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"Several generations that is impressive".

Star says as she wonders about the connection since Terri's family has connections too Equestria if Kid's family does too though shrugs it off for now.


"My parents from what little I remember knew the legend though I only remember the day they died they gave me this and hid me away back then it was magic that caused my blindness everyone thought I was born blind".

Aurora says as she recalls that day as she cuddles with Nova who nestles in her arms.

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"Yeah and at least it's peaceful now for the two of us though I know Kid has a surprise to bring for the competition," Terri notes with a little smirk as she glances over to Shadow.


"Oh I see and what is the thing that they gave you?" Ciel asks curiously as the Dark Guardian joins her other half by Ciel.

2/14/2015 #1,502

"Its called Hikari Destiny though its part of me and not something that should be shown so openly".

Aurora says as she settles a hand right next too her heart.


"Peaceful is good it allows for people too recover".

Star says as she looks at Shadow as well who seems at peace for once.

2/14/2015 #1,503

"Oh I see and also do you have any question for either Guardian?" Ciel asks as both Guardians glances at her.


"Yup and this is one thing I don't take for granted," Terri notes as she pulls out her deck.


Tai and Chikage both chat about various topics including their kids and what they're up to for last few days.


Jacques recieves a text from one of the other detectives about the details of the cold case that they're currently working on together to solve.


Lekai follows after Phantom as she stores her battle staff back into the charm.


Jacques then replies as he knows that it was also one of the cases that Terri was working on partly with her time.

2/14/2015 . Edited 2/19/2015 #1,504

"Not at the moment not unless they know what fused with my soul and what it means".

Aurora asks as she summons a bit of the power from the artifact.


"Its good too never take anything for granted with how quickly something can make you lose it".

Starlight says with a soft voice.


Melody feels someone familiar that seems too be here on the mountain but they seem too be not having a hostile intent.


Tempest is having a hot chocate as she has a cloak covering her gear which is similar too Terri's royal armor but is built even light which also is hidden by a poncho that also hides her curved katana's with a spell on her outfit.

2/20/2015 #1,505

"Okay and have you heard of the Phantom Lady?" Ciel asks as she watches the window with Nova on her back.


"Yeah and also this reminds me of a case that I'm working on with Dad and the other detectives," Terri mentions as she fans out the cards after she sets an alarm of when she should going to the starting point for the advance level.


Tai pulls out a deck of cards as they were going to try to guess what card each draws.

2/20/2015 . Edited 2/20/2015 #1,506

Starlight twitches as she looks around.

"No that can't be why did my moms send her not that I mind and is the case one of the other cold cases?".


"The Phantom Lady not off the top of my head no".

Aurora says as she curls up beside Nova as well.


Tempest looks too where Star and the others are as she heads over in that direction.

2/20/2015 #1,507

"It was a different one from what we were looking into earlier and we were trying to sort out the details to this particular case as there were several unclear details that must be either clarified or disregarded," Terri explains as she pulls out her casebook.


"She was also one of the greatest thieves besides Kaito Kid as she steals forgeries from the rich and attempts to reveal the group creating the forgeries," Ciel explains as she knew the identity of the Phantom Lady and her motive.


Kaito heads over to where Tai and Chikage are while wearing his civilian outfit.


Peace hops over to Kaito's head.

2/20/2015 . Edited 2/21/2015 #1,508

"If I didn't know any better then I would say that if Kid's family was thieves that who is too say on his mothers side there can't be anyone that takes up the name but that is just a guess".

Aurora runs a gentle over Nova's tummy who coo's with happy joy of her sleep.


"I can help even if its not without magic I have a photographic memory".

Starlight says as she knows that she can recall anything with a simple suggestion.


Tempest walks too the place where Terri and Starlight and her friends.

2/21/2015 #1,509
"Yeah that's true but from what I heard Kaito Kid only appeared in the first place to draw attention away from the Phantom Lady," Ciel explains as she glances back at the Light Guardian. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "Sounds great and the case occurred just after I managed to solve the fraud here," Terri mentions as she notices the three outside with Kaito's hair still colored from earlier.
2/21/2015 #1,510

"You mean my guess was right about Kaito's mom being the Phantom Lady that was truly a wild guess".

Aurora says as she starts too yawn herself.


"Is that no way auntie Tempest".

Starlight says as she see's that the one in the poncho was both her parents guards and like an aunt though she calls her an aunt.


Tempest is bowled over when she is close enough as she hugs Star back as she falls into the snow.

2/21/2015 #1,511

"Yup and both Tai and Chikage are on the advance level list," Ciel mentions as she rest on the floor.


"Really? Also are you alright?" Terri ask as she approaches Tempest.

2/21/2015 #1,512

"That is impressive".

Aurora says softly.


Tempest looks at Terri as cat like eyes look at Terri as she recognises another bat pony though she is a hybrid unlike Tempest who was born from two bat ponies.

"I am fine its been years after I was sent too watch over you little one".

Tempest hoists Starlight up too her shoulders as she stands up.


Noel looks at Tempest as she recognises one of the other tenants of her building.

2/21/2015 #1,513

"Yeah and they have been really close for years now as best friends. Also are you tired?" Ciel ask as she look over to Aurora.


"That's good to hear, so you're a Thestral?" Terri curiously asks as she also detects Tempest as a Thestral.

2/21/2015 #1,514

Tempest looks around as she looks at Terri and smiles as her front teeth are slightly pointed fangs.

"So everyone goes with the name fimfiction writers call them well yes I am a Thestral that name sounds better then just calling us bat ponies like back home most ponies calls us bat ponies".


Noel and Melody walks out of the building.

"Its good too see you Tempest so the pony you where looking for is Princess Starlight?".


Aurora nods as she struggles too stay awake.

2/21/2015 #1,515

"Oh I see and how long have you been in this dimension for?" Terri asks curiously as she held the silver charm in her palm.


"Okay and would you like to rest on my tail then?" Ciel offers as she lays her tail by Aurora.

2/21/2015 #1,516

"I have been here as long as Starlight when I was 20 and she has been here for 8 years so I have been living here 8 years so I am 28".

Tempest looks at Terri and then the charm.


"Okay that sounds like fun".

Aurora lays down on Ciel's tail with a soft smile on her face and the warmth lulls her too sleep shortly after.


Noel nods in confirmation since they where in the room across the hall from Tempest.

2/21/2015 #1,517

"Oh I see and did you know about the disturbance around town then?" Terri ask as she glances at the time before at her silver charm with the enhanced armour inside.


Ciel relaxes as she stayed perfectly still after she fluffs her fur again.


Both Light and Dark Guardians watch around them carefully for any other disturbance nearby.

2/21/2015 . Edited 2/22/2015 #1,518

"Which one's and are you only talking about in this town or also the one's in the town over I know the events in the town over from this one are connected too some cold case files here in this town I may not be a detective but my parents had taught me too trust my intuition".

Tempest says as she looks at the happy, bouncing Star.

"I hope my niece has not caused you trouble when I became her mom's royal guards was about the time she was born and despite my youth I was only 20 when I became a guard too the princesses".


Aurora cuddles on Ciels tail as her human form shifts into a small bat pony form that is how tired she was that her true form shone through.

2/22/2015 #1,519
"Oh okay and I meant any disturbances in this town in particular," Terri replies as she held her silver charm. *********** Ciel notices the change that she pulls out an extra blanket and covers Aurora to keep her warm.
2/22/2015 #1,520
Enfer checks Shadow on her back and Aurora on Ciel's tail before resting on the ground once again.
2/22/2015 #1,521
Peace and Kid's dove coos at each other as they have their own conversation with just the two of them.
2/22/2015 #1,522

"Other then the murders of magical creatures mostly those from Equestria there has not been much that I have seen".

Tempest says.


Aurora lets out a contented sigh as her wings remain folded too her sides.

2/22/2015 #1,523

"Okay and looks like we're on the same page. Also how much do you know about these incidents?" Terri asks as she pulls out her casebook and a pen.


Ciel lays there peacefully as she lets Aurora and Nova rest on her.


Both Peace and Kid's dove flies off to join Chance and Jacques.

2/22/2015 . Edited 2/23/2015 #1,524
Tai and Chikage both continues to chat though Tai passes a note to Chikage about what they planned to do for the event.
2/24/2015 #1,525
Chikage nods in agreement with the plan discretely as she writes a response to Tai.
2/26/2015 #1,526
After a while, Terri said as she notices Tai, Chikage, and Kaito leaving for the starting point, "I'll be heading to the starting point now."
2/26/2015 #1,527

Terri then gathered her winter gear and hybrid board before using a teleportation charm to get there faster without any of the hardcore fans noticing.

2/26/2015 #1,528

"We well come cheer you on good luck sis".

Star says while excited too see how Terri does.


Shadow begins too stir as she lets out a soft cough as she still is struggling with a fever the healing dealt with most of the stuff but Noel could only heal so much.


Tempest looks at Shadow seeing how sick she is and indicates for her too rest before she follows Terri out slipping on a necklace that allows her too look like Shadow or any body else.

"I well take Shadows place she is still not in well enough shape right now just glad she also is safe though I didn't expect that the portal turned back her age too when I first met her".

2/27/2015 #1,529
"Thanks Star and okay Tempest though you will need her competitor's pass to access the area," Terri replies before going ahead with her teleportation charm. ************* Enfer watches over Shadow as she fluffs her fur again.
2/27/2015 #1,530
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