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1/24/2015 #1

Life can sometime be full of shit and despair. However, there are that times where life hits you with a bucket of sunshine out of nowhere. It was strange, it came up with a simple greetings- he moved in and he was visiting his neighbor- to the first date. Now, after a few months of being in a relationship, Christopher can successfully concur that he was a lucky man. Normally, he wouldn't have any luck at all when it come to women or even socializing, he was somewhat awkward when it came to socializing. However, the fact that he was able to get a beautiful women as his lover was completely beyond his understanding and knowledge. Life, sometimes, just wishes the best for you.

Though, sometime, Life gives you too much 'goods'.

Christopher sigh lightly as he stretches out his hand. He was sitting on the familiar couch of his girlfriend's, deciding to come in to visit over the weekend for a bit. He took the time to look at the ceiling and he sat peacefully, waiting for the arrival of his girlfriend. Though, it was still possible that she wasn't here at all, she did give her key and he did came in. The young man, about twenty, should really call first.

1/24/2015 #2

Anna entered the house, quietly, shouldering her purse. She headed toward the kitchen, tossing her keys down. Her eyes wandered to the living room, and the slim, tall blonde smiled widely. "Chris." She set her purse down and walked to said living room, to the couch. She cupped his face and leaned in, kissing him softy. "This is a nice surprise." The blonde remarked, with a soft giggle.

Her green eyes were wide and excited as she looked at her boyfriend. Her hair was gathered into a neat bun, her face with little to zero makeup. She had on her work clothes, neatly pressed and ironed. It was a black suit jacket with a matching pencil skirt, tall heels on her feet, elongating her already long legs.

It had only been a few months with Chris, but the blonde was more than happy with him. He was adorable. He was handsome. He was sweet. He was perfect for her!

And tonight, she had a huge milestone.

He was gonna meet Jessa.

1/24/2015 #3

Christopher smile brightly as he heard the door opening behind him.Obviously, he turned around to meet his girlfriend, watching her as she creep her way into the building. At first, he was breathless, his face slightly red at the glance of her work clothes. Although, it was simple in design, he never actually saw her in her work clothes. For a second, he didn't responded at all, not even to the kiss until a few second later, pressing his lips back against her.The young male offer another large smile as he let out a small chuckle.

"Well, I figured that I would visit you. Obviously why I'm here. Anyway, how work today?"

He question as he look up to her with that same loving smile on his face. He wanted to keep the conversation short, only because she likely wanted to change her clothes. The boy blink and slowly got up from the couch, now looking down at the girl instead.

"And if you want, I can make something for you to eat? I know you're probably tired from work, so I don't mind."

1/24/2015 #4

Anna smiled brightly at him, her head tilting. She pulled the bun from her hair and ruffled her long blonde locks. "Actually," She pursed her lips. "My sister and her 'friend'," she pulled a face. It was a fuckbuddy of Jessa's, and everyone knew it. "wanna take us to dinner tonight."

On her heels, the tall blonde was still shorter than her boyfriend. She slid her arms around his neck and leaned up, nuzzling his nose. She gave him another kiss. The kind hearted girl smiled at him. "Is that okay?"

She loved her sister. Mostly because she was her sister. She would probably hate her otherwise. Jessa was a self proclaimed slut. It was mostly because of the sheer...power she had over men. It was almost supernatural, the way she could control and manipulate them. She didn't want Christopher anywhere near her gorgeous sister, for risk of losing him. But she also didn't want Jessa pissed at her.

1/24/2015 #5

Christopher blink as he stood there for a few second; unfortunately, for the both of them, he was rather observant an tend to think on little matters too deeply than it's worth for. In this case, he quickly noted the change of expression on her face and offer her a weak smile. She didn't need to tell him, it was obvious that this 'friend' of her sister wasn't just a friend. Truthfully, he wasn't even sure how he feel about that. Personally, Christopher, as the man that he is, didn't like the idea of having a fuckbuddy to play around with. However, the burning question still lingers inside of his head.

How would it feel to have one?

Christopher shrug his shoulder lightly as he return the hug by wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her a little closer. The taller male kisses her on the lip briefly before shrugging again.

"Well, I wasn't really prepare to go out. But that's fine with me. I would love to go out with you and meet your sister. I mean, eventually, I'm going have to, right?"

He chuckle lightly and sigh lightly as he closes his eyes.

"So, what should we do to kill the time with?" He offer, somewhat of a innocent question, somewhat not. Honestly, he just wanted to know if they had anything to do.

1/24/2015 #6

Anna let out a breath and leaned into his embrace. She thought about his answer as her face slid into his neck. She didn't want to lose Christopher. She really, really adored him. They were good together. She didn't want her sister getting her claws into her boy. It would kill her.

Her fingers toyed with his hair on the nape of his neck. She smiled, coyly, her face still in his neck.

"Dunno." She mumbled, voice muffled slightly. "Just wanna spend time with you, Chris."

And she did. She wanted to enjoy whatever time she had alone with her boyfriend before they had to go meet with Jessa and whatever male her sister managed to ensare. She nuzzled his neck and pulled back to look at him. Her face took on an innocent expression. "Hows that sound?"

1/24/2015 #7

Christopher chuckle weakly and shook his head as he let out a shrug of his shoulder. Of course, being a boy, there was a few thing that roamed around his mind. And unfortunately, his crotch seem to be thinking more than his actual consciousness is. It was the struggle of a boy, they think through their penis instead of their head. The young male sigh lightly and lean down to rest his forehead on top of her gently, his hand rub against her waist lightly as he offer a small teasing smile.

"I would love to spent some times with you."

He stated as he 'innocently' tilt his head to the side. Of course, they had sex before, it was going to happen, and he loved every single of one of them. So offering for sex again wasn't a far-fetched idea. Plus, it wasn't like he'll be mad if she decline. Nevertheless, he lean in to give her a long, passionate kiss, as his hand roam up and down against the side of her body lightly, breaking the kiss a part but still keeping his forehead against her.

"Would you like to take this to your bedroom, Anna?"

He smiled as his finger traces her curves lightly.

1/24/2015 #8

Anna was breathless after the long, deep kiss she was given. Her eyes were still shut as she grinned, shivering at the feeling of his hands on her. She opened her green eyes to gaze up at him. She leaned up to whisper in his ear.

"Oh, don't pretend you haven't been wantin' to get me outta my clothes since I walked in, Christopher." Pulling back, she pulled away completely with a sly grin. She slid her heels off and headed for the stairs. As she began to climb up them, she turned to look at him. She beckoned him with one finger, and carried on up the stairs.

Okay, so maybe she did have some of her sister's tendencies.

1/24/2015 #9

Actually, that isn't EXACTLY true.

It still was regardless. Kinda.

Christopher let out a light blush as she watches her walked up the stairs. More specifically, he watches her ass climbs up the door, and of course, as the obedient dog that he is, he follows her up the stairs. The, relatively, horny man follows her behind with diligent steps, not stepping too close nor stepping too far from her. Gaining the right distance for him to look at her from behind, to check out of the features that every man has and to give her some privacy. After all, even if they was going to do it, he was still a man that needed to respect her privacy.

After, what seem to be forever(not like he's complaining), the two lovebird manage to reach to her room. Taking the initiative, he grab her waist from behind and pull her into her own room, not bothering to close the door behind them.

"I don't know, Anna. Quite honestly, I wasn't even thinking about getting you out of your clothes when you walked in. I was more dazed by how lovely you looked." He tease lightly, not entirely lying, "Are you sure that you're not the one wanting to get me out of my clothes?"

He grin lightly and pushes her against the wall next to door to kiss her neck lightly. His hand quickly working on her jacket, however, to tease the girl even more, he drag his hands up her chest slowly as he kisses her neck.

1/24/2015 #10

Anna giggled as he pushed her up against the wall. With a grin that wasn't exactly like herself normally, she hooked her leg around his waist. Her eyes fell shut as she murmured his name softly. "Mm." She murmured.

"Chris," She purred. "I want to get you out of your clothes all the time."

Her breath hitched as she licked her lips, feeling his hands on her. "Don't be a tease, Christopher, unless you'd like me to do the same."

1/24/2015 #11

Chrsistopher chuckle lightly as he unhook her legs from around his waist only to set her down on her own two feet once again. He took the time to delicately remove each articles of her clothing off of her body, starting from her jacket, to her skirt, and everything underneath it. The only thing left that protected his rights to her is her undergarment that he kept on for the sake of pleasure. Crouching down, he manually lift her leg up and over the skirt, allowing it to rest in the small pile of clothing with her other work clothes. Satisfied with his work, he kisses her leg all the way up to her pantie where he remove with ginger steps. Again, he manually strip her off of her pantie as well. Finally, he remove the final article of clothing- her bra- dropping it to the floor as well.

The male sigh lightly as he took the time to grope one of her breast firmly, his other hand on her ass cheek lightly.

"You are absolutely beautiful, baby."

He complimented as he grab her hand and gently guide to his crotch, allowing her to feel the obviously large tent on his pant.

"Now, how about you do me a favor and help me off of my clothes too? It only fair, right?"

1/24/2015 . Edited 1/24/2015 #12

Anna felt extremely lucky all of the time to have Chris.

But even more so right now.

The blonde blew out a bated breath and smiled coyly. She gave the aforementioned tent a rough squeeze and leaned up, pushing her lips against his. In one swift move, she pulled away. She put her hands on his shoulders and backed him toward the bed, pushing him down to sitting. She pushed his legs apart and dropped down to her knees between them. In a rare show, she leaned in and unzipped his pants...

With her teeth.

1/29/2015 #13

The sudden chain of events excited him greatly as he offered a small amusing smile at her in return. Her touches, her kisses, everything about her was amazing. Anna was everything that he wanted, she was an amazing person- beautiful, cute, and sweet(including any other adjectives he could add in). However, when things comes to shoves, when they get down to get a little naughty, Anna was absolutely sexy. Every seconds passing with her only make him wants her even more.

He find it hard to think that he will one day cheat on her. Though, for some odd reason, even if he did loved her to death, that idea of having an affair was also very exciting as well.

Christopher offer a small chuckle as he watches her carefully as she dropped down to her knee. Her position was sexy enough but the fact that she unzipping his pants with her teeth was making him even harder than he imagined. Matter of facts, his crotch was hurting inside of his, pretty, tight pants. Regardless, Christopher uses his free hand to stroke the back of her head, making sure that she knows that he still loved her. And even given the idea that they're likely to have wild sex soon, he wanted her to know that he loved any sides of her.

Wild or Kind. Tender or Rough. Anything she wanted, he would gladly accept.

1/29/2015 #14

Anna gave her loving boyfriend a cheeky little smile as she gazed up at him. She pulled his pants down in one swift move, followed by his boxers. She gave a wink at him. Leaning in, she ran her tongue up his cock tantalizingly slow. She pulled back and replaced said tongue with her hand, a few blonde strands of hair falling into her face.

"So, Chris," she purred. "Tell me what you want."

Anna was shy and meek outside of the bedroom. But when it came to sex, she turned into a completely different person. She was naughty and sexy, and dirty. She wasn't scared, wasn't shy.

Especially not with Chris.

2/3/2015 #15

The sudden releasing of his cock felt absolutely wonderful, it was starting to build up a pretty hard tent in his pants. He quietly look down at her, watching her as she flirtatiously wink at him only to tease him by running her tongue up his cock. The warmth of her tongue on his rod was even better and it didn't help that this girlfriend, who was usually shy and soft-spoken was turning into this completely new person. A soft groan escape of his lips as he smile at her, watching her rub him down. It was pretty surprising that she was still willing to lick him up and down so willingly, he never actually understood how girls is able to take a cock in their mouth.

Leaning forward, he remove the small strands of hairs away from her face. After all, even if she was naughty right now, he still felt the needs to be the kind and proper boyfriend that he hoped that he was. Even if the situation didn't really 'calls' for it.

There was a million and one opportunity roaming inside of his head and unfortunately, one of them was the idea of 'paizuri'. He shrug nonchalantly as he offers her a sly smile.

"Well, we both know what we wants. How about you gives me a blowjob? It's pretty stereotypical and generic, but hey, sex is pretty generic in general. So, how about you shows me how much you like my cock in your mouth?"

He chuckle lightly and lean back on the bed, removing his shirt rapidly and throwing it away to the pile of clothing next to the door.

2/3/2015 . Edited 2/10/2015 #16

Before Anna could react, a certain voice cried out her name from downstairs. She jerked away from Christopher's cock as if he had burned her, and just like that, the devious look in her eyes was gone. It was replaced by the normal gentle and sweet Anna. She jumped to her feet and raced over to the door, slamming it shut and locking it. "Chris!" She hissed softly. "Get dressed, quick."

"Oh Anniieeee!" Her sister giggled as she came up the stairs. Jessa was wearing an extremely low cut black dress. It showed her generous cleavage, and hit just below her private area. She was goregeous. Her body was shorter than Anna's, but her curves more than made up for it. Her breasts were huge, and her ass matched. She had been blessed with long, curly blonde hair, and very sexy curves.

She snickered as she knocked on the door. "Come on out, sis. I know you and Chrissy are in there."

2/10/2015 . Edited 2/10/2015 #17

For once in his life, his eyes fills with both despair and angers, well as close to angers as he could get. It took him another long minute or two to practically hop up, searching for his clothes on the ground. The mere fact that Anna undressed his pant on the bed made his life so much more easier. Though, his penis was still his problem, a male's penis just doesn't die down at the will of his owner. Despite of the fact that he could throw on his boxer and pant on quickly, there was a slight sigh of annoyance as he practically shove his penis into his pant, groaning with slight pain at the tightness of it. If he had a little more times to put his clothes on more slowly, he didn't have to rush to shove his privacy into it's box.

Regardless, he ignored the slight pain and dash over to Anna's clothes on the floor, by the door. Fortunately for him, his shirt was casual so he threw that onto himself quite easily, however, unfortunately, for the both of them, her clothes was a little harder to throw on because she was technically still in her business clothes. Truth be told, he wasn't sure if she wanted to just throw on a random dress from her closet or not but that didn't matter. What matter now is that she probably didn't want her clothes to be on the ground, along with her bra. A clear, disappointed, look on his face as he silently hand Anna's belongings back to her. Though, despite of the fact that he should be angry, he just smile softly.

"Well.. that sucks."

To put it kindly, was spread all over his face as he let out a small sigh. Almost jumping out of his skin from the sudden knocking, he blink as he tilt his head over to the door. The unknown voice of another female ring inside of his ears. And for some strange reason, it only intrigued him, he wasn't sure why but the overall attitude of the voice made him think of Anna when she is her lustful stage. Nevertheless, he turn back to Anna, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"Do I say something? Or..?"

He mouth out his sentence, not really sure if he should be talking or not. After all, Jessa apparently knew that they were here. Granted, that made sense consider his shoe was here, by the front entrance.

2/10/2015 . Edited 2/10/2015 #18

"One second, Jessa!" Anna called back. A sense of dread filled her, then, sinking deep into her stomach. Her sister was practically hypnotizing to men, and even some women. She just didn't want that to happen to Chris. Her stomach sank further as she saw the expression on his face when he heard her sexy, sultry voice.

Jessa, please don't take him.

She gave Chris a soft smile and leaned up, kissing the side of his face.

"Thank you, Chris." She whispered. She blew out a breath and padded over to the bathroom that adjoined her room, throwing her clothes in the hamper. She grabbed a pair of cloth shorts and pulled them on, followed by a tshirt.

She was about to look like a twelve year old boy in comparison to her porn star looking sister. She looked over at Chris to make sure he was dressed, then opened the door. Her fears were confirmed by what her sister was wearing, which was practically nothing.

As Jessa's crystal blue eyes settled on the man before her, she didn't even bother to hide her smirk as she leaned against the doorframe. She put a hand on her hip and leaned so that he could see straight down her shirt. "Well. Aren't you outta my sister's league." The gorgeous blonde purred. Her whole attitude was alluring, and it was as if she had a supernatural ability to draw men in.

2/10/2015 #19

Christopher open his mouth to respond, however there was nothing that he could say. He only let out a small sigh as he rub the back his neck.

Turning over to the door, he blink casually as the newcomer slowly reveal herself. Oddly enough, the whole action of opening the door seem to slow down for him, a sudden light out of nowhere seem to shine down on the newcomer- Jessa- making her appearance and her entrance even more grander. Unfortunately, for him, there was two shining lights in his presence right now. Truthfully, he was getting more and more nervous, or afraid, as Jessa slowly reveal her image. For a few, long second, he caught himself staring at Jessa and mentally frowning. Disgusted with himself, he shift over to wrap his arms around Anna from behind, in a way, he wanted to help himself by holding onto his girlfriend.

However, it didn't help at all, the slutty-like attires that Jessa worn didn't help him at all. Honestly, he felt like a teenager again, despite of the fact that he recently came out of teenage's years, as he visible frown. His sister was absolutely amazing but so was this girl. If the situation was more normal, he would had crack a joke about how beauty seem to run down the family. However, he was smart, he knew that saying that would probably cause more troubles than it worth.

"Jessa? It's a pleasure to meet you, too. I guess you already know my name by this point, but I'll introduce myself anyway. My name is Christopher."

He introduced himself, frowning even more at the tease, taunt, mock, as he manage to state out. Somehow, he was able to hold himself still and his voice didn't hold back. Rather, he felt the need to sound more stronger and dominate than he was used to. To him, he felt that he needed to tell her that he couldn't be walks on.

Though, he probably was going get walk all over on regardless.

2/10/2015 . Edited 2/10/2015 #20

Anna swallowed and ducked her head. She knew this would happen. It had been the reason why she hadn't let her sister within two feet of her boyfriend. She couldn't even look at Chris. It hit her, hard, that he seemed absolutely spell bound by her beauty of a sister. Could she blame him? No, of course she couldn't.

Jessa chuckled softly. Her head tilted, her eyes raking over him. She was practically disrobing him with her eyes. Awe, cute. He thought he was sly, trying to pretend that he hadn't been looking, that he hadn't been checking her out.

Poor boy didn't know what was going to hit him tonight.

She had a funny way of loving her sister. She would 'test' men out, see if they were good enough for her. Nine times out of ten they weren't, and she would force said men to stay with her instead of her adorable, meek little sister. It was a way of having fun, while making sure men were fit enough for her cute baby sister.

"Oh, the pleasure is all yours." The busty blonde purred to him, flirting right in front of her sister. She then looked at Anna, who looked embarrased and heartbroken. "John is waiting in the car. Hurry and get dressed. Don't be late."

With that, Jessa made her way down the stairs, her tall black high heels clicking as she did. Her ass swayed along with her, wanting Christopher to look and watch.

2/10/2015 #21

Christopher let out a audible, loud sigh as he frown lightly. A mixture of emotions swell deep inside of him, he hated himself, but he didn't. He was disgusted with himself, but who could blame him?

As much as he tries to look away from Jessa, he manage to find himself glancing at her ass while she walk away. Feeling even more dirty about himself, he was really in a bad mood now. Blinking lightly, he quietly realized that he was probably holding onto Anna a little too hard for her comfort, maybe for his own as well, as he slowly let go of her. He wanted to talk to his girlfriend, tell her that everything was okay, but he didn't even knew if he had it inside of him to tell her that. After all, he would be lying to himself and her that everything was okay. With the new mix of emotions, the boy behind her let out another frustrated sigh of annoyance as he reach around to kiss Anna softly on the cheek.

"Hey, we don't need to go. You know?"

He offer lightly; even with a simple offering like that, it pained him. He was even having doubts of rather or not if he actually wanted to go or not. Of course, he wanted to go, to be with his girlfriend but to also be with Jessa.

All of these new emotions was making him sick and more angry about himself. Truth be told, he was really growing more and more sicker with himself by the second.

2/10/2015 #22

Anna felt like crying. Like breaking down and sobbing and staying home to eat chocolate and watch Netflix. She stayed facing away from him as tears filled her eyes. She kept her head ducked, arms wrapping around herself.

"We have to go, Chris." She whispered. "If we don't she's never gonna leave you alone." Her voice wobbled as she padded over to the closet. She wasn't in a very good mood as she pulled her tshirt and her shorts off, reaching in to pull out a white, tight fitting dress. She pulled her hair up into an elegant ponytail as she went into the bathroom and began to apply her makeup.

She was determined to hold onto Christopher. She didn't want to lose him. She never wanted to lose him. He was her whole world, her whole life.

(This is making me sad for Anna.)

2/10/2015 #23

(Eheh.. I'm not exactly happy about the situation either. Making me feel sad too.)

Christopher let out a small sigh as he quietly shook his head. Glancing up at the ceiling, you wouldn't believe how much he was practically insulting and trashing himself at this point. There was so many anger inside of him, so many words of insults, to himself, knowing that he was making his girlfriend sadder and sadder. Of course, most of it was Jessa's fault for being who she is, but it was also his fault as well. He was the one who was attracted to her out of nowhere, despite having a girlfriend, just because she was attractive, he quickly fell to her charms. Truthfully, he always thought that he had some morality, that he was a proper gentleman, but if he couldn't steer his eyes away from his girlfriend's sister than what was he?

A dirty boy.

Allowing his girlfriend, who he was desperate to hold onto to, dress and pretty herself up in the bathroom. He slowly walk over to her bed and sat down, his hands on his face, muttering inaudible swears words at himself. If it was a few years earlier, he would have no problem beating himself or punishing himself. However, he made a promise to Anna that he wouldn't do anything negative or harming to himself again. But for once, he felt the absolute needs to punish himself. The sick, twisted part, of it, he was still thinking about Jessa. Squeezing his eyes shut, he shook his head, determined to keep his girlfriend, even with the idea that having one night with Jessa would probably be an amusing and fun trip, he was determined to shut her down and to tell her straight off that he was dedicated to Anna.

Though, how could a boy like himself, who quickly fell into one girl's charm at a single glance, could honestly resist the vixen of a sister?

2/10/2015 . Edited 2/10/2015 #24

(Hm. Do you wanna put this on pause for now, and attempt another roleplay? We can always come back to it, but like I said, I feel bad for my character. Poor Anna. 3: )

2/10/2015 #25

(Well.. even if we come back, we still feel terrible. Trust me, I don't like the idea of Christopher's cheating either. Rather, I think I'm being a little too personal with it too. I will probably react the same way Christopher does in the RP. But if you want, we can switch to something else.)

2/10/2015 #26

(Well, I don't wanna just cut it off, if you don't want to. But I'm pretty invested in my characters, so roleplaying Anna so sad and heartbroken makes me sad. .-.)

2/10/2015 #27

(Then , I guess we can take a break from it for now. We get back to it.. at some point... Where are we switching to?)

2/10/2015 #28

(Hm. Since I unsucessfully chose this one, I'll let you choose the next one.)

2/10/2015 #29

(Well, how about we go back to our original root? I mean back then we did Master/Maid, so why not again? Granted, that really doesn't provide for too much story but it still fun.)

2/10/2015 #30
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