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"This well be good for her then and for once the younger sister is the one protecting the elder".

Star says as she tries too remain awake and vigilant but the excitement of the day is making her sleepy.


"Then its my job too watch over you both rest now little sis for you need your rest".

Shadow says as she begins humming a soft and gentle lullaby.


Nova levitates herself into the air too grab Aurora's wing tips as Aurora just shakes her head seeing a foal her age doing that as she yelps softly when she feels Nova latch onto her feathers.

2/3/2015 #1,441
Terri's ears twitch but she remains mostly undisturbed as Enfer puts the alarm near her. ******************* Ciel chuckles a bit at how cute Nova looks.
2/3/2015 #1,442
Terri's ring glows softly as it emits a protective aura to the room courtesy of the Light Guardian.
2/3/2015 #1,443
Phantom and Lekai both marks down a couple of notes as they watch over Ciel and the others from above.
2/3/2015 #1,444

Star rests her head on the bed as she feels herself falling into a soft sleep as her wings remain folded too her side.


Shadow smiles softly after seeing her younger sibling napping though she herself knows even if they act like sisters she knows because of being a low born and always causing trouble she well always be an outsider.


Nova pounces on Aurora who falls into the snow as the baby just makes a happy giggling sound as she feels Aurora's wings surround her.

2/3/2015 #1,445
"You know, Terri always works hard for everyone that she seems to almost always forget about herself," Enfer notes quietly. ***** Ciel happily waves her tail.
2/3/2015 #1,446

"Then she let others help her in said task there is no shame in accepting help though not every person can do everything so that why you have many friends too lighten your load".

Shadow replies as she looks at the now napping duo though she speaks too Enfer in a quiet voice.


Aurora tickles Nova's tummy causing a whole fit of laughter too escape her lips.

2/3/2015 #1,447
"Yeah and that's one goal that she has marked down for the year," Enfer notes as she notices the ring's glow. ******************** Ciel stands up and shakes the excessive snow off her fur.
2/3/2015 #1,448
Terri's ring continues to glow as the Light and Dark Guardian appears in their spectral form behind them.
2/3/2015 #1,449
Phantom and Lekai decides to go and check on Terri and the others in the building.
2/3/2015 #1,450
Lekai notices the guardians but doesn't show much reaction.
2/3/2015 #1,451

Shadow notices the glowing ring and the pressence of the guardians as she sits and seems too slip into a trance as her senses extend outwards.


Star twitches in her slumber as her ears swivel back and forth.


Aurora settles down against Ciel with Nova who is curled up on Aurora's stomach.

2/4/2015 #1,452
"Are you alright Shadow-san?" Enfer asks as her notices that Shadow has slipped into the trance. ***************** "Man that was fun and do you want to go check up on the others now?" Ciel asks as she felt the Guardians' presences.
2/4/2015 #1,453
The Light Guardian simply looks around as she felt the silver charm's lunar aura from Terri's belt.
2/4/2015 #1,454
Terri's ears twitch again but stop when she unconsciously detects the two guardians in the room.
2/4/2015 #1,455
Lekai glances at the Light Guardian as Phantom glances at the Dark Guardian.
2/4/2015 #1,456

"I do this when I need too reflect about the events that have happened and too connect too the other Nyx who happens too also be the daughter of Twilight and Sunset Shimmer though with Nyx she was born of the part that was Luna".

Shadow opens her eyes as she knows soon rather then later she would have too reveal more about herself and with both Terri and Star asleep Enfer or the others would be the best ones to tell for now.

"Can you make it so that my sisters don't wake up I know silly of me too think of Terri a person I only met today my sister".


Aurora nods as she craddles Aurora though see's the babies distress as she hears the distinct cries knowing its one of the 2 possible things.

"Before we go I may have too either get her something too eat but since she is a baby that could be a problem and or we need a diaper she has been suprisingly not making a mess but that could change".


Melody listens as she makes sure her love is comfortable since she is napping.

"Is it because your part of Nyx I know the story of Nyx but no one mentioned some pony else like you but I sense her power in you".

2/5/2015 #1,457
"Okay then and do you need to do something, Shadow-san? Also that should be easy since as long as nothing disturbs Terri in particular, nothing bad would happen," Enfer replies as the Dark Guardian joins Enfer by her side. ****************** "Okay then and if it's formula that we need then I know where to go fetch some," Ciel mentions as she watches Nova.
2/5/2015 #1,458

"Not unless I start crying or along those lines which is bound too happen and Melody you know about Nyx yes but where I come in is after the events of the story you know as Past Sins when Luna became complete I was born of the stuff Nyx had removed from the followers of Nightmare Moon".

Shadow replies as she see's the at first the realization and then shock.


Melody feels the shock fade away as she feels tears start too come too her eyes.


"Lets hope if it comes down too that her body won't reject the formula she is young enough that is a possibility".

Aurora has enough knowledge about what that would mean if they could not get Nova too drink formula though she smells the air as she also hears the little filly/babies stomach and that as she see's tears in her eyes.

2/5/2015 #1,459
"Okay then and just give me a moment and I'll get the formula," Ciel replies before she teleports to somewhere else and returns with a bottle of formula for Nova. ********** "Oh I see and hopefully it'll be alright for you then," Enfer replies as she watches Terri and Star napping while the Dark Guardian strokes Enfer and Enfer glances at the time.
2/5/2015 #1,460
The Light Guardian gently catches a harmless spirit wisp with her palm as it acts like a small bird.
2/5/2015 #1,461
The small wisp then morphs into the shape of a small bird in her palm.
2/5/2015 #1,462

"Though what do we do if her body can't accept formula I know how mothers do it".

Aurora says in a soft voice as she uses her magic too deal with the mess from Nova as she uses magic too create a diaper for her putting it on the baby though with her lack of experience its not the best.


"Nyx thought at the time when she removed the curse on the cult who worshipped Nightmare Moon that she stamped out everything connected too the tatterred remains that started the mess but two of the ponies had snuck away the tatterred bit was what helped birth me though it cost my mom down the road eventually her life and dad died protecting her".

Shadow replies as she looks at Melody who confirms about the curse since outside of her and Star since Nyx is her older sister.

"The reason Terri does not know about Nyx is because she was never asked about siblings that I know of anyway back too what happened my mom and dad where nobles from a distant kingdom in Equestria that had found the remanents knowing full well they would be hunted down once found out".


"So anyone who had something related too Nightmare Moon or Nyx was persecuted like in the ways of a witch hunt but that does not explain how you where born like a normal foal unless your mom ingested the smokey tendrils that is the only way I see that happening".

Melody replies in a soft whisper.

2/5/2015 #1,463
"Oh and I'm not too sure then," Ciel replies as she pulls out several care charms. ******************** Terri's ears twitches indicating that she could hear what they are saying though the Dark Guardian sets down a special charm for Terri to use.
2/5/2015 #1,464

Shadow notices the ear twitches as she says the next thing.

"Once this trip is done its better for you all too keep your distance even mentioning Nyx in this world there are those from Equestria who came here that hate both Nightmare Moon and anything related too either Nyx or Nightmare Moon I am just glad I got too spend time with people who won't turn on me".


Melody hears and feels the truth behind the matter though knows that if they let her leave once they head back then she would probably never be seen again except in a police report of a suicide or murder by someone since she knows that a lot of ponies held a grudge.


Aurora takes the bottle and soon leans against Ciel while she has Nova drink the formula as she silently prays that this well work.

2/5/2015 #1,465
The Light and Dark Guardians both wonder when are going to be acknowledged by the others. *********** Ciel looks at Aurora reassuringly as Nova drinks the formula.
2/5/2015 #1,466
"Oh okay and there's one thing I forgot to mention, you have to be extra careful when you wake Terri. She tends to do some weird things when disturbed in her sleep," Enfer mentions as she recognizes the charm that was set beside Terri.
2/5/2015 #1,467

"I thank you all this has been one of the best days I have had ever".

Shadow says so very softly as she looks at her wings feeling sad that now only after this long she gets them only after a particular bad incident that she has secretly been hiding that she had been injured repeatedly as only her mental strength keeps her from passing out.


Melody winces knowing that sound in her voice it was almost identical too her own experience with being nearly pushed too the point of commiting suicide but too her Shadow is past the point of no return especially being on her own and people hating her and such.


Aurora nods as soon Nova finishes as she knows if she is going too get a reaction it would be shortly after she finishes the formula as nothing happens as she does what she remembers about burping soon Nova gives a soft belch.

2/5/2015 #1,468
"Looks like this is the right formula for her," Ciel notes as she notes the type given before slipping it back into her tail. ******************** Terri looks content as it was almost time though Enfer pulls out a second alarm clock in case Terri does something to the first one when it goes off.
2/5/2015 #1,469

"Thank goodness though it looks like for now she is going too be napping all the activity has worn her out".

Aurora says though once the little baby is asleep and secure on Ciel she speaks seriously.

"I am not sure if other then me or Melody are the only one's who sensed this if Shadow leaves us like I think she is planning too once we get back we are not going too see her again she is on precipice of doing something too herself that well end up with her dead either by her own hands or people who know her origins".


Shadow tries too find a comfortable spot though she almost cries out more then once hitting one of her own wounds as she debates if its better just too leave now for even with all there strength she would be eventually caught out on her own and then it would be the end or she might end it herself.


Melody looks at the Light and Dark Guardian's though she then looks back at Shadow as she can plainly see the most vicious of her injuries from others though they are all covered up.

2/5/2015 #1,470
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