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"With dark magic well specifically death magic the mage would have to be of journeyman level magic or higher though with death magic the system of the four levels is messed with because the mage could even be a novice but the more magic a death mage absorbs the stronger they become".

Star studies the picture of the body as her eyes see faint but familiar symbols equestrian in nature mixed with sigils from earth magic.

"Even back in Equestria dark as well as death magic where considered a forbidden magic considering all the threats at one point or other came out of black magic".

12/29/2014 #151
"Okay and do you think that that there might be something bigger going on than just this one case?" Terri asks as she held the charm over the bag and the charm instantly turned red and black.
12/29/2014 #152

"I don't know has there been any similar cases or a rash of murders or unexplained deaths in this town or the surrounding area with similar mo's that is one way too know though which phase of the moon did this victims death happen?".

Star taps into her magic using a Master rank spell her parents taught her as all the old case files are scanned and images made of magical illusions float around her in etheral green light.

12/29/2014 #153
"My dad brought home a moon phase record book laced with some lunar magic from grandma that dates back at least 200 years from its first use and its still being used though it records by itself," Terri replies as she brings out an old but well preserved book from the shelf to the table.
12/29/2014 #154

"Death magic has some pretty basic principles but it always has connection to the phases of the moon for death mages at some point in there quest for power raise an army if they have sufficient power but most drain people like vampires sort of".

Star says as her aura turn a jade colour as she powers an adept level spell as 8 seperate files over the course of 10 years and 2 possible being related to the murders.

"There is a connection some mage is draining the life energy and the persons mana till they die I can't tell what the spell is to be but sadly he or she well have to ramp up there draining or the spell won't work this is no simple summoning of the dead or even just an army of ghouls".

12/29/2014 #155
"I see though I have a feeling that there's more than one person involved in the process," Terri notes as she and Phantom felt that each signature was slightly different from each one.
12/29/2014 #156

"That is possible but can you show me the magic signature I can memorise them it well help if and when we run into them and don't think of keeping me out of this someone in this world is using death magic and dark magic from my homeland which should not be possible unless they themselves came from there or".

Star breathes in as she goes over the last possibility.

12/29/2014 #157
"That's fine and I managed to extract the base magic signature from these," Terri replies as she held a red charm.
12/29/2014 #158

"Those are red crystals from the Crystal Empire mainly from a mad unicorn king who".

Star looks at the charm seeing it is the special red crystal one of King Sombra's main focuses when using dark/death magic.

"Oh dear oh this is bad how did mages from this world get a hold of this and with it being here and the amount of life energy and mana they have been draining its a dark resurrection spell".

12/29/2014 #159
"A dark resurrection spell, eh? Is there any way to disrupt the process?" Phantom asks as she was familiar with most dark spells though she wasn't able to look up Equestrian magic as much as she would like.
12/29/2014 #160

"No at this point with as much magic as they have gathered from those 8 plus I don't know the exact area where the spell well be even with tapping into magic ley lines my range of detection is about 10 miles but it would light a beacon for those sensitive to Equestrian magic".

Star stablizes her flight as she lands on the ground and with a thought teleports the second box from the music box and it lands on an empty table.

"If you need equestrian magic knowledge I have a lot of books from home though if I am right they are going to ressurrect King Sombra but why here unless they have an ancient artifact like the Alicorn amulet he won't have access to all his magic".

12/29/2014 #161
"Okay and shall we look at this at another time as well?" Terri asks as she notices that Phantom seems to be more cautious than usual.
12/29/2014 #162

"Yeah so everything else inside that box you guys can reference for future use I get the feeling that Equestrian magic has been brought here to your world not just by me but other people mostly mages who at first don't know what they are doing well at first they won't".

Star says as the jade aura fades as her wings fold back to her sides as she looks between Phantom and Terri.

12/29/2014 #163

"Okay and what would you like to go see now?" Terri asks as she felt Ciel hopping onto her shoulder.

12/29/2014 #164

"What would you recommend so far your house is incredible".

Star says as she teleports the two books on a table for reading on her down time.

12/29/2014 #165

"I would suggest the underground training area just below us," Terri mentions as she gently pats on Phantom's shoulder to calm her down a bit.

12/29/2014 #166

"That sounds good and I hope to get more flying in though with being in a city they might mistake me for a UFO".

Stars says with a soft chuckle since her wingspan in total is 6 feet from wingtip to the shoulder.

12/29/2014 #167
"Yeah or maybe they think you have a very unique glider," Terri notes as she leads them to a very spacious training area that was created using some dimensional magic from her mom's side.
12/29/2014 #168

"Yeah though your family uses gliders and for the most part I hide my wings with magic while at school thankfully I didn't retain my horn when I came to this world wings are easy enough to hide but a horn not so much the same with my ears another ellaborate illusion to make them human".

Star says when they enter the training ground her senses go a little haywire at the dimensional magic.

"The magic I am sensing the shaping of the dimensional energy that kind of magic is only available to master or adept rank mages any lower and the act of creating this would burn out there magical ability".

12/29/2014 #169

"Yeah and my great great grandmother Lekai built this area out of boredom when she couldn't go out due to a prolonged storm and wants to still be able to practice without disruption," Terri explains as she pulls out her amethyst studded ring, the Amethyst Infinity, from her pocket and slips it over her finger on her right hand.

12/29/2014 . Edited 12/31/2014 #170

Star extends her wings to the full wingspan as she takes to the air with minimal effort as she moves around the training ground but asks as she stays within speaking range.

"Your grandmother is quite the skilled mage to be the one to design such a training area especially with the protection wards that are in place that absorb stray energy or even weapon attacks that go out of control".

12/29/2014 #171
"Aye and this was also where I accidentally knocked out my mom for the first time when I was 5 using the technique that I mentioned earlier," Terri mentions as she pulls out several charms.
12/29/2014 #172
Ciel and Enfer hops down from their shoulders and began chasing each other.
12/29/2014 #173
Phantom simply pulls out a deck of cards from her Fedora, which she carried with her from the library when she removed it, and shuffles it.
12/29/2014 #174

"The one that made the bodyguard lose control of his bladder that would have to be majorly embarrassing".

Star says as she takes flight higher as she lets herself act her actual age as she moves around high up in the room with a giggle escaping her lips.

12/29/2014 #175

"Yeah and it was so effective that even the police have a hard time believing that situation according to the known profiles of the bodyguards," Terri mentions as she pulls out a battle staff from the ground.

12/29/2014 . Edited 12/31/2014 #176

((If your ever interested there is a fanfiction related to MLP well there are a few on another site I can recommend)).

Star nods as she closes her eyes as she hovers in place as she summons her tri blade scythe but to start it only shows one blade until she releases the other two but each blade is curved but an enchantment on it makes it not lethal if she was to use it for sparring.

"Despite my knowledge in magic my parents had me tutored in weapons for in case I needed to defend myself".

12/29/2014 #177
"Same here and mom also taught me how to switch weapons quickly in the middle of an attack," Terri replies as she also summons a pair of non-lethal daggers.
12/29/2014 #178

Ciel and Enfer hops over each other playfully.

12/29/2014 #179

"You want too see something cool about this scythe other then its three blades".

Star channels some magic into her weapon as it turns into two curved swords.

12/29/2014 #180
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