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Natasha is too awesome to hang out with the people she does. She needs her own movie.

9/15/2015 #61

*hugs back*

I totally agree. I mean not even gonna lie I'm a huge fan of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers and obviously HHawkeye/Clint Barton, but Nat is a total badass with an awesome backstory.

9/15/2015 #62

Yeah, she has the most depth out of any of them, and that's saying something. I think the only character that I like more than her is Loki.

9/15/2015 #63

Oh god, I adore Loki. I saw Thor: The Dark World in theaters and when I thought he was dead, I was super upset. Loki is just amazing.

9/15/2015 #64

Loki is the best, ever. I mean, I would screw Thor in a heartbeat, but I'd marry Loki.

9/15/2015 #65

Same. Same to all of that.

9/15/2015 #66
An Eternal shadow

A hospital topic?

9/23/2015 #67

So Thee, I had this Idea for an Ancient world RP, With some time travel. It's going to play out like this; We have character for certain Ancient Civilizations (Egypt, Greece, Rome, Ect) And and everyone RPs the time line until their a certain point. The Idea is that each character is a reincarnation of the last one, and the relationships are transcending time. It could also be on jumping around to other time periods as well.

Ask if you need more clearing because the idea is still a bit of a working progress.

10/24/2015 #68
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