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This is a new rp thread and I hope it does well.

7/19/2015 #1

Today is to be the latest concert as fans of Sin gather outside the stadium after a month of hype.

"I can't believe that Sin is putting on a concert here she usually does them at bigger locations".

A petite girl about 5 feet tall with mid back length curly purple hair with pink mixed in is wearing a pink halter top and a purple skirt her eyes are a soft lavender.

7/27/2015 #2
"Yeah I know and I agree that it was a pleasant surprise," Misora adds on as she adjusts her ball cap.
7/28/2015 #3

Jewel knows a few guys are following her movements but quite a few of the people in the crowd go to there school.

"Why does it have to be here its bad it has to goto our school".

7/28/2015 #4
"Honestly I don't really get that either," Misora replies to Jewel.
7/28/2015 #5

"Its sad that not many well accept me as I currently am not even my family".

Jewel says though the last part is drowned out by the crowd.

7/29/2015 #6
"Yeah and sometimes it feels like I'm invisible to the world, especially to those who don't really know me well," Misora adds on as they head to the stage.
7/29/2015 #7

(So does Misora have her symphogear already?).

Jewel follows after Misora towards the front of the stage as she asks.

"Have you heard the reports about the Noise attacking more frequently?".

7/30/2015 #8
(Yeah she does already and is currently looking towards completing her relic as well.) "Yeah I have and it looks like it's going to continue as well," Misora replies as she looks for a spot near the front.
7/30/2015 #9

(There are only complete relics and fragmented relics only differrence is power output Jewel well be one of a select few outside of the Anti Noise Task Force that knows about the gear users its mostly hush-hush).

"They seem drawn to large crowds though whoever is dealing with them is keeping how they deal with them a secret".

Jewel replies as she and her buddies well the community of hackers have fragmented video's from the fights.

7/30/2015 #10
(Okay.) "Oh I see and hopefully it doesn't happen here," Misora adds on as she found a spot for them.
7/30/2015 #11

"Yeah its not like the people fighting them are here at the concert".

Jewel replies in a soft voice as ia girl to the left of them is dressed in a black top and a darker skirt with reddish pink eyes and silvery white hair.

7/30/2015 #12
"So after the concert, do you want to come over to my place?" Misora asks as she glances around.
7/30/2015 #13

Jewel nods as she notices the other girl who has a strong aura as she watches the crowds as if searching for someone.

7/30/2015 #14
"Okay and looks like the show is going to start," Misora notes as the lights begins to dim.
7/30/2015 #15

Sin steps out onto the stage in a silvery blue goddess like dress that seems to move on its own.

"Tonight I hope everyone well enjoy my music".

After the huge roar of the crowd dies down Sin sings three of her songs.

(The first is the opening song from 10-2 the second is not one would be expected from her mostly because a guy sings it "Everything I Do I do it for you" and finally the song from the two part finale from season 4 of MLP:FIM).


Jewel sings along to the songs despite being a guy his voice has a strong musical tone to it.


"Sir there is a strong harmonic reaction from someone in the crowd that Relic 154 in our posession is reacting".

Down below the stadium is a temporary command room of yet unnamed military unit as one officcer reports to there commanding officcer.

8/11/2015 #16

Misora joins in with Jewel though her relic is unknowingly reacting with a soft aura.

8/11/2015 #17

Jewel feels a strong harmonic resonance from all around her.


"Can we pinpoint which relic is reacting to one of the people in the crowd?".

The commander asks as one of the other people shows relic 154 Harkenreid.


Sin listens to the commanders orders as she scans the crowd while on a breather between the second and third song as her focus lands on Jewel,Misora and the unknown 3rd girl.

8/11/2015 #18

Misora notices that Sin was focusing on them and nudges Jewel gently to let her know.

8/11/2015 #19

"There are two relic holders in the audience and the 3rd its suprising that her harmonic synchronisation rate is 98 percent".

Sin says into her ear mic as she waits to hear what she should do.


The commander taps his chin as he then gets his subordinates to get profiles on both Misora and Jewel.

"Um sir the girl known as Jewel does not exist in fact there are no records anywhere".


Jewel jumps slightly as she settles back into her seat.

"Did Sin just really look at me and you Misora? you are the one with that relic of yours who stands out".

(Jewels parents destroyed all records of there 'son' and disowned him/her because of what Jewel is and if need be she can use any relic though the relics reconfigure his body to a girls since there has not been a male using one).

8/11/2015 #20

"Yeah.. and it feels like there's more than one person who is interested in us..." Misora noted as she looked around the area.

8/11/2015 #21

While the small break between songs is happening the girl who had beem sitting next to them had walked away and is conerversing on the phone.

"It seems your hunch was right". The girl nods as she replies to the person on the other end.

"Understood I well use Norwickt to eliminate the potential relic user and cause panic in the stadium".


"Is there anything period no person cannot have anything about themselves even if they are not from the US".

The commander is troubled by this unknown having forgotten about the fourth girl.


"Lets hope its not someone from school or more then one or is it somebody else?".

Jewel asks as a rumbling from below the stadium shakes up the crowd and even the stage below.

8/12/2015 #22

"It's someone else alright," Misora confirms as she quickly analyzes the situation and grips on to her relic instinctively.

8/12/2015 #23

"Whoever it is lets hope it is someone friendly".

Jewel says as she keeps a good grip on the railing as she looks over the railing as screams can be heard below she gasps at what she sees.

8/12/2015 #24

"Jewel, what did you see?" Misora asks as she notices Jewel's reaction when she looked over the railing while she grips on to her relic tighter with some caution.

8/12/2015 #25

Below them ambling around are a large group of Noise of all shape and sizes with some of the crowd already dead by the Noises touch.

(The noise remind me of the monsters from Xenosaga with how there touch turns them into dust or salt like substance).


"Multiple Noise confirmed point of origin unknown".

The commander barks out an order as an alarm goes off in the stadium.


Sin listens to what the commander says as she grips her relic and begin to sing the song as she transforms into her symphogear armor.

8/12/2015 #26

"Let's get to somewhere out of the way now," Misora tells Juew as she spots a narrow hallway that they could easily sneak into and hide while she prepares her symphogear for battle without others catching any glimpse of her.

(Oh okay and have you seen the latest PreCure All Stars Movie?)

8/12/2015 . Edited 8/12/2015 #27

"You should help Sin there is to many just for her alone I can get to safety on my own".

Jewel replies as she knows normal soldiers cannot take care of Noise as she follows Misora gaze to the narrow hallway.


One of the commanders subordinates who is monitoring the relic that reacted to Jewel also notices the other 6 they possess are reacting to the same person.

"Commander this is impossible no one person can resonate with multiple relics even with the highest synchonization rating even higher then Sin's".

8/12/2015 #28
"Alright then and be careful," Misora replies before she activates her relic with her song and joins to protect the others with her symphogear.
8/13/2015 #29

"Be safe Misora so I can talk to you about my situation though I may not stay in town".

Jewel says after Misora goes to help Sin though she notices Noise are after her mainly after the Noise see that Jewel is not around they start heading for where she last was.


Sin frowns as she takes out a few more Noise as Misora arrives she stands back to back with Misora until the Noise seem to lose interest as she asks.

"Where is your friend I get the feeling she is there target not the crowds or us anymore do you realise how high her synchronisation rating is?".

8/13/2015 #30
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