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You know this...

1/28/2014 #1

Roy Stuart was a space faring adventurer set out from his home base in the delta quadrant to explore the unknown reaches. Given 3 years to complete his assignment he flew out in his d7 rocket ship to seek out new life and live on nothing but crappy space food and long silences. Checking his radar he knew he was heading into something big. "This is Captain Roy, I found an anomaly on the radar, heading to investigate." Ending the message he zoomed out using the power of the d7 thrusters supplied by his command.

1/28/2014 #2

Watching the holographic view of space, the emitters detected the shuttle just not far from her ship. Herself looking towards the structure of the anomaly while her sentinels were finishing up with the rest of the ship. The battlecruiser moving into an upward motion as it were to try and move more upward to cruise above the ship.

1/29/2014 #3

Roy was startled to see the heavy cruiser flying just above him. He was surprised something this size came upon him without realizing it. Activating his cloaking device he snuck up behind the ship and spotted the hangar bay door open. Flying in discreetly he landed and leaped out. Carrying his weapon close to his chest he rushed to cover and took a breath. So far so good.

1/29/2014 #4

Having a mass increase in the hangar bay, the ships lockdown sequence of the area sent in shields to block the intruder off. With sentinels coursing towards where the mass increase was.

1/29/2014 #5

"Damn, looks like I'm trapped." He stood up as he went to inspect the shields. They seemed pretty strong, alien like would be his best guess. "I guess you can see me, so, now what?" He holstered his weapon behind him as he stared at what he could only assume were live video feeds correlated to the person in charge.

1/29/2014 #6

Knowing that he would be a strange life form the ship, Shea looked at the human and made a bio scan towards his form while she was to make a order to the sentinels to bring him to the bridge. With the shield deactivated and the door opening to three floating robots while they were to whir to him.

1/29/2014 #7

"I get it, take me to your leader." He held up his arms in good faith, knowing any rash actions on his end and he would be a pile of ash and a forgotten tale to be made fun of back home. Walking to the bridge he heard his own footsteps on the metal flooring, all around him was technology way beyond his years.

1/29/2014 #8

Shea would make the droids move towards massive chambers and through massive hallways before nearing a massively sized entrance. With the captain awaiting him while she was waiting.

1/29/2014 #9

"So, I take it you guys don't get many visitors?" He asked, though it was clear he was a prisoner with little privileges. Seeing the Captain he cleared his throat. "Hello Captain." He nodded his head as he stood at attention.

1/29/2014 #10

The sangheili would turn her godly form to him as she observed his form," Who are you?" She asked.

1/29/2014 #11

"My name is Captain Roy Stuart from the Delta Quadrant. I come from a little known planet you probably haven't heard of, and my parents are Gene and Susie." He figured that was what she was asking, more or less. "And who are you?"

1/29/2014 #12

Shea wouldn't reply as she looked to him, "What planet?"

1/29/2014 #13

"Oh, well, I kind of forget. I've been in the kind of is my home now. Ever since I left that planet...I haven't looked back." He answered with his hands in his pockets.

1/29/2014 #14

Shea would walk towards him as her godlike outfit would shine in his eyes, " An outsider?" She asked.

1/29/2014 #15

In an uncharted region of space a derelict ship drifted endlessly through the void it had been decades since it had disappeared along with its crew of 67.

1/29/2014 #16

TrueForgiveness, please try to make your posts longer.

1/29/2014 #17

(I know but I am not trying to get caught in school.)

1/29/2014 #18

"Outsider is such a harsh word...I would say explorer." He looked over at one of the flashing consoles and pointed around her. "I think you have more company coming your way, might want to pull them in." He studied his surroundings and sought any escape necessary, though with this new development staying around might seem better.

1/29/2014 #19

"I use this term because I do not know you or your species." Shea would reply to him while she had walked towards her own platform on the bridge, she touched an inisible hologram in the space above her while she started to bring an image of a planet on the table in front of him.

"That planet there is Sangheilios, a home to the Sangheili. My people were coming from a slight slow journey into the space age as they were to send me and a few other separate explorers into space to advance our tech but in that of my advancement was that my ship was dragged a few thousand years into the past. That was two hundred years ago." she said as she turned, "I have used cryo sleep to bring about a little immortality to my life and a solution to advance my peoples tech... but I do not know what galaxy I live in." she told the male, walking towards the table while she were to look to him.

1/29/2014 #20

" are trying to get back home? I suppose that is understandable, this is a rather foreign part of the world and living in it would take some adjustment." He watched as she rejoined him and he folded his arms over his chest.

"I am part of a species known as humans. We originated from our home world known as Earth. I have only been there a few times for after space travel past the planets was achieved there was no need to stay planetbound any longer. What is your plan with me then?" He asks as he gives her a good once over.

1/29/2014 #21

In the feeling of hearing his question, Shea walked towards him while she was indefinately four feet taller than him. Looking into his eyes while she was having her clothing glow slightly, "I could help you fix up your ship, make it look much more adequite than what it was before." she replied as she were to turn, soon heading towards her table, "Like a small cruiser designed for your species." she said.

1/29/2014 #22

"Ok, well, nothing comes free," Roy noted as he watched her clothing glow. It was rather hot and the taller alien seemed to be satisfied some what if she glowed before him just then. Watching as she headed off he decided to follow her. "Why would you help me out?" He stood at the edge as he looked over at her.

1/29/2014 #23

Placing her arms under her long sleeves, Shea looked to him while she was on her platform overlooking the space, "What is your purposal?" she asked. Wanting to seek out the answer as her sentinels were coming from the inside of her ship to do additional upgrades to her ship.

1/29/2014 #24

This was an interesting position he found himself in. Musing over it as he looked out at the many glowing panels and sounds he had an idea. "Perhaps it would be beneficial to our species if to know each other on a more intimate level." He suggested, no harm or foul given the fact he was still on board her vessel.

1/29/2014 #25

Chuckling to that, Shea looked at him as she shook her head, "You males are like the ones of my own species, I am sworn to have only one mate in my life. I have to take pick of my suitors very cautiously." she said to him, turning and walking towards her platform while she ran another weapon upgrade.

"I can provide your race the gifts of the future if you at least know me more than just my body." she told him, her curves flexing and her body showing off its form while the female was doing her job as captain.

1/29/2014 #26

"I understand, stupid of me for even asking. My actions haven't been the most trust worthy, boarding your vessel and thinking you hostile. If you deserve one mate in life it should be one who is valiant, all heart, one who won't turn on you the second they get. I do thank you for what you are doing with my ship, it will get me back home in half the time it took for me to get here.

"Whatever you decide or someday do, I just hope this guy treats you well. Aliens are a lot like humans, we all deserve to be treated equally. There I have said my peace." He looked over at her as he waited.

1/29/2014 #27

Shea would shake her head as she looked back to him, looking over a whole lot of documents in holographic viewing, "There are a whole lot of secrets you do not know about this Galaxy Roy Stewart, first human of the interstellar flight ship for the United Nations Space Corporations. If you know now I am from the future, and I do know what would happen to humanity if you all would stick on a long ended course to space life." she said as she walked to the platform.

"Three thousand years in the future is a lot to know but with the information I have i could bump humanity a long ways from being wiped from multiple future space colonies by other species....including mine." she said before looking to him.

"How dedicated are you to humanity Roy?" she asked.

1/29/2014 #28

Roy shook his head as he knew where this was going. "I do thank you for your kind words and wisdom, but I am going to have to turn down your offer. We humans didn't get to where we are today by taking technology beyond our years. Yes it is a slow crawl that you might see as pointless, but to us it is called evolution. We will achieve great strides in success...while faltering at our worse of times. You may have glimpsed our future and your offer is the kindest ever, but, no, flawed and all the human race shall prevail."

Roy looked at her as he said all this. He wanted to make it clear whether technology or information that it was not needed. Humans were a formidable race and even this far into the timeline they showed no signs of slowing down.

1/29/2014 #29

Shea would chuckle as she were to look at him, "I would be doing you a favor, do you want to die by a prototype gravity well or evolve faster with humanity? The same structure of humanity will move forward in creating its far formidable navy and military structure. As well as saving you the time of causing you to watch your borders for any invaders outside of our cluster." she said as she soon walked towards him, "And allow you to become a reclaimer to the ancient ones to whom gave us life." she said to him.

1/29/2014 #30
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