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"Yeah and you may try to clarify the photos since these are copies of the original," Terri replies as she examines the one of the blurred photos.
12/28/2014 #121
Ciel glides on the ground with Enfer on their mystic flame clouds in the nearby hallways.
12/28/2014 #122

Star uses her magic as the photo's in question levitate around her as she goes over them with magic as she soon realises something.

"This is strange can you tell me more about the crime because the blurs are not made by human error from what I can tell there is faint magical traces on them including the evidence in the photo's themselves".

12/28/2014 #123
"There were several seals scattered around the body when the police found it as well as several candles arranged in a circle just beside it with a couple of burnt charms," Terri explains as she pulls out her own charm.
12/28/2014 #124
Peace decides to roost on Terri's head.
12/28/2014 #125

"Hum that is odd I have studied this worlds magic and even managed to replicate some of the magic".

Star closes her eyes as she visualises the crime scene as her body lights up with a strong green/reddish pink light as she sifts through the grainy image as in her minds eye she see's a hooked claw and a scythe crossed as Stars eyes open.

"I know police do not believe in magic well most of them did anyone think to check for a magical signature even with the time passed since the crime was commited there would be something to signify if the killer was a low level mage or a high level mage".

12/28/2014 #126
"Actually I managed to retrieve one of the original charms from the crime scene as well as one of the seals," Terri explains as she summons a small sealed pouch with the mentioned contents from her storage seal.
12/28/2014 #127

"That could help". Star closes her eyes as she feels the magic from where she stands and it matches the one from the crime scene but she is suprised that she is not tired from using this level of spell.

"Do you know if this town has magical leylines runing under it I never thought to check".

12/28/2014 #128
"We do actually and we have a map of it in here," Terri replies as she pulls out a map from under the table.
12/28/2014 #129

Peace flies off to see Chance while passing Ciel and Enfer in the hallway who are still gliding around the hallways.

12/28/2014 #130

Star nods as she looks at the map.

"Hum this is why my magic is not as weak I could cast teleportation which back home was one of the most challenging spells back home and few unicorns can pull it off but alicorns can do teleportation".

12/28/2014 #131

"I see and did you find any other detail that stood out as well?" Terri asks as she pulls out another charm.

12/28/2014 #132

"The person who commited this crime was a very strong mage in this world but knows some subtle magic to make it seem like a normal crime and he or she left this calling card only magic users can see".

Star creates an illusion of the calling card the hooked claw and crossed swords.

"Did the reports from the scene have a comfirmed how this person died though I suspect it was uncomfirmed and this was not the first death but I can sense there is black magic involved".

12/28/2014 #133

"Okay and it was unconfirmed at the time of the report though I have a feeling that I recognized this magic signature from somewhere," Terri mentions as she mentally chats with Phantom.

12/28/2014 #134

"Well if you need help I well back you up this magic is very bad since it borders on death magic".

Star says as she recharges her magical energies now that she knows about the leylines.

12/28/2014 #135

"Okay thanks and I actually know someone who's very knowledgeable in dark magic as well," Terri mentions as she pulls out a third charm.

12/28/2014 #136

"You mean the one you have been conversing with I could sense that other pressence".

Star says as she had felt the other conversation even with recharging her magic.

12/28/2014 #137

"Yeah she's the one and would you like to meet her?" Terri asks as Phantom mentions a couple details about dark magic to her mentally.

12/28/2014 #138

"Yes I am curious to meet her though with her dark magic knowledge why didn't this case get more attention or was the magic too faint for her to sense".

Star says as she knows the magic was faint too normal mage sense.

12/28/2014 #139

Phantom's spectral form appears as she replies, "There was something interfering with my magic and my ability to identify it at the time but I knew that the interferance would only last for so long so it was put on hold until just this morning when it ended."

12/28/2014 #140

"The magic was subtle except that the dark magic that caused the victims death".

Star says as she points at a broken crystal at four points in the area.

"Those are magical deflection points and allow the magic to be hidden".

12/29/2014 #141

"I see and forgive me for forgetting to introduce myself, I am Phantom Ace, Terri's dark half," Phantom introduces herself as she tips her fedora down.

12/29/2014 #142

"Its an honor too meet you Phantom-san my name is Starlight Shimmer".

Star bows as she then stands back up.

12/29/2014 #143

"Same here and what questions do you have for me?" Phantom asks as she removes her fedora while revealing that she looks very similar to Terri.

12/29/2014 #144

"Your definetly the dark version of Terri but you know more about dark magic so does that mean you know of my home world".

Star asks as she looks out the window at the weather.

12/29/2014 #145

"Well you could say that since I do often encounter various other users of dark magic from many places and would often pick up some information from each encounter," Phantom replies as she pulls out a notebook in which she used to takes some notes.

12/29/2014 #146

"So are you the one that is familiar with that magical signature".

Star asks as her pony ears twitch.

12/29/2014 #147
"Yeah though it has been a long time since I last felt it but I do keep a secret record of magic signatures on me as well in case if I have to compare it," Phantom replies as she pulls out a seal covered notebook.
12/29/2014 #148

"I am suprised there are magical reflection devices only high level magic users can create those and most of them are dark magic users".

Star says as she pulls out a small book with magic signatures as well.

"Though suprising there are alot of mages though none I would call of the four known ranks most are novices despite age or otherwise the known mage ranks are Novice,Journeyman,Master and Adept there are so few of that level in this world".

12/29/2014 #149
"Okay and that could make sense though what was the motive for the person to commit this crime?" Phantom asks as she felt Enfer sitting by her foot with her mystic flame cloud.
12/29/2014 #150
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