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Morgan gripped the headboard as he thrust hard, her head rolling as she gasped. Without even realizing until it was over, she came a second time, bodily fluids dripping down her thighs.
3/26/2015 #3,421

Deion noticed her gripping the headboard, smiling at her gasp and moan as she came, moaning as he did as well, filling up her rear hole. He grunted as his seed exploded into her rectum, painting her inside. But, as he told her, this was no punishment as he pulled out and thrust right into her womanhood without giving her a moment to rest or come down form her last orgasm, thought he didn't have time to as well.

3/27/2015 #3,422
Morgan gave a weak cry, her head spinning as she grew dizzy. All the sensations he was supplying to her was causing her to grow lightheaded, but she didn't mind one single bit. She loved it.
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Deion moaned as he began to thrust deeper into her. Hours soon pass and both parents of three pant and groan from their long session of love making. Deion was sweating as he laid next to his wife, holding her in his arms. "Enjoyed being punished for not waiting for me?" He asked her.

3/27/2015 #3,424
Morgan laid there, senses so overdriven that she couldn't move a single muscle. "Yes, I loved it more than words can say," she murmured, panting as she laid there. "And I love you even more."
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"What? you thought I didn't love you back?" He asked jokingly before kissing. He had also drained his own body so he too was weaken by the sex. "God... when was the last time we made love like that baby?" He asked her as he smiled at her. Deion then traced his finger around her body as far as he could go down and up.

3/28/2015 #3,426
Morgan shivered with delight. "It's been quite a while. We've been busy with the twins, but it's nice to finally have a night with just the two of us. It's...refreshing, really," she admitted.
3/28/2015 #3,427

"Plus I been out to sea, and stuff, as well as caring for Rika, and other stuff." He said as he smiled at her. "You know, when the kids get older, You can use my G.I Bill to go back to school." He said as he smiled at her.

3/29/2015 #3,428
"I don't see the point on going back, really. I can't to much more in school. Not only do I have my P.h.D, but I have it in something that I love. I could never just up and leave my work like that. You know I love it and everyone there."
3/29/2015 #3,429

Deion chuckled a bit. "Oh yeah... How long was I gone again?" He asked with a bit of a sheepish look on his face as he seemed to forgot all of that stuff. He then smiled at how she was both dependent and independent from him. He liked at she had what it took to be as successful as she is.

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Morgan gave a soft laugh. "Not long enough to have forgotten anything," she joked. Her arms looped around his neck, pulling him in for a passionate kiss. "I love you," she whispered in an almost reverent way.
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"I love you too much to even say just how much I do... but your filled with the smallest fraction of that love that will be replaced in moments." He said with a big smile on his face. Deion then stood up, picking her up and carrying his wife bridal style to their room so he could put her to bed.

3/29/2015 #3,432
Morgan smiled sweetly and left reverent kisses everywhere that she could reach. "I love you," she repeated continuously, never letting him forget. "But it's not as if you don't already know."
3/30/2015 #3,433

Deion smiled at her saying she loved him over and over, but it wasn't like she needed to. He knew she loved him, she completed him as he completed her. He kissed her sweetly before wrapping his arms around her. "And I love you just as much, which my love will never die." He said smiling at her. "We'll just love each other in our next lives, whatever and whenever they may be." He said.

3/31/2015 #3,434
Morgan snickered softly. "Who knows, maybe I'll be black and you'll be white next time," she joked, kissing his cheek and curling up with him. "Whatever we look like or how we act, I just hope with all my heart that we meet again," she whispered.
4/1/2015 #3,435

"I'm sure we will meet again, our love is that strong. Who knows, I might be the girl next time." He said as he kissed her forehead. He then pulled her closer as he sighed to her. "We are just going to have to see just what happens to us." He said.

4/1/2015 #3,436
Morgan nodded and cuddled up to him. "I wonder if it'll be the same as now. Like if instead of wanting lots of kids, we won't want any kids at all. Or that...or that you really would have died when your brother shot you." She said the last part very, very quiet. Although she would never admit it, she thought about that all the time. What would have happened if he had died that day? Where would she be now?
4/2/2015 #3,437

Deion looked at his wife. He could tell she was deep in thought. "Morgan." He said as he held her close. "Whatever we are in the future, and what happened in the past are not that matters right now baby. I have you, and you have me. We found love in this moment, right were we are. And I don't plan on ruining it by anything. You have my heart and soul until the end of time, no matter what we end up as when we die." He told her before he kissed her lips.

(Ok, These Next two Post are going to have to very long. Kind of skip around and say how many kids they had and end while they are still young really)

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Morgan was comforted beyond belief by that answer. "I love you. With all of my heart," she whispered, moving closer to nuzzle up to him. The feeling of their warm, bare flesh pressed together made her smile. Years ago, she would have never thought things would turn out this way, but they did; and she was so happy that it did.
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Whatever Morgan was thinking or feeling at the moment, Deion had in his mind as well. He thought back, just a few years ago, he was in the pit of defeat, thrown in the towel and thought about what his life had come to. He was stressed, depressed, and even thinking about just giving up. But then his Morgan came into his life at the right time. He didn't know a few drinks and a one night stand he didn't mean for became the best choice he ever made. Father of three, husband, and a proud sailor. With their nude bodies pressed to one another, the laid there getting ready to sleep. Her words hit him hard, like they do every time, the reason he fights so hard, he has to make it home to her.

4/4/2015 #3,440
Morgan rested her brunette head on his chest, breathing soft and sound as she began to slip into sleep. Five years prior, she'd been trying to drown out her deep, crushing depression with alcohol. After her boyfriend had left her with only harsh words to be alone with her thoughts, she didn't know what else to do. Her world was dark, gray, a bottomless pit of abyss that she couldn't crawl out of. He was all she had, and then all of a sudden, he was gone. Sure, that night she went into the bar she was sort of looking for a hookup, but she didn't expect a wonderful person such as Deion to be there waiting for her. He changed her life forever, and she would be forever greatful for that.
4/4/2015 #3,441

(Going to do my Ending for this RP from Deion's POV now)

As the years went by, Deion kept his promise to Morgan and loved her. A few days after that night, Morgan found out she was once more pregnant, that time with twins, a boy and girl. And as one would expect, Deion couldn't keep his hands off her the whole nine months, which it seemed she didn't mine, loving the attention he gave her. Deion in that time got a promotion to where he wanted to be, Master Chief Petty officer. He was making a lot of money now. Deion was proud when their next two were born, only Morgan to find out once more six months later she was pregnant with their sixth child, a little girl. He began to think he was going to run out of names. Soon, Katara, the name of that child, was born. It took a few years before a 32 year Morgan was once more pregnant. She would tease him for having a fifty's mindset of having his wife pregnant a lot.He knew she didn't mind. Soon, their last child was born... another set of twin, boy and girl. Deion smiled and let Morgan know she was the prefect wife. He loved her with all his life, and all his love. This was the person who would be his soul mate forever... reborn to a Superhero and his one night stand.

4/4/2015 #3,442
Over the years, Morgan grew closer to her husband than ever before. Their affection seemed to grow every day, their eight kids always rolling their eyes at how hopelessly in love the two were. Morgan ended up discovering a new element and making just as much money as her husband. By the time their last set of twins graduated high school, the two were fifty years old and just as in love as always. The two lived a long, happy life together, and were even buried together in the same casket to be together for eternity. Just as planned, the two were reunited in their next life. Morgan as a simple city girl, and Deion as the town hero.
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(And we end the Epic Story of Deion and Morgan... for now.)

4/5/2015 #3,444

(I think I'll give this a go. Anyone wanna RP with me?)

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In a secluded beanbag in a far corner of the public library, 16 year-old Adrian was working on a summer homework assignment. What subject you may ask? Ironically, sex education. Due to his almost innocent mind- even though he kept staring at the teacher's breasts, another reason why he failed the class- he was given a few packets of work to do before the new school year starts. The library was a good place to start and finish up his work since he didn't want his parents to know of the failed class and with an excuse that he was going to hang out with his friends. When he entered the library, he found it very deserted with no people around. Save for the moans from the librarian's office. 'Probably be having fun with her assistant,' Adrian thought. Sitting on the beanbag chair with his packets and textbook on his lap, his brown eyes scanned between the book and work, scratching his black hair a few times.

(So sorry for the delay, Kiara.)

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