How To Train Your Dragon Roleplay
How To Train Your Dragon Roleplay! Also, just talk about it, share things, and maybe a few contests.
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Well, from now on, new dragons will be allowed to be role played. And these new dragons ... will be your new dragons. If you want one of your own dragons to be roleplayed here, all you need are these things: Name of the species, thorough description (Appearance), the dragon's stats, certain abilities, the popularity (Are they extremely rare, rare, uncommon or common?), the class and anything else we should know. This all goes into a form. So, to create a dragon, please fill out the form below. (By the way, these dragons have to be approved before roleplayed.)

Name of Species:

Appearance: (Please make it thorough.)

Stats: (You must include ((in this order)) attack, speed, armour, firepower, shot limit, venom, jaw strength and stealth. Please remember, no dragon is perfect.)


Popularity: ( Please choose from extremely rare, rare, uncommon or common.)

Class: (Stoker? Strike? Fear? Which class from the book is this dragon in?)

Extra Details: (Anything else we should know?)

Have fun creating dragons!

1/1/2014 #1


Name of Species: The Wicked Draken

Appearance: (Please make it thorough.) Length of 119 feet (so freaking LONG)

Stats: (You must include ((in this order)) attack 10, speed 4, armour 5, firepower 6, shot limit 7, venom 10, jaw strength 9 and stealth 0 at day, 6 at night Fear factor 12. Please remember, no dragon is perfect.)

Abilities: It breathes out an acidic gas, enough to melt a steel sword, and has venom laced teeth and tail spike

Popularity: ( Please choose from extremely rare, rare, uncommon or common.) Extremely rare

Class: (Stoker? Strike? Fear? Which class from the book is this dragon in?) Fear

Extra Details: (Anything else we should know?) Extra colors include Dark red, dark green, and teal, all underbellies and eyes are the same

1/1/2014 . Edited by WolfLover999, 1/1/2014 #2

I dreamed this dragon up last night.

Name of Species: Poisonfly

Appearance: Looks rather like a Skrill, but is a darkish blue with pale purple (or green) tip of tail and claws. Wings are amazingly long and glow when they are used. Thousands of teeth inside mouth and ears that look like the bigger version of a Night Fury's ear sensors. Small, sharp, hooked spines along back that lead up to the top of head - they grow to ten centimetres. A long tail. Four legs, but only two wings. The wings have very faint dark blue stripes on them. The tail's tip is razor sharp.

Stats: Attack: 14 Speed: 18 Armour: 8 Firepower: 12 Shot Limit:: 6 Venom: 16 Jaw Strength: 7 Stealth: 12 Total: 87

Abilities: Shoots fireballs. Can inject poison through tail and claws - this venom is deadly, and for a human, it means death after a second; for dragons it means death after five seconds; and for a poisonous dragon, it means death after two minutes. However, once trained, Poisonflies will only obey their master in using this poison. Please do not let an evil person get hold of one of these dragons - they will use the venom.

Popularity: Uncommon

Class: Sharp Class

Extra Details: Often used in contests and races. Sworn enemies are the Bombshellers.


Name: Bombsheller

Appearance: Bulky, dark green bodies with very thick wings. Only two legs, the hind ones. Heads (They have three heads) are sort of flat with a crest like that of the Red Death's, only green. They have faint crater-like spots you can only see if you look at them in a south-east sort of position (if their heads are facing north.) . They have three heads, but only two brains; the third head, the one on the right, is brainless, but can still do what it wants. However, it usually just copies others. This head being brainless sometimes causes the dragon to shut down for a few minutes, but this is rare.

Stats: Attack: 14 Speed: 8 Armour: 18 Firepower: 15 Shot Limit: 6 Venom: 0 Jaw Strength: 10 Stealth: 6 Total: 71

Abilities: Able to shoot in two to three directions at once. Heads all shoot really hot fire blasts, except the third head sometimes shoots fire that doesn't hurt or burn. Can eat anything - whatever they eat is later shot out.

Popularity: Uncommon.

Class: Fear Class

Extra Details: Often used in contests. Sworn enemies are Poisonflies.


1/1/2014 #3


Name of Species: Flamedrake.

Appearance: Their skin is a maroon/brown color, varieing on the individual. Thei backs, necks, and tails arestudded with short spikes, and slightly longer ones line the snout and eye ridges. The necks are as long, in porpotion to their bodies, as the monsterous nightmere. Their tails are strong and have the same porportion to their body as a Terrible Terror. The eyes are golden, with an thin orange ring around the pupil. The shoulders are strong in their species, powering large wings needed to lift their bulk of the ground. These dragons are often large as many of them are very old. In elder dragons, the eyes droop more on the outside edge, and their skin, which is hard as iron, grows more gray. The head is faintly triangular in all ages.

Stats: Attack: 16 Speed: 12 Armor: 18 Firepower: 14 Shot limit: 6 Venom: 0 Jaw strength: 16 Stealth: 10

Abilities: Wisdom, a long flame that lasts for 10 sec.

Popularity: Rare.

Class: Stoker.

Extra details: Live only on the mainland natrually.

1/1/2014 . Edited by WolfLover999, 1/1/2014 #4


(These were dragons in the books ((Like, the ONLY book I've read)) and, I'm sorry, I just love the idea of them. I changed them a bit, though, of course.)

Name of Species: Polar-Serpent

Appearance: Jagged white wings with faint grey streaks. Long, slim body with a pale grey, smooth underbelly, very soft. Scales are usually hard and cold, pure white with faint grey markings. Three hooked spines on neck can go from being very pale grey to an almost black kind of grey. A long, pure white, spiralled horn comes from its snout, just above its nose. Its tail ends in a jagged, sharp arrow-tip. There is slight webbing across its legs. Its teeth and claws are long.

Stats: Attack: 16 Speed: (Highest) 19 Armour: 9 Firepower: 9 Shot Limit: 3 Venom: 12 Jaw Strength: 6 Stealth: 17 Total: 88

Abilities: By sliding on ice, they can reach their highest speed. By swimming, it's 18, and by running, it's only 12.

Popularity: Rare

Class: Tidal

Extra Details: They live in snowdrifts and crevasses, near ice or icy-cold water. Few live near Berk.

1/1/2014 . Edited 1/1/2014 #5


Name of species: Reiterate

Appearance: Black rough and scaly body, with a smooth head. It can blend in with its surroundings

Attack: 18 Speed: 14 Armour: 10 Firepower: 11 Shot Limit: 3 Venom: 4 Jaw Strength: 6 Stealth: 19

Abilities: sharp eyes, sharp claws and when swimming it's only 13 and running its 14

Popularity: extremely rare

class: sharp

Extra Details: where it live: unknown

1/21/2014 #6
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