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This is the home of the Leader of the three wind-dragons, or more commonly known as the Ruler. She is a dragon of all the winds on earth. Note: This thread is only to be used for the current plot.

Ventus: This is the dragon, or Ruler, of the wind - wind from all over the world. She is a sister to the three wind-dragons, earth-wind, fire-wind and water-wind. She lives in a large palace of thin silver, the walls broken down and the roof hanging magically in midair. Winds always blow through the broken walls, giving power to the Ruler and the birds and other Flight-creatures who live there. The she-drake is independent, intelligent, kind, free-spirited and imaginative. She has few rules and restraints in her Castle. Her jewel is the bright diamond, injected with magic and all the winds alive on earth. It is positioned on her back, right in the middle, between her set of wings.

12/30/2013 #1

Ventus stretched her wings and sighed in relief as she sent off a cool night breeze to the Viking islands and Scotland. Here, in her Castle, it was twilight; the Castle was only ever dawn or twilight. She enjoyed those times. Suddenly, bats flew past her, making her accidentally send a hurricane to America. Lucky no one lived there yet. The bats screeched things, but it was hard for the Ruler to hear them all at once. Suddenly ice formed along the cracked walls of Ventus's Castle. And, all at once, an invisible force wrestled her to the ground. But Ventus wasn't hurt. All she felt was a lightness in her back.

Then, she was knocked to unconciousness.

12/31/2013 . Edited 1/4/2014 #2

"Guard the Castle well, feres," Ventus said, in the voice of gusts of the wind, proving she was angry. "I will bring back some Thermals." Then she turned. She was standing on a rock, overlooking Antarctica, a blizzard whirring beneath her. "Silva Magicus!" She called to the wind, and the view shimmered. Ventus ducked low and squinted as the land below glowed a blinding white. Then the mark of the wind made itself clear, and Ventus roared - a sound like the roaring and whistling of a hurricane.

She leapt into the new view below her - a forest, weeds and grasses and things growing from the forest floor. The trees were tall and twisted and thick, and vines and apples grew from some. A gust of wind bent them slightly as she touched the leaf-littered ground.

1/4/2014 #3
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