Dark Age of Technology and Age of Strife
A discussion of the galexys preImperium past. Topics such as war, technology and the Eldar empire mostly appreciated.
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Note: more relevent information can be found at http://www.fanfiction.net/fr/1010953/14564/386929/1/ What kind of Technology did the DAoT humans have? I've always thought of it as superpowerful (nova cannons as ground weapons), adaptive to circumstances (iron men can restructure themselves and power plants can accept almost any type of fuel), easy to use (Imperial Armour mentions lost effort-saving devices in tanks) and advanced above the standards of almost any other 40K race (eldar, necrons, jokearo and other really old stuff I think of as outranking it). And then there is their warp-craft. If you think about the Necroteuch (if I spelt that right, from Eisenhorn: Hereticus) Finely, I think it could trash through any of the other 40K races with more than Tau class firepower (their would have been advanced and Iron Men should be easily cabable of holding heavy weapons), more than Imperial Guard class range (Imperial Guard, in case you havn’t already noticed, can out-range anything in the game with their tanks, and their technology is probably next-to-nothing to the DAoT humans), in-between Space Marine and Necron durability (Iron Men) and not-quite Eldar class speed (the Mechanicus was installed amazing on-the-move targeting to the Conquorer in some fluff – don’t forget that fluff is over rules – so I’d expect it to be realy advanced during the DAoT). Anyway, I’m writing a fic involving DAoT humans knocked forwards in time in a warp storm, so other opinions are welcome.
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Okay, here's the thing: 1. While it's wonderful that you're being original, you should know that there is absolutely no concrete information on the Dark Age of Technology other then it's most probably the eventual fate of 21st century human society thrust forward twenty thousand years, and that they could move stars. 2. You should also know that they work best as a mystery, so if you are writing them in, keep them mysterious. 3. Their technology did not surpass the Eldar. Eldar technology is the most advanced in the galaxy next to the Necrons; the only fluff reason why they don't devastate armies is that most of it was corrupted during the Fall, and that they have so little of it. 4. They fought through robotic legions (the Iron Men) who rivalled them in A.I. and in weaponry. This lead to a giant war between, effectively, the robots and the humans, which led to the collapse of their civilisation. So you're looking at some very powerful robot infantry and some very weak human commanders who rely on those robots for nearly everthing. There'd probably be twenty robots for every human. 5. You do not use a nova cannon as a ground weapon. A nova cannon has a destructive range of 5000 kilometres *in space.* Using a nova cannon on the ground is equivalent to using a ICBM to beat someone to death. 6. Much of the Imperium's technology is, in fact, Dark Age technology. Lascannons, Land Raiders, Land Speeders, the Leman Russ, bolters, plasma guns, a whole bunch of Imperial ship designs, monomolecular-edged knives, power swords, Calgar's fists, every single warp drive and a whole lot of other stuff is all created through STC's, which are all pre-Dark Age. They've been modified and changed - a lot - but they're still effectively the same stuff.
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Pvt. Harrison
Um, Necrons aren't the Iron Men.
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ze-poodle: Lovely post and great contribution. However, you have made a mistake: [q]5. You do not use a nova cannon as a ground weapon. A nova cannon has a destructive range of 5000 kilometres *in space.* Using a nova cannon on the ground is equivalent to using a ICBM to beat someone to death."[/q] If you read the topic (on this forum) entitled "Secret Weapons of the Adeptus Mechanicus" you will note my IA quotes proving you wrong. I also believe that DAoT weapons would be more advanced as STC's found by the Imperium are of limited infomation - they don't contain everything. For example, you might find the STC for a lasgun, power cells, bayonet shape, folded steel and other lasgun parts independantly (and that was the impression I got from Guant's Ghosts where Heldane mentions a bayonet used only for making folded steel). Look at the Chimera, Leman Russ and Sentinel, their chassas's have been in loads of vehicles. I assume (based on the development of tanks such as the Conquorer) that they are put together like a jigsaw (with some room for choice). Also, there appears to be a little misunderstanding of my first post: - I never wrote that human warp-craft rivaled eldar warp-craft. I apologise to all farseers. - When I wrote "they could trash through any of the 40K races" I meant in the time of 40K. The Eldar Empire would have, if they encountered, probably given them a run for their money. I apologise to all farseers. I now take both apologies back since you are a dying race. ;) - When I wrote "in-between Space Marine and Necron durability (Iron Men)" I meant that the Iron men would probably be more durable than Space Marines but less so than Necrons. Would anyone care to take this note to the Noctis Labyrinthus? No? I'm sure there'll be a meal when you get there!
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No, I think you misread something. In order to mount a nova cannon, you would require a barrel five hundred metres long. Battleships carrying them have the gun positioned specifically so that the thrust of the main engines counteracts the recoil of the cannon, which, I should mention, is enormous. I have both volumes of Imperial Armour open on my lap right now and can't find that quote, so a page number to this Ordinatus vehicle would be really cool. Yes, the Dark Age of Technology humans had really powerful technology. Yes, they were awesome. They still all died. They'd reached a point where their society became stagnant to the point of collapse. That's all we know because GW has never really concerned itself with it - it's up there with the two missing Legions and any fluff about the Emperor.
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A text-box in the top right hand corner of page 11.
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Also, in the short story 'Warped Stars' found in 'Deathwing' a single augmetic human who is possesed by a demon while being trapped in the warp since the invention of human warp-flight due to an accident (presumably with psychic help from the demon) holds of a depleted company of Space Marines and a group of Ogryns, while, at the same time, holding open a warp-portal, until attacked by (what seemed to be) a fledging alpha-plus psyker. I'd say that puts them in front of the Tau.
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There is one thing I know for certain about the DAoT:

Most, if not all, of the technology gained in the DAoT was gained from the C'tan Void Dragon, imprisoned on Mars. There are references to him in the Horus Heresy series being exploited for tech.

The Iron Men were not the Necrons, as they were completely machines, without even the bare essence within Necrons. Also, the Necrons only awoke in the mid-40Ks.

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Priest of Mars has a s*** load of DAoT.

DAoT tech guns shoot black holes.

"Looping targeting arrays for weapons he had never imagined the Speranza possessing and others that he did not understand flashed up before the astrogation and engineering hubs. Azuramagelli and Saiixek backed away from their stations, confused and not a little frightened by this unknown power rising up around them. Stark against the red of the main display, the image of an alien starship resolved itself. It was smooth and graceful, its hull like a tapered gemstone and topped with a vast sail that billowed in the gravitational tempests. Its image flickered and danced as though attempting to conceal itself like a teasing courtesan, but whatever matrices were at work in the heart of the Speranza saw through its glamours with ease. ... The flanks of the Speranza shuddered as a weapon system built into its superstructure ground upwards on heavy duty rails. A vast gun tube rose from the angled planes of the Ark Mechanicus like the great menhir of some tribal place of worship being lifted into place. Power readouts, the likes of which had rarely been seen in the Imperium since before the wars of Unity, bloomed within the weapon and a pair of circling tori described twisting arcs around the tapered end of the unveiled barrel. Elements of the technology that had gone into their construction would have been familiar to some of the more esoteric branches of black hole research and relativistic temporal arcana, but their assembled complexity would have baffled even the Fabricator General on Mars. Pulsing streams of purple-hued anti-matter and graviton pumps combined in unknowable ways in the heart of a reactor that drew its power from the dark matter that lurked in the spaces between the stars. It was a gun designed to crack open the stately leviathans of ancient void war, a starship killer that delivered the ultimate coup de grace. Without any command authority from the bridge of the Speranza, the weapon unleashed a silent pulse that covered the distance to the Starblade at the speed of light. But even that wasn't fast enough to catch a ship as nimble as one built by the bonesingers of Biel-Tan and guided by the prescient sight of a farseer. The pulse of dark energy coalesced a hundred kilometres off the vessel's stern and a miniature black hole exploded into life, dragging in everything within its reach with howling force. Stellar matter, light and gravity were crushed as they were drawn in and destroyed, and even the Starblade's speed and manoeuvrability weren't enough to save it completely as the secondary effect of the weapon's deadly energies brushed over its solar sail. Chrono-weaponry shifted its target a nanosecond into the past, by which time the subatomic reactions within every molecule had shifted microscopically and forced identical neutrons into the same quantum space. Such a state of being was untenable on a fundamental level, and the resultant release of energy was catastrophic for the vast majority of objects hit by such a weapon. Though on the periphery of the streaming waves of chronometric energy, the Starblade's solar mast detonated as though its internal structure had been threaded with explosive charges. The sail tore free of the ship, ghost images of its previous existence flickering as the psycho-conductive wraithbone screamed in its death throes. Blue flame geysered from the topside of the eldar vessel and the craft lurched away from the force of the blast. Its previously distorted and fragmentary outline became solid, and the circling captains of the Kotov Fleet wasted no time in loosing salvo after salvo of torpedoes at the newly revealed warship." Pgs.255-256 Priests of Mars

DAoT tech:

"Kotov's fragile consciousness plunged deeper and deeper, the gossamer-thin lifeline held by Magos Blaylock a tremulous thread in a firestorm of golden light. He saw systems flicker past his floodstream that were as alien to him as anything the most secretive xenotech might dream of in his fevered nightmares, and technological echoes of machines that surely predated the Imperium itself. Power generation that could harness the galactic background radiation to propel ships beyond lightspeed, weapon-tech that could crack open planets and event horizon machines that had the power to drag entire star systems into their light- and time-swallowing embrace. All this and more dwelled here, ancient data, forgotten lore and locked vaults where the secrets of the ancients had been hidden. In this one, fleeting glance, Kotov realised he had been a fool to drag this proud starship into the howling emptiness of space in search of hidden secrets. The Speranza was the greatest secret of all, and in its heart it held the truth of all things, the key to unlocking all that the Mechanicus had ever dreamed. Yet that knowledge was sealed behind impenetrable barriers, bound in the heart of the mighty vessel for good reason. The knowledge of the Men of Gold and their ancient ancestors was encoded in its very bones, enmeshed within every diamond helix of its structure. Pgs.250-251 Priests of Mars

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