


Star gets the feeling someone other then Kid is watching them as she nods too Terri.

"Ugh this feeling I thought Aunt Tia would make sure there was no way for her too come here but if anything Shadow is very resourceful".


Shadow sneezes as she knows that someone is talking about her as she runs a hand through her near ankle length hair which she has done into a double ponytail as amethyst eyes shine with glee.

"So this is where Star is honestly did she think I would not find her after she crossed dimensions".

1/26/2015 #1,249
"Okay then and who's Shadow?" Terri asks curiously as she motions them to follow her to the van.
1/26/2015 #1,250

"She is truly like a sister too me though back in Equestria she is truly what I have been for the last 6 years here she was an orphan who lost both her mother and father she is also quite a skilled pranker much too Celestia's sometimes aggravation".

Star says as she follows Terri out too the van.


With a pop of light standing too the side of the van is a girls about 4 years older then Star with midnight blue hair and amethyst eyes dressed in snow pants and a heavy shirt and sweater and finally a winter jacket overtop.

"Its good too see your safe sis but did you have too give them all that info not that I mind by the way I am Shadow Wind but you can just call me Shadow". Shadow says in relatively nice voice.

1/26/2015 #1,251
"Nice to meet you Shadow-san, I'm Terri," Terri introduces herself as Ciel and Enfer's ears perk up.
1/26/2015 #1,252

"Its good that she is safe would not want too have too explain too Tia why her niece is gone".

Shadow says as she looks too Ciel and Enfer and then too the others.

"So then you have your pony forms that is good if everything I have witnessed is any indication on how bad things have gotten you need all the help you can get".


Melody follows them outside though Aurora squeaks and hides behind her leg.


"Sis how did you get here did you go through at the same time I did and yet again I am always going too be the young one".

Star pouts as Shadow is still older and taller then her.

1/26/2015 #1,253
"Okay and did you also get here by a similar way like Star?" Terri curiously asks as she notices that Phantom and Lekai are hovering on the roof of the van with Ciel and Enfer.
1/26/2015 #1,254

"Yes I did though it was a month later I opened the portal with a spell from an old spell book".

Shadow replies as she has a grin on her face.


"Please tell me you didn't go into the restricted section of Celestia library".

Star asks with a groan that reaches her voice.


Aurora looks out from behind Melody seeing the older girl talking as Noel smiles at Aurora's curiousity.

1/26/2015 #1,255
"I see and would you like to come with us today, Shadow-san?" Terri offers as she already knew that Tai actually has more than than what she showed last night.
1/26/2015 #1,256

"I don't mind it well give me time too get too know you guys better".

Shadow says though she can tell from here that Terri has a mischievious side too her.


Star hugs Shadow who hugs her back.

"Its good that both my sisters are here and seem like they well get along".


Noel hugs Melody as she feels the warmth of Melodies wings helping provide an extra layer of warmth.

1/26/2015 #1,257
"Okay then and let's get in so we can have the most time on the hills as possible," Terri replies as she enters the van.
1/26/2015 #1,258

Kid continues to spy on them as he got his gear already ready with the help of his mom since it would have been too heavy for him to carry it while hang gliding and she would help him bring it to the location..

1/26/2015 #1,259

Kid's dove returns to him and coos happily as it perches on his shoulder.

1/26/2015 #1,260
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