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Odette nodded, taking the baby beforehand so that he wouldn't drop her—not that she didn't trust him, she did so with her life. However, accidents could happen. She took the gurgling baby into the living room and sat on the couch with her pressed into her heavy breast, blushing when she pawed at them so.
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"How about we do half? You breast feed her for a bit, then I feed her with the bottle since she seems to want your breast milk." He said as he came back with a warmed bottle. Kenneth then kissed her cheek as he smiled at them. "Well, umm, you also do look as if you need to be milked." Kenneth said with a blush as well as he looked at his girlfriend. Her breast have swelled a bit more so it was a sight for him.

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Odette flushed. "I'm alright. My body tells me when it's bad enough that I really need to get it out." She rubbed her stomach a little, feeling it begin to growl. "I'm getting hungry, too. I think some lunch actually. You want anything?"
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"Nah, I'm fine, I'll just feed Hope." Kenneth said as he lightly supported their baby's head. He then kissed Hope on the forehead and lightly gave her the bottle. Kenneth smiled as he watched the baby suckle on it. He then lightly tickled the baby's belly as he fed her. "Your so cute you know." He said with a smile that light up his face once more.

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Odette nodded and went to the kitchen. She made herself a quick grilled cheese, a little happy sigh coming from her when she bit into the cheesy, luscious comfort food. This particular sandwich brought back so many happy memories of when she was little.
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Kenneth smiled down at his daughter as the baby gulped down the bottle. He slowed her down because he knew she would get gas if she drank it too fast. He smiled as he smelled the sandwich Odette was making. "Dot, could you make me one too?" He asked her as he made sure to support Hope's head as he pulled the bottle back, seeing it was done.

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"Yeah, sure thing!", she called back. The new mother made her boyfriend his own grilled cheese, smiling to herself as thoughts of the future flooded her mind. Making Hope grilled cheese, rubbing her tummy when it was sore, reading her stories at night. Odette was completely ecstatic about it all.
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"And here is where I cut you off." Kenneth said as he smiled and pulled the bottle from the child, seeing she was down, but not wanting to over feed her. He then lightly moved her to how one should burp a baby and lightly bounced her as he smiled. "Whenever your ready Hope." He said, not sure if he was doing it right at the moment, but knew he would have to ask people like his mother.

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Odette, too lost in thought, didn't notice him to point out what he was doing wrong. She simply flipped the sandwich and went into the pantry to look for something to go with it. "Soup or chips with the sandwich?", she asked, floating on a cloud as she did so.
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"Whichever is easy for you." He said as he heard a cute burp push out of Hope's mouth. He smiled before setting the child down. He turned on the T.V. and as expected, another Spectacle about where he is and why hasn't he been out and around, He being Thunder Blade. He sighed. "I'll be back soon, I promise." He said.

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Coal the Flame King


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