How To Train Your Dragon Roleplay
How To Train Your Dragon Roleplay! Also, just talk about it, share things, and maybe a few contests.
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Oh, you know, just a few little facts about things like lizards, snakes, and, of course, dragons. Okay, I'm joking. This for dragons only. :P

The Book of Dragons

Dragon Classifications: Stoker Class, Boulder Class, Fear Class, Sharp Class, Tidal Class, Mystery Class, and of course, Strike Class.

By the way, just a little note: Some of these dragons are new. I don't know know their stats or class, so I'll put them in the class I think they should be in.

Stoker Class: Terrible Terror: One of the smallest of all the dragons, it is no less ferocious. You know it's about to breathe fire when you hear a hissing sound. Wen training a Terror, start with a shiny light. They are very territorial, and through this, "airmail" was created. Stats: Attack: 8 Speed: 10 Armour: 6 Firepower: 12 Shot Limit: 10 Venom: 12 Jaw Strength: 2 Stealth: 12 Total: 62

Monstrous Nightmare: Even when tamed, the Monstrous Nightmare is one of the most ferocious dragons of all. Its large body is able to set itself on fire. It's not too easy to fly, but it's nice to have on a cold day. Nightmares are fierce, so when training one, it's best to try a gentle approach, such as a hand on its snout. Also, it was discovered that these dragons love their horns being bent to the ground. Stats: Attack: 15 Speed: 16 Armour: 12 Firepower: 15 Shot Limit: 10 Jaw Strength: 6 Stealth: 8 Total: 72

Typhoomerang: This dragon flies with its body completely covered by sparks, making for a fantastic light show, but unfortunately making it impossible to ride. After it flies, it leaves a swirling scorch mark, as the Typhoomerang usually spins. The babies are tiny with huge claws, but the adults are enormous and very protective. Its name is a mix of the words "Typhoon" and "Boomerang," and unlike all other dragons, it does eat eels. Its huge wings can change the direction of fire. Stats: Attack: 18 Speed: 16 Armour: 11 Firepower: 16 Shot Limit: 5 Jaw Strength: 6 Stealth: Unknown Total: 67

Fireworm: This dragon is the actual smallest dragon of all. It's skin is as hot as the sun, but it is afraid of fire and cannot really attack. It looks more like a worm, hence its name. These small dragons live in huge nests of fire gel that looks like honeycomb. They have a Fireworm Queen, who is extremely large and her skin colour is golden. Her venom can heal Stoker Class dragons that are losing their fire. Stats: Attack: 2 Speed: 3 Armour: 1 Firepower: 20 Shot Limit: 0 Venom: 8 Jaw Strength: 1 Stealth: Unknown Total: 35

Boulder Class: Gronckle: Gronckles have tough skin and a powerful tail and body. It's very hard to tell the difference between its tail and head. The eggs of the Gronckle explode when they hatch, so they're usually put in water before they hatch. It's rather gentle once tamed. Gronckles love dragonnip, but don't like to be scratched under their chin. Stats: Attack: 8 Speed: 10 Armour: 20 Firepower: 14 Shot Limit: 6 Jaw Strength: 8 Stealth: 5 Total: 65

Whispering Death: This dragon has a long, snake-like and spine-covered body. It can shoot those spines whenever and wherever it hurts. It doesn't have very good eyesight, and its eyes are white and have no pupils. It has a huge set of rotating teeth that it help it dig through solid rock, where it hunts. It is not attracted to dragonnip, unlike many other dragons. Its only weakness is sunlight. It has a pair of tiny wings near its head. Stats: Attack: 16 Speed: 8 Armour: 20 Firepower: 14 Shot Limit: 2 Venom: 10 Jaw Strength: 11 Stealth: 14 Total: 93

Screaming Death: This dragon is a lot like the Whispering Death, but it has red eyes, is white and is a lot bigger. It can make islands collapse in on themselves just be tunnelling underneath them, and has a large grudge to Berk. It screams, which disorientates any dragons in range. It is significantly more intelligent then its Whispering kind. Also, unlike the Whispering Deaths, it is attracted to sunlight, and grows extremely fast and extremely big. It can shoot bigger spikes and also fireballs. A baby Screaming Death tunnel looks like an adult Whispering Death's. Stats: Attack: 16 Speed: 16 Armour: 20 Firepower: 12 Shot Limit: 25 (Fireballs) Venom: 10 Jaw Strength: 11 Stealth: 14

Fear Class: Hideous Zippleback: The Zippleback has two heads - one breathing gas, the other igniting it. It also has two tails. It is very possible that these two heads will fight with each other, so, when training a Zippleback, you should feed and play with both heads at a time. You need two riders to ride this dragon. Note: The total was added up with the Stealth stat as 22, not 11. Stats: Attack: 12 Speed: 10 Armour: 10 Firepower: 14 Shot Limit: 6 Jaw Strength: 6 Stealth: 22 (11 x 2) Total: 74

Snaptrapper: This dragon has four heads, each's mouth opening up in three parts to look like a flower. It lures in its victims with the sweet smell of chocolate. However, it was discovered this dragon loves rain and mud. It also sheds its claws and scales, but always grows them back again. Note: The total was added up with the Jaw Strength stat as 28, not 7, and the Stealth stat as 60, not 15. This dragon is not considered the strongest. Stats: Attack: 10 Speed: 4 Armour: 4 Firepower: 6 Shot Limit: 4 Venom: 18 Jaw Strength: 28 (7 x 4) Stealth: 60 (15 x 4) Total: 130

Flightmare: This deadly dragon eats special algae that makes it glow blue. It has a rather ghost-like appearance, and only appears every ten years when the Northern Lights appear in the sky. This dragon emits a mist that temporarily paralyzes its victims, and follows a stream of glowing algae. It is also most likely herbivorous, since the algae it eats gives it its glow. It shoots blue fire. Note: I've forgotten the Viking name for the Northern Lights. If you know, please tell me. Also, it is not known for certain this is dragon is in the Fear Class. If it isn't, please tell me. Stats: Attack: 10 Speed: 16 Armour: 8 Firepower: 6 Shot Limit: 4 Jaw Strength: 3 Stealth: 12 Total: 55

Wicked Drake: With a length of 119 feet, this dragon is like a mix between a cobra and a dragon. Its tail spike and teeth are filled with venom. It is extremely rare and breathes acidic gas, enough to melt a steel sword. Extra colours include dark red, dark green and teal, though underbelly and eyes remain the same. Stats: Attack: 10 Speed: 4 Armour: 5 Firepower: 6 Shot Limit: 7 Venom: 10 Jaw Strength: 9 Stealth: (Highest) 6 Total: 50

Bombsheller: These dragons have three heads but only two brains; the right head is brainless, but can somehow do things on its own. This lack of brains sometimes, though rarely, causes the dragon to shut down for a few seconds. A Bombsheller's sworn enemies are the Poisonflies. They are often used for contests. Stats: Attack: 14 Speed: 8 Armour: 18 Firepower: 15 Shot Limit: 6 Jaw Strength: 10 Stealth: 6 Total: 71

Sharp Class: Deadly Nadder: Other then the Fireworm, the Nadder has the hottest fire of all the dragons. It has venomous spikes on its tail that can fire at will. If you approach this tail slowly and gently enough, this dragon will let you smooth its tail spikes down. As are most Sharp Class dragons, this dragon has a generous dose of vanity. Its speed increases if fed chicken. Stats: Attack: 10 Speed: 8 Armour: 16 Firepower: 18 Shot Limit: 6 Venom: 16 Jaw Strength: 5 Stealth: 10 Total: 83

Timberjack: This dragon has long, razor sharp wings that can slice through full-grown trees. However, these long wings make it impossible for the Timberjack to even scratch its back, so if you scratch its itch, it'll be your friend forever. Webbing connects its tail and legs. Stats: Attack: 10 Speed: 12 Armour: 8 Firepower: 10 Shot Limit: 8 Jaw Strength: 3 Stealth: 13 Total: 56

Poisonfly: These dragons have a poisonous tip of tail and claws, that all grow pale purple. They are extremely venomous. Often used for races and contests. Their sworn enemies are Bombshellers. Stats: Attack: 14 Speed: 18 Armour: 8 Firepower: 12 Shot Limit: 6 Venom: 16 Jaw Strength: 7 Stealth: 12 Total: 87

Tidal Class: Scauldron: This dragon travels and lives underwater. It drinks water that heats up in its cauldron-like stomach, and sprays that water at victims. It has very bad venom, though no one really knows this. This venom can cure dragons that come in contact with the Blue Orlander. If you drench yourself with waterbefore meeting a Scauldron, they'll be very happy and lick it off, since they love anything that reminds them of home. Note: I probably spelled the "Blue Orlander" wrong. Please tell me if you know its correct spelling. Also, the stats say the Scauldron says it has no venom, but it does. Sorry. Stats: Attack: 10 Speed: 6 Armour: 6 Firepower: 14 Shot Limit: 14 Jaw Strength: 4 Stealth: 10 Total: 50

Thunderdrum: These dragons live in sea caves and deep tide pools. It can emit a sonic boom that can kill at close range. Like the Scauldron, it swims underwater. When a Thunderdrum egg hatches, it makes a sound so loud, it rattles the sky. These dragons can hold a very heavy load. Stats: Attack: 12 Speed: 14 Armour: 10 Firepower: 16 Shot Limit: 8 Jaw Strength: 7 Stealth: 8 Total: 75

Mystery Class: Changewing: This dragon can shoot burning hot acid at opponents. Its soft skin can blend in with any surroundings, and it loves to copy what it sees. They usually travel in groups, and are very good teamworkers. The eggs of a Changewing glow and change colour, often mistaken for "stones of good fortune." Stats: Attack: 9 Speed: 14 Armour: 1 Firepower: 12 Shot Limit: 10 Jaw Strength: 2 Stealth: 20 Total: 58

Boneknapper: The Boneknapper is often thought to be a myth, but it is definitely alive. It steals bones from dead creatures to build its coat of armour - that it will stop at nothing to make. If it does not have every piece it needs, this dragon will have no roar. It's said the Boneknapper's roar is its mating call, and that it can melt the flesh right off your bones. If you give this dragon whatever it's looking for it's just like an overgrown puppy dog. Stats: Attack: 7 Speed: 10 Armour: 18 Firepower: 9 Shot Limit: 6 Jaw Strength: 4 Stealth: 8 Total: 56

Smothering Smokebreath: This dragon hides itself in a veil of smoke, and usually hunts in packs. It searches for metal to build its nest, which it burns up and moulds into each other for safety against predators. They are often mistaken for a "bog monster" at Breakneck Bog, raining showers of bones and attacking ships. They are the second-smallest dragon, but they are extremely fierce. Stats: Attack: 9 Speed: 8 Armour: Unknown Firepower: 14 Shot Limit: 5 Jaw Strength: 5 Stealth: 18 Total: 54

Strike Class: Skrill: This dragon is extremely dangerous. It generates lightning bolts and gets its power from storms. It can store these bolts for later. Charges of energy run through its body. The Skrill is the mark of the Berserker tribe. If frozen, they can still live for thousands of years. These dragons are extremely intelligent ... and extremely rare. It rides lightning to reach its highest speed. Stats: Attack: 14 Speed: 19 (Highest) Armour: 10 Firepower: 12 Shot Limit: 4 Jaw Strength: 5 Stealth: 18 Total: 78

Night Fury: There is only one known Night Fury so far. These dragons are extremely intelligent, extremely fast, and extremely accurate. Once tamed, they are amazingly loyal and friendly, and very skilled. They shoot blue fire and never miss. They're sleek, stealthy and trustful. Stats: Attack: 15 Speed: 20 Armour: 18 Firepower: 14 Shot Limit: 8 Jaw Strength: 6 Stealth: 18 Total: 91

If I missed anything, just let me know!

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Speed Stingers, you missed those :l Can't blame you though, I don't think the episodes are out in America yet. .

12/27/2013 . Edited 12/27/2013 #2

I know I didn't put the Speed Stingers on; That's because the episode isn't out yet, so I don't really know all the stats.

12/28/2013 #3

*Leh sigh* I'll make a new character, but if you want, I can give you the stats.

12/30/2013 #4

Nah, it's okay.

12/30/2013 #5

K :l

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Hey are grapple grounders aloud? They were in the games..

12/30/2013 #7

I saw your Cloudjumpers post, and no, they're not allowed yet. When I've learned a lot about them, though, maybe.

12/30/2013 #8

There's a dragon's wiki filled with this stuff

12/30/2013 #9

Grapple Grounders might be allowed soon, but not right now. Sorry.

12/30/2013 #10

I know there's a wiki.

12/30/2013 #11

Is there some reason that the Deadly Nadder isn't here? Or am I just missing it somewhere?

Edit: Oops! Found it!

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