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So, I have an idea that anyone and everyone is welcome to try. In fact, the more people who take it up, the better - in my humble opinion :)

I know that on set many people mixed up Fili and Kili - even themselves, at one point - and I think the same would probably apply to the characters. Not the dwarves, of course, because (in my headcannon, at least) they've known each other for many years, and probably not Gandalf, because he's, well, he's Gandalf. Bilbo, however, would probably have a bit of trouble with all the names and, being the mischievous young dwarves they are, Fili and Kili would likely make it their goal to confuse him even more.

The story I propose can be any length, involving any characters and whatnot, but it must include Fili and Kili intentionally calling each other by the wrong name, and occasionally the right name, to confuse their resident burglar-hobbit. Even better if they can get some of the other dwarves to help them out.

If you're interested, just write a message here. Or if you have any other plot-bunnies feel free to post them!

I can't wait to see what other people come up with!!


1/28/2014 #1
Doc M

I just had an idea which is making me rethink a couple of chapters, which is to introduce an Orc woman who has lost her family, as a sort of counterpart to Dís.

2/3/2014 #2

Tantalum - what a great idea! Can I just add that it worked, because Bilbo is clearly describing Kili in the notorious Mirkwood River scene (" the youngest and has the best sight"). It's just that years later, writing the memoir which has come down to us as "The Hobbit", he had a slip of the pen at that point and wrote "Fili" ...

2/8/2014 #3
Doc M
Can I just add that it worked, because Bilbo is clearly describing Kili in the notorious Mirkwood River scene (" the youngest and has the best sight"). It's just that years later, writing the memoir which has come down to us as "The Hobbit", he had a slip of the pen at that point and wrote "Fili" ..

Yes! Tolkien himself can never quite get them sorted in his mind…

2/8/2014 #4

Haha, that does seem like the best explanation for that scene! I remember reading it, getting two lines again and goin 'wait, what??' and going back to read over it several times!!


2/8/2014 #5

I've started a collection of short one-shots (called Multum In Parvo) and I was wondering if anyone has and ideas/prompts that they'd like to see written.


2/11/2014 #6

About the ages of Fili and Kili: who is actually older? Some people say that Kili is referred to as the older in the book, while the date of birth of Fili in every wiki I can find is five years before Kili. It seems like in the FF canon Fili is the older; the heir of Thorin.

Which is it really?

2/23/2014 #7

In the book there is one line where Thorin refers to Fili as the oldest, but Fili is actually born five years before Kili is, which I think might be mentioned in one of the appendices.

Speaking of five years apart... has anyone else noticed that almost all the notable brothers in LotR and The Hobbit are five years apart? Fili and Kili; Boromir and Faramir, among others.


2/23/2014 #8

Sorry, one line where Thorin refers to Fili as the youngest.


2/23/2014 #9
Doc M

The problem is Tolkien himself is not entirely consistent. In most of his writing, including the genealogies in the LotR Appendices, Fíli is the elder by 5 years (which is less in Dwarf-years than in Human-years – more the equivalent of 16 months, hence their closeness). However, there is a slip in the text of The Hobbit which reverses their birth-order. On balance, Fíli definitely being the eldest is Tolkien's considered view. The Hobbit itself is not the most carefully thought-out of his works and was later revised.

2/23/2014 #10

In my head-canon, Fili is the eldest. "The Hobbit" is supposedly Bilbo's memoirs, and he could easily have mis-remembered what Thorin said, or even just had a slip of the pen. The dwarf family tree in the LotR appendices was compiled by Gimli, who I like to think would have been both better informed and, in the circumstances since it's for an official history of his people, more concerned about getting it right :)

2/24/2014 #11

That's what I guessed, but then I found these small inconsistencies it threw me off and totally messed with my plot. Feels good to put my uncertainties to rest. Thank you guys! Really appreciate it!

3/6/2014 #12

Not a problem! If you have any other problems just post a message :)


3/6/2014 #13

Here's a plot bunny / prompt which anyone is welcome to use, as I doubt I am going to get round to it with all the other projects I have on. It's for a Hobbit x Almighty Johnsons crossover ('cos I can't believe there aren't more of these!) and this prompt itself contains a spoiler for the 3rd season of "The Almighty Johnsons"...


spoiler space


So Axl has just thrown Anders across the room and Anders is lying there bleeding to death, when a confused and irate Thorin appears (well, if a billion and one fangirls can "fall into" Middle Earth, I don't see why Thorin shouldn't fall out...), and demands in no uncertain terms to know what his nephew is doing there, how he got into this state, and most importantly of all, who did it? Anders mumbles something which was meant to be "My own brother - tried to kill me - " of which all that Thorin can make out is "brother - kil - " and confusion ensues.

Tragedy? Comedy? More Norse myth/Tolkien in-refs than you can shake a branch of Yggdrasil at... or an oakenshield, come to that... meanwhile what's happening to the real Fili? Why's this one clean-shaven? ... and so on. Whatever you fancy, really. Just don't forget to honour Bragi :)

3/12/2014 #14
Doc M

Dif you see the Viking Art special on The Culture Show tonight? Some gorgeous, very Dwarf stuff: gold jewellery, and a gorgeous battle-axe blade with a peacock pattern in silver on it…

3/15/2014 #15

Doc M, just caught the last few minutes but yes, I can certainly see that axe being used by a Dwarf. Very nice.

3/20/2014 #16
Doc M

I'm going to have something like that being made by the returning Blue Mountain Dwarves. After all, what else do you give a Dwarf KIng who's got his kingdom back? (And has probably trashed the axe he was using previously…)

4/24/2014 #17

How about this - Thorin decided that if they need the burglar, he has too prove his abilities before he signs the contract. Naturally, Bilbo fails and the Dwarves hire a professional Burglar instead. The question is - is Thorin going to regret his decision when the Burglar shows his true face?

-) Burglar can be Human, or Dwarf, or even the exiled Elf.

-) Burglar can handle himself in the fight, using the dirty tricks to dispatch of his opponents.

12/14/2014 #18

So... who's going first with the "Poldark" cross-over (snigger) ? Not me, I'm not into cross-overs and I'm not really that much of a Kili fan, either. But they used to say that if there was a hole anywhere in the world, if you went deep enough you'd find a Cornishman at the bottom of it. I can imagine similar sayings about the Dwarves in Middle Earth ;)

3/9/2015 #19
Doc M

Well, there's certainly the metal-mining thing going on…

And both have a thing for redheads.

Ross has not returned from America, but is, in fact, a changeling, a Dwarf who has returned from fighting in Middle-Earth and has suddenly had a growth-spurt on entering a different universe's atmosphere.

On the other hand, I can't imagine fancying his uncle… ;-D

And of course, he was a troubled ex-soldier in Being Human, too… Yeah, I think I'd be more likely to cross Poldark with Mitch than Kíli, I suspect. Vampires in Cornwall? Why not!

3/9/2015 . Edited 3/9/2015 #20

Yeah, that probably works better. I hadn't really thought it through properly much beyond the mining connection. Maybe an updating then, to the 18th century, rather than a classic cross-over, as our heroes come home from the wars and struggle to rebuild Wheal Erebor after its years of decay under their wicked embezzling manager Mr... um... Pendragon, who else? ... and in the face of very dodgy business practices by that banker Thranduil. (Hey, I said "banker", ok?. With a B.) To make ends meet they throw in their lot with an old smuggling acquaintance, not knowing that since he went up in the world he's now an informer: Bard King ("of Prussia Cove") C'mon, I can sooo see Dwalin as a free trader.

3/10/2015 #21
Doc M

Alternately, it could work in a 'Kíli is the only survivor of the trio, but is banished back to Ered Luin by Dáin' scenario, and finds that things have gone to pigs and whistles during the Quest. And, judging by the map, part of the Ered Luin sticks out a bit near the sea.

3/11/2015 #22

(oops, sorry. I can't find any other way to delete. My opinion didn't matter any way.)

7/25/2015 . Edited 8/18/2015 #23
Gloria Regali

New Forum:

One Last Time

The Durins survived the Battle Of the Five Armies. Although wounded they have taken back their mountain, all determined to rebuild the great Kingdom of Erebor. While Azog the defiler has been defeated, other creatures lay in the dark, waiting to strike. The Durins must rise.

Please come take a look!:)

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