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Renata Z

Since I don't know where prompts go on this site I'll put them here to see if anyone is willing to write these story ideas. If anyone does... please send a message my way so that I may read them.

Thorin Oakenshield holds his soul mates' name upon his heart. Dwarrow are very protective of their soul name and never show it to anyone. Only the alpha holds the name and they must find their mate and convince them of their undying love or die of heartbreak. Bilbo is not sure that any dwarf can love, especially not the cold hearted Thorin Oakenshield. (A Thilbo Bagginshield story)

Bilbo has grown accustomed to chanting "I will not dream of my soul mate," in hopes of it coming to pass. Why you ask? Well in Middle Earth soul bonds are powerful, so powerful that the bond tends to show their mate's darkest secret in dreams. This ability has caused Bilbo to have nightmares of his mate's life. Will Bilbo learn to accept his mate when they finally do meet or will the terror take hold of him and cause him to break his soul bond and live as a shell of a person for the rest of his days? Find out.(A Thilbo Bagginshield story)

Thanks, RenataZ

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