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How To Train Your Dragon Roleplay! Also, just talk about it, share things, and maybe a few contests.
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Are you going on holidays or not gonna be on for a while? Release your sad news here! If there are any updates, me and and/or moderators will tell you here! Any important announcements will be told here! Please check in regularly.

12/24/2013 #1

Announcements, everyone! Listen up, please! IMPORTANT!

Today, as I am posting now, it is 4:53pm, the 27th of December, in 2013. At least in Australia it is. The time will have changed by the time this has been posted, but still. Now. Notice the underline under the "13" in "2013"? That is because, from 01/01/14 all the Httyd lovers will (or should be) anticipating the amazing release of How To Train Your Dragon 2!!!

From 01:01 (Not that many of us will up right then ...) on the first day of 2014, this forum will be changed. And right now, 7 hours and 4 days remain for suggestions that will happen next year. This includes games, contests, and any of your own ideas, et cetera. The greatest and most wanted ideas will be put on next years 2014 Httyd forum!

I will have a timer that I will try and use well, though I won't be on all night, so I'll put just "4 days" for tonight and so on. There will also be a list of to-be-new things. Both of these you will be able to read soon. (Note: If you want games, please tell me if you want a particular one, the name and the rules of this game. Thank you.)

Approximate Timer below.


New Subject List below.

Games (Includes: End of the Word,Time to Rhyme, Word Association, Word at a Time, Fortunately, Unfortunately. Games to be described later.)

Writing Contests (Leading up to Httyd 2's release, also on special events, such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. Rules will be explained on the 1st of January.)

Special Event Fun (Special, unique things to do near special events, such as Christmas, Halloween, etc.)

New Dragons (To be more described later.)

New Threads (To be introduced and described later.)

New Plot Idea (To be introduced on the 31st December.)

Please think of some more! Thank you for listening.


12/26/2013 . Edited 1/5/2014 #2


I am here to tell you about the new plot. Here's the story: Have you ever seen the four dragons blowing wind on the corners of a map? What if those dragons were real? Well, guess what? They are. And their precious jewels have been stolen. No one knows by who. But the wind-dragons blame each other. For the first time in all of life, they break through their boundaries. They cause floods and droughts and fires and over growths and much more. All the dragons begin to take sides. Only a few Viking heroes can go on the quest to save the winds of the world ... and it has been foretold only Viking trainers can go on this quest.

If you're interested, please tell below if you want to join the quest, and which character (dragon AND Viking) you want to go. Thank you.

12/30/2013 #3

Zoe and Switchblade are going!

12/30/2013 #4
If Laurence takes Ravenwing, I'm all for them going.
12/30/2013 #5

Thanks! :)

12/30/2013 #6

New Announcement!

You know how I said "New Dragons"? Well, that was because I'm going to allow Grapple Grounders for characters, as well as another thing ... If YOU have any dragons you've made up or created, if they're pretty good, you can have those dragons as characters! Note: To do this, you need the name, thorough description, your own stats, certain abilities, the popularity (as in, are they rare? Common? Extremely rare? Or uncommon?) and anything else we need to know.

12/31/2013 #7

I;m in! All three of my characters pls, :3

1/1/2014 #8

You mean ... That Wicked Drake too?

1/1/2014 #9

Yep...i'm sure someone will figure out something...and he could be like some challenge too :3

1/1/2014 #10

I'll PM you about it.

1/1/2014 #11

I'd totally put my characters into this, but as of right now Seraphina is terrified of dragons and Eclipse doesn't have a rider. I think they're out of this one unless there's plenty of time to fix that.

1/5/2014 #12

Seraphina could train Amethyst, if you want ... it would get rid of that fear.

1/5/2014 #13
Attention! Jake can be the rider of any dragon! (except dragons with: more than one head, evil intentions, or any nonlisted things to be told if you ask to be Jake's dragon and I dont like it for one of these reasons). I just want to have a human on the quest
1/5/2014 #14

Amethyst? I really want to find a rider for him ... But maybe Stride might want him, I don't really know ...

1/5/2014 #15

can my dragon and character join the 4 wind dragons quest please

4/10/2014 #16
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