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Symphogear armor and colors and crystal shape:

Transformation song:

Battle song:

Swan Song:

Symphogear weapon:



Other Info:

7/21/2015 . Edited 7/21/2015 #1

Name:Sin Rakeshi.




Appearrance:Tall standing 5'11" with hip length midnight blue hair and her eyes are lavender she wears fashionable clothes not just as part of her cover story.

Symphogear armor and colors and crystal shape:Her crystal is a electric blue and cross shaped her armor is similiar in style to chainmail though blue and split into body,shin guards and skirt with white leggings.

Transformation song:Sephiroths theme.

Battle song:Only my Railgun.

Swan Song:Hero.

Symphogear weapon:A electrified scythe that can shoot waves of energy.

Personality:Soft spoken and very honest but while on the job she exudes confidence and is vocal.

History:Explained in rp.

Other Info:She is bisexual.

7/21/2015 #2

Name: Misora Lyra

Nickname: Mimi or Scales

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Appearance: Standing three feet tall, she has lightning pink spiky hair similar to Natsu from Fairy Tail and amber eyes. As a tomboy, she often wears boyish clothes though she would occasionally wear a dress.

Symphogear armor and colors and crystal shape: Her armor consist of an onyx samurai style armor with a red lining and without the helm and flags. She has a pair of yellow visors with little wings on the arms of the visors. Her gem is an octagonal ruby.

Transformation song: Meikyuu Butterfly

Battle song: Battlefield by Jordan Sparks

Swan Song: Black Diamond

Symphogear weapon: A pair of Gunblades similar to the ones found in Final Fantasy.

Personality: She is a very feisty, ambitious and tomboyish girl

History: Will expand on later

Other Info: she has a condition of dwarfism without most of the health problems and many people who doesn't know her well will mistaken her as a 7 year old boy at first.

(Now Ready to go)

7/23/2015 . Edited 9/6/2015 #3

Nice song choices and I well make for now the 3rd symphogear user.

7/24/2015 #4

Name:Samantha Cross.

Nickname:Sammie or Sam.



Appearrance:Medium height standing a bit over 5'7" has a pale complexion with knee length silvery white hair that is done into four braids that go down her back her eyes are a mix of pink and red.

Symphogear armor and colors and crystal shape:A pure red and black light weight armor with a skirt and metallic heels her crystal is one of the few pure symphogear relics so it can take any shape or form and is red and black.

Transformation song:Friendship through the ages.

Battle song:Welcome to the show.

Swan Song:Shine like Rainbows.

Symphogear weapon:She has four weapon forms but the base form is rapid fire auto pistols the second form is a bastard sword style weapon and the 3rd is clawed gauntlets she has not used her fourth weapon form but its a spear and grants her wings.

Personality:Open and honest has a hard time telling a lie even a small white lie.

History:Explained in rp.

7/25/2015 #5


Nickname:Gem by her friends and new family.



Appearrance:Waist length curly purple hair with permanent pink highlights and soft lavender eyes she is short standing 5 feet tall.

Symphogear armor and colors and crystal shape:Black,pink and silver (In similar design to Hibiki's armor though including metal wing) her main relic Ragnarok is in the shape of a five pointed star.

Transformation song:Let it Go.

Battle song:Angel of Darkness.

Swan Song:I Don't want to miss a Thing (One of my favourite Aerosmith Songs).

Symphogear weapon:A pair of hydraulic powered gauntlets though her secondary weapon is a spear.

Personality:Soft spoken and can get very emotional though she sometimes hides her emotions from her time with her ex family.

History:Well be explained later.

Other Info:She aspires to be a singer/songwritter and has started learning the violin.

9/27/2015 #6
Thanks for posting the profile. :)
9/28/2015 #7

Name: Kiyoshi Shizuka

Nickname: Not Applicable

Gender: Male (this is allowed, right?)

Age: 17 (Freshly turned 17 year old)

Appearance: 5'6", dark brown hair long enough to cover his eyes, swept to the right. Matching eye color. Light brown to yellow complexion, often mistaken for Japanese and Chinese (regarding ethnicity), but is actually a pacific islander in heritage. Skinny build, 113.2 lbs. has a signature beige long coat that hangs down to his knees. (The coat is trench coat-esque, but replaces the traditional belt and buttons for a double zipper system.) He also wears fake glasses that he takes off only in serious situations. Underneath his coat he wears a blue shirt, dark gray cargo pants, and steel tipped polo boots.

Symphogear armor: Armor consists of reinforced boots, shin guards, gauntlets (gloves and arm bracers), and a minimalistic headset earpiece. Torso and the rest of the body are clad in color themed active wear and tactical cargo pants. Very lightweight and high mobility oriented. Torso is aurora blue with darker blue and silver accents, cargos are dark gray with black accents. Boots and gauntlets are black, and greaves are blue with white accents. Relic is Zarevnica, or the polar dawn. (Aka. The Aurora Borealis) Relic crystal is Labradorite (known in some mythologies as the stone of the Aurora) in the shape of a solid elipse, or torus.

Transformation song: "Wecken Gesang Zarevnica."

Battle song: Cantarella Grace Edition (originally sung by Kaito)

Swan song: Silent Sonata

Symphogear Weapon: None. (Character's fighting style is very kick-centric hand to hand combat.) Utility gear: throwing spikes/straight shuriken. (My reasoning for not listing throwing spikes as the gear's weapon is due to their disposable nature and use; a symphogear's armed gear isn't something you throw around and leave to disintegrate, right? That aside, it would be foolish for my character to be running around retrieving his thrown objects during a fight..)

Personality: Introverted, but not against socializing. He enjoys small groups of company, but is not very inclined to initiate things. Has a nerdy sense of humor, but a cool and calm exterior. (Also, a terrible, terrible leader.)

History: to be announced...

Other info: my character's transformation song and swan/climax song are both songs I wrote. The transformation one was made purely as fanfiction, the climax one is a song I had been working on in the past.) I don't have a name for the transformation song, but the swan song is called "Silent Sonata". Also, I think I'm a little tardy to the party.. Is this thing still going on? I'd really like to join if the rp manager is still running this..


-can perform numerous acrobatic and technically advanced kicks, including newly created personal techniques.

Shadow Drive- Kiyoshi uses Zarevnica's light related power to bend photons around him, creating a temporary state similar to, but not entirely like invisibility. If enemies pay close enough attention, they can see a visual ripple effect, much like how heat waves distort vision at long distances.

Hypnotic Melody- based on Kiyoshi's empathetic and helping personality, this ability allows him to summon an instrument of choice to play. Allies can be affected positively, and enemies can be affected negatively, depending on the song played. The affects are relatively subtle, but still prominent as a primary support ability. (Think of it as a sort of support spellcaster type role. When an upbeat song is played, allies can recover faster and focus better; when a sad or negative song is played, enemies get weaker.) However, Kiyoshi is left defenseless as he plays. Instrument of choice is primarily the Violin, but an ocarina is also usable. (My character can only play these two instruments.

10/12/2015 . Edited 11/1/2015 #8

I can check in with the Admin, PokemonJoe1, for you.

10/12/2015 #9

Thanks! That's very nice of you!

10/12/2015 . Edited 10/12/2015 #10

No problem and did you type his profile with the mobile site by any chance?

10/12/2015 #11

Ahahaha, yes.. Yes I did. I edited it a few minutes ago, though. I think it should follow the proper formatting now. (Sorry about that.)

10/12/2015 #12

That's alright.

10/12/2015 #13

I have been distracted for a good long time and I am very interested to see how he plays out so I approve.

10/21/2015 #14

Yes!!! Thank you so much! Anyways, I'd also like to put out the fact that this is actually the first time I've ever role played in this form before.. (I played D&D twice, but that's it. I do have four years of acting experience though, so maybe that'll help.) That said, please correct any rookie mistakes made on my part. Tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated!


10/21/2015 #15

Oh, and I am on Hawaiian Pacific time, so its around 10:20 pm where I am. Its a school night, so I gotta get to bed. I have a lot of free time on weekends and tuesdays, though! Have a good night/day!

10/21/2015 #16
Alright and PokemonJoe1 would you like to introduce your other characters to interact with his?
10/21/2015 #17
Shall we get started?
10/25/2015 #18

I'm ready when you are!

If you guys want, I can just jump into what's currently happened in the RP. I have no qualms with reading the whole story sequence in the forums.

10/26/2015 . Edited 10/26/2015 #19

Ok and I could have you interact with the butler, Elie, and the white fox at Misora's mansion until the other OCs can join you from the attic.

Also when you want to talk out of character use ().

10/26/2015 . Edited 10/26/2015 #20

*in the actual RP section.

10/26/2015 #21

Gotcha. I'll start reading what happened so far.

10/26/2015 #22

Okay! :)

10/26/2015 #23
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