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Chris bared his own teeth back, giving her a growl. He leaned down to playfully bite her neck with a chuckle. "Maybe, maybe not." Chris said lightly as he slipped a hand into the bottom of her shirt. Very lightly he brushed his thumb over her navel, trying to give her a light tickle.

Maybe he would actually try to go all the way today...they have been going out for a while now and maybe it was time for them to get a nice romantic fucking in.

9/20/2015 #241

Alina sighed softly as his teeth grazed over her neck, her back arching a little. Her breath caught a little as he slipped a hand under her shirt, and she was squirming by the time he got up to her navel.

"Ah, hello there, boy scout." She murmured. "Getting a little feely there, are you?"

9/20/2015 #242

"Mhm..." Chris said quietly in her ear. Now he continued to go further up her shirt, lifting it as he moved.

"How long before you kick my ass?" He said jokingly as he reached the bottom of her breasts, letting his fingers brush under bra.

9/20/2015 #243

Alina's breath tightened when his fingers slipped under her bra, but she put up no sort of resistance, just resting her hands on the edges of her closet, her eyes falling shut.

"I'd say about three inches higher." She noted thoughtfully, her voice a little higher than ordinary. "But it's not your ass I'm going to kick, fair warning."

9/20/2015 #244

"Fine, I guess I won't go higher." He said mischievously as his hands slipped back over her stomach and into the lining of her pants. He was far enough in that he could feel the flimsy material of her panties.

"Wow, you wore lace panties for me..." He muttered as he slipped even further into her panties.

9/20/2015 #245

"Oh now we're.... ah... talking." Alina mumbled, her voice catching slightly when his hands dipped beneath her pants. His fingers were warm against the smooth, soft skin there, and she was glad she'd shaved just yesterday. "Don't flatter yourself. If I was angling for this, I wouldn't be wearing any."

Her hips swayed forward a little at his touch, her eyes falling shut as she gripped the edges of the closet a little tighter.

9/21/2015 #246
"Hm..." Chris was thinking if he was going to push it further. His mind said no, but his cock said yes. Making his final decision Chris slipped his hands down further, trying to find her clit. Meanwhile he began to grind on Alina, trying to get her turned on.
9/22/2015 #247

Alina tried to remain still, but she gasped and let out a breathy cry as his fingers found their way to the ridge of her clitoris, her hips jerking forward. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut, and she could feel him grinding against her, could feel how much he was enjoying this.

"I think you... ahhhh... skipped second base, boy scout." She panted.

9/25/2015 #248

"I don't think a boy scout does this..." Chris trailed off as he flicked her clit inside of her panties.

With a low moan Chris felt his length harden inside of his pants. He was ready to fuck the girl already.

9/26/2015 #249

"Maybe you're a.. ahhhh...." Alina groaned her voice breaking when he flicked that delicate little nubbin of flesh between her legs.

She was close, dangerously close, her legs trembling with how badly she needed it, her hips twitching forward into his touch. He was being a fucking tease, and she was half tempted to just slip her hand down there and take care of it herself, but she decided to wait. For now.

10/3/2015 #250

"What's that?" Chris gave a chuckle at her weakness. He had her under his thumb, quite literally.

Deciding to be nicer to Alina he let his other fingers glide along her slit while his thumb continued to toy with her clit. Chris could sense how close she was, how vulnerable. At any moment he could have her squirt in her lacy panties, the warm liquid leaking out of her pants.

10/4/2015 #251
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