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Roleplay Medium: Facebook Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh Character: Yami Bakura [Abridged-esque] If you haven't RP'd on Facebook before, I'd be glad to walk you through it. The sort we're looking for is prose RP and with that, a small sample of your writing would be appreciated. There is a bit of a background story. Yes, this is supposed to be Thiefshipping, but if you have seen the Abridged series, you'll know that fluff is a /minimum/. Bakura's a j***. Not a romantic. But implications are allowed and even embraced, simply because humour is supposed to be sprinkled through this sort of RP. This Bakura has his own body [if you're interested in RPing this character, I'll definitely send you the post with what happened to allow him to be separated from Ryou.] We have a large group of people through this medium and we're all like one big family, so you'll fit in just fine. Thank you, Katara

4/20/2011 #1
Hex the Magician
I would love to Role-Play with you if your still taken requests that is. As for the sample of my writing here it some from my fic: Underneath the Bruises. "Ryou, I don't know what that baka pharaoh said about us and I frankly don't care. We love you guys. Sure we may have hurt you a couple of times. But haven't we begged for forgiveness and beaten ourselves up for hurting such precious people as yourselves?" "Yes." "Then why would you doubt us?" Ryou smiled," I've never doubted you guys. I just get frustrated when they make such assumptions. I know you guys love us and I hope you guys know we love you to. But I can't help to want to hear it. Sometimes I want to make sure that all of this is just sin't some cruel dream I might wake up from one day." Marik smiled, putting his arm around Ryou he said, "I know what you mean. After all horrible things that have happened in my life. Such happiness is something like a dream. Knowing that I am loved by someone is great. But, knowing that three people share my love for them and love me back is like something from a fairytale." Mariku and Bakura stood there. There lights. There other halves. Were spilling their feelings to them. What would they do? The very kids they saw grow up were right there saying that they loved them. Granted they knew that but they couldn't help but feel happy. Walking up to them and engulfing them in hug they both said, "We are your darks." "And we are your lights." Together they said, "We are two halves of the same whole" Mariku smiled, "We love you guys no matter how horrible it may look in the eyes of others." Ryou and Marik smiled. "We also love you guys. We will love through all the bruises." They stayed like that for a while. All happy knowing that there love is all they need. Knowing that even though it was wrong in the eyes of others, it was right in there eyes. Knowing that underneath all the bruises they were loved. Maybe this wasn't some dream that they would wake up from one day. Maybe it was just a beautiful reality. They stayed there not wanting to go to sleep. Because, just like Dr. Seuss had once said. Reality was finally better than their dreams.
11/13/2011 #2
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