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A school for our characters to go to. Basically, fed up parents of unruly, and slightly crazy, teenagers send their children here. The parents don't know, though, that their children are having the experience of their life. Allowed coed dorms, with teachers that specialize in non traditional education.

2/23/2014 #1

Chessîe is 16, loves older men and loves to drink. Chessîe was sent here from New York, New York. The blonde girl has a habit of going to the same sex when desperate.

2/23/2014 #2

Eighteen year old Violet is on a downward spiral, mixing with the wrong people in the wrong places. She is constantly getting into trouble but that seems to do no good for her.

2/24/2014 #3

Kenneth, an 18 year old black teen in his jeans and red t-shirt sat in class, bored out of his mind. He was sent to the school a few months ago after he was 'Caught' stealing a car. He knew he didn't do it but he was angry at his parents for putting him there.

11/9/2014 #4

jada sat at the front of the room, in the large desk set for teachers. The twenty-one year old was dressed in a black skirt and white t-shirt. She had a powerpoint thrown up on the projector and was talking through the lesson as she had the students take notes.

11/9/2014 #5

Kenneth took his notes as he listened to her. He hoped she wasn't another person who only saw him as a bad kid, a troubled teen. He sighed as he looked up at her. The bell rang and he wanted to ask her about his grades. he had a feeling he was failing becasue of the fights he gets into.

11/9/2014 #6

She stood after the bell rang and turned the lights back on as students filed out of the small classroom. She went back to sit at her desk, setting up tomorrow's lesson plans. She glances at the stack of graded papers and got a box, putting them in it so the desk wasn't as cluttered.

11/9/2014 #7

"Ms. Reyes may i ask you about my grades?" Kenneth asked stepping to her desk and sitting in the chair near her. "I been...busy with a lot of things lately and i want to know if i'm keeping up." He said as he looked at her, right in the eyes

11/9/2014 #8

"Let me look them up." She put glasses on, logging onto the grade book, she searched around a bit before pulling up his grade summary. She clicked on his name and turned the computer monitor towards him.

11/9/2014 #9

His eyes widen, he was failing the class. He threw his head back and made a groan. "Fuck. What am I going to do?" he asked himself as he looked up and down from Jade to the floor, her desk, to the ceiling as well. "Ms. Reyes, i can't fail your class. Please, is there anything i can do to fix my grade?" he asked her almost begging her.

11/9/2014 #10

She watched his reaction, having know the grade already. "Let me see, I can offer a essay on our current topic: the female body." She said.

11/9/2014 #11

Kenneth nodded as he smiled at her. "Thank you so much." he said. "But... I don't know how to start, or even talk about something like that." He said as he looked at his grades once more.

11/9/2014 #12

"Well, your notes are a good start."

11/9/2014 #13

He nodded and faceplamed. "Sorry, just a bit stressed out." he said rubbing the back of his neck. "Would you mind giving me a hand with it, just to start it please?" he asked

11/9/2014 #14

"Bring your notebook over and I will help you start it." She straightened her blouse, her cleavage more exposed.

11/9/2014 #15

He nodded and did as she said, moving to grab his stuff and moving back to her desk, getting an eyefull of her Cleavage as he passed by her, smiling. "Thank you so much Ms. Reyes." he said as he sat back down

11/9/2014 #16

She leaned forward and leaned over the notes.

11/9/2014 #17

Once more, he was given a eye full of her chest. He began to sweat as she did. "Um... your a bit too close." Not that he didn't like it, but he didn't want to get her in trouble

11/9/2014 #18

"Oh, sorry." She leaned back a little, but not much.

11/9/2014 #19

He nodded. "It's ok. Just that your very attractive." He said. He let it slip what most guys in the class thought. He didn't want her to see him as a prev like the rest of them. "Sorry." he said

11/9/2014 #20
"Don't be sorry, that was very sweet." She said.
11/9/2014 #21

He smiled once more and nodded. "Ok so want should i do this paper about? Female Sex organs and sexuality?" He asked since it was in his notes.

11/9/2014 #22
"Yes, and remember, it has to be a strong introduction."
11/9/2014 #23

"Okay then." He said as he began to write. After a moment, he looked at at the Jade. "Umm... I just realized this is a lot harder then i thought since i'm a guy." he said

11/9/2014 #24
"What would help you the best, to start?"
11/9/2014 #25

He shrugged at her. "Nothing short of seeing a girl Naked to help me understand." he said Jokingly as he looked in his notes more. He hated the way he wrote sometime.

11/9/2014 #26
"I could help with that." She smirked
11/9/2014 #27

Kenneth almost choked when she said that. "You... Would?" he asked. He was joking at first, but she was willing to get naked for him

11/9/2014 #28
She nodded, "Anything to help a student."
11/9/2014 #29

He blushed bright red and nodded. "Yes, please do Ms. Reyes." He said as he tried not to stare at her. In his pants, the idea of his sexy teacher undressing for him alone made him very jumpy.

11/9/2014 #30
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