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An Eternal shadow

"My name is Marin" she smiled and pulled his shirt off to examine his chest wound. She shook her head "hmm, I can bandage it up at the least" she said as she got a thick, long scarf and wrapped it around his chest "that will do"

10/5/2015 #61
Artanis the Flesh Eater

Artanis sighed contently. "Thank you, Ms. Marin. That helps somewhat, at least." He said, smiling up at the kind girl.

10/5/2015 #62
An Eternal shadow

Marin nodded and smiled before relaxing "you're lucky I was here. You won't find anyone else for miles" she said before sitting on a log and stretching.

10/5/2015 #63
Artanis the Flesh Eater

"Yeah... I should've been more prepared and careful." Artanis said. He glanced at her stretching, trying to look at her features.

10/5/2015 #64
An Eternal shadow

Marin had petite a cup breasts as she smiled and looked at artanis "but it doesn't matter. I'll nurse you to health" she smiled innocently as she walked over and sat with artanis, unaware she was a victim of his plans

10/6/2015 #65
Artanis the Flesh Eater

"Thank you, Ms. Marin." Artanis said happily as she sat next to him rather closely. He tried to think of how to get her now.

10/6/2015 #66
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