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Inspired by the crazy snow storms my lovely state has been having recently, your characters are stuck in a lovely cabin during a winter snow storm. What ensues is up to you!
2/3/2015 #1

(Yes! I love this idea! Anyone up to it?)

2/3/2015 #2

If he had been trapped with anyone else, Stanley would have been upset.

A weekend off and some extra cash manifested into a trip to the mountains near his town. He got to do some hiking and even a little bit of snowboarding, which he had nothing but respect for. What was even better was that he was able to come up to the mountains with what he thought might be the love of his life, Paige. Now, Paige wasn't just any girl. She was the definitive girl for a guy like him. She was stubborn and head-strong, just like him, she was a bit clumsy, which he found cute as a button, and most of all she was extremely loving, which he almost needed in a partner. She was amazing, and he felt blessed to be in her presence, let alone be her boyfriend.

Speaking of being in her presence, that led to the current status of their trip. An unluckily timed blizzard had driven them into the cabin, which was now their refuge for the time being.

There was electricity, running water, and enough food to last them awhile, hopefully at a discount since they were forced into here for shelter. That being said, if he was here with anyone else, Stanley would have been livid. But he wasn't. He was with Paige. And being trapped with Paige in a cabin with provisions seemed nothing short of a disaster turned into paradise.

And so he laid on the cushy queen-sized bed, his count of the supplies complete, thinking about just how great this could be.

3/12/2015 #3
Thorn Beat

Paige was seriously glad to be stuck in a cabin with Stanley. Sure, most people saw her boyfriend as a jerk but Paige decided to take a leap of faith and try to see past that. She still had trouble now and than but, she wasn't giving up. Besides, Stanley didn't seem as much as a jerk to her as he had before. In fact, Paige was beginning to trust him more and more the more they hung out. Paige was glad he had invited her to mountains to hike and snowboard with him near their hometown. She loved everything about the mountains and being with her amazing boyfriend just made it all the better.

There current state was being trapped in a cabin thanks to surprise blizzard, although Paige couldn't help but be a little, well more than a little, happy that she was stuck with Stanley.

"Hey, Stanley," Paige smiled as she joined him on a cushy queen-sized bed.

3/13/2015 #4

"Hey..." Stanley remarked, glancing over at her with a warm smile. He sighed in relaxation, letting his body sink into the bed as he thought about their situation.

"You know, being trapped in a cabin with you isn't the worst thing that could happen. Well that's an understatement, it''s awesome, frankly. Not that I feel like you need to be trapped to spend time with me, it's just...I dunno, away from all the worries, all the stress, just you, me, and this cozy cabin..." He lied back, staring up at the ceiling with a content grin. "If we had unlimited supplies I could be here forever with you..."

3/13/2015 #5
Thorn Beat

"So true..." Paige sighed laying down next to him, looking at the ceiling as the wind howled outside. "I'm thinking this heaven of a blizzard isn't going to stop anytime soon. What about you?"

3/14/2015 #6

"I dunno, it could be a while before the winds calm down, and longer before we're able to leave the cabin. Got a lot of time on our hands..." Stanley allowed his mind to daydream. Sipping on hot cocoa, relaxing next to the fire, cuddling in the luxurious bed they were laying back on. Of course he had a few less appropriate ideas, but he didn't expect anything like that. He'd be fine just spending time with her doing whatever. She had an effect on him when he was around her, made him not just especially calm, but she kept a perpetual smile on his face.

It was nice...She was nice, more than nice, actually, she was amazing.

3/14/2015 #7
Thorn Beat

"In other words we have a lot of time to kill. I'm a guessing a few days worth of time," Paige predicted, "With all this time I'd hate to waste it. So... what do you think we should do so we're not dead of boredom by the time we can get out of here. That is, if we want to at all," Paige sighed for being here was like heaven, especially when she had guy she wouldn't mind spending a few nights with. Actually, make that few years.

3/14/2015 #8

Stanley pursed his lips, pondering Paige's very important question. What would they do?

He sat up, crossing his legs as he glanced over at Paige. "I'm not sure. There's probably some board games or puzzles or something we can do..." He wasn't a big fan of that kind of stuff, more so he hadn't done much of it, but they didn't have much of a choice.

"Aside from that, counting the snow, pillow fights, cuddling..." He muttered the last one under his breath. "We'll find stuff to pass the time..." Right now, he was content lying back on the bed, taking it all in. This almost seemed too good to be true, like a movie. Yet here he was, trapped in a cabin with Paige...What more could he ask for...

3/14/2015 #9
Thorn Beat

Paige raised an eyebrow on the board game idea. She knew Stanley wouldn't enjoy that much since she would win without question(okay, Stanly might question, but still). All though cuddling did sound pretty amazing...

Paige sat up on let her head rest against her boyfriend and gave a contempt sigh as she curled herself up against as she were a small kitten.

3/16/2015 #10

Stanley couldn't have responded faster to what Paige was doing. Scooting over so he could curl around her, he wrapped his arms around her chest, his hands staying away from her breasts and more so just focusing on holding her. He wasn't thinking about sex, which was a bit different for a guy like him; no, he was more than happy cuddling with her, and a big smile grew on his face as he laid contently next to her.

"You're the best, Paige..." He mumbled happily, planting a soft kiss on her forehead. Despite first impressions, Stanley was an incredibly affectionate guy after he was with a girl for a while, and he'd often find himself kissing or holding Paige with love that he had never seen from himself before.

3/16/2015 #11
Thorn Beat

"Hmmm...." Paige thought as she looked up at him, "Personally, I think you're way better," which was true. Ever since they started dating Paige had started seeing a different Stanley. Sure, he was different than the Stanly she originally feel for but... she continued to fall for him more and more the longer they spent time together. Paige gave another contempt sigh for nothing could be more perfect.

3/16/2015 #12

"No, you're crazy, I can't be better than you..." He dismissed her comment, shaking his head. "I couldn't even believe for a second that I'm the settlers and you're the reacher." The second part was a bit of an exaggeration, he didn't believe either of them reached or settled. Well, he sort of reached for her, in the way that a guy finds himself lucky enough to date a gem of a girl like Paige. So yeah, he was sort of a reacher, and as with any guy, Paige had to settle with him. There wasn't a man she had to reach for, any guy would be settling for her.

3/16/2015 #13
Thorn Beat

"I guess so..." Paige smiled shifting her head to side slightly like a curious kitten. She remembered how hard she tried for Stanly to notice her at first but once he had, there's wasn't anything else to it. Now, Paige felt like a glowing star in the presence of her boyfriend. Nothing could be better expect... Paige shook here head slightly. She had done that once and that was it. Besides, she liked to cuddling and hearing the blizzard's wind outside.

3/17/2015 #14

Stanley smiled warmly, letting his head rest back on the fluffy cushioned bed as he closed his eyes. He was in bliss, secluded with the love of his life in a cozy cabin for a few days, probably even more. What was the rush, aside from the lodging service wanting them out because they were technically free-loaders. Of course he could probably afford to pay for a few extra nights if they "rescued" them early, in the case that him and Paige didn't want to leave. It was pretty likely, it wasn't like Adam and Eve wanted to leave Eden...

3/17/2015 #15
Thorn Beat

As time pasted Paige had finally made up her mind, all she needed was for him to answer the question right. She took a small breath, "Stanly, do you love me?" she asked and than bit her lower lip after she asked. She hated it when she let fate play out but than she wasn't. She was letting Stanly play it out.

3/18/2015 #16

Stanley glanced over at her, raising an eyebrow. "What? Of course I love you, are you kidding? I love you more than I've ever loved anyone, I...I can't describe how much I love you..." What an odd question. Of course in times like this reassurance that the person you're trapped with is in fact in love with you is nice, but he assumed he had made it clear already. He was crazy about her, wanting to spend however much time he had with her, wanting to give however much extra money he had to her in the form of gifts and trips. He was fiercely defensive, not that anyone tried to make a move on her with him around, but he certainly had a few stare-downs which ended with the person in question looking away.

He was happy though, that she asked. He liked talking about the subject, how he felt about her. He could be honest with himself, something he usually wasn't, and it let her know just what he was thinking about: her.

3/18/2015 #17
Thorn Beat

Paige let out a breath she hadn't be aware she had been holding. She was glade for she loved him like crazy too, she was just afraid that she opened herself too much her heart would break even more than it had the last time..."Just make sure..." Paige smiled slyly, "So I'd make sure I wasn't going to do the wrong thing," Paige leaned up and kissed Stanly right on the lips.

3/18/2015 #18

Stanley's arms slowly and gently snaked around Paige's neck as she kissed him, returning the kiss with equal affection as he let his eyes close for a moment. She was a lot like him in some ways, an anxious sense of insecurity about the love they shared that gnawed at them until they made sure that it was simply that, just insecurity, and nothing more.

He broke away, as he assumed she wanted to if he hadn't held her against him for a moment, and smiled. "Believe me, that couldn't have been more right..."

3/18/2015 #19
Thorn Beat

"More like perfect," Paige smiled. She couldn't believe she had waited that long to kiss him now she felt she loved him more than ever expect, well, she was no dummy and she felt he was hiding something but she didn't know what. Not knowing was something that turned Paige inside out but she didn't want to press it. She'd just have wait for him to tell, "Stanly, I...I... I trust you," The words felt alien to Paige but as soon as they left her mouth she knew them to be true, "like truly trust you. Just like I trust my sister expect, it's more powerful. It's like I could put my life in your hands and never worry again,"

3/18/2015 #20

"I trust you too, more than...more than I trust myself." They had been together for a decent period of time, and whether he wanted to or not, Stanley was beginning to really open up to Paige. Of course he was scared, he was always scared when this sort of thing happened, but he had to trust that she wouldn't hurt him. He loved her, so much, so much that he'd feel broken inside if she left him. So naturally, the only thing left was to give her the rest of him, all of his secrets, pains, and fears, and let her decide what to do with him. He was in her hands at this point.

3/18/2015 #21
Thorn Beat

That last comment got Paige a little confused. Paige had never been the untruthful to those she trusted, but those she didn't trust... that's another story. Still Paige did trust herself. "Not meaning to pry, you have to answer if you don't want to but... what do you mean by, more than you trust yourself?"

3/19/2015 #22

"Well, I..." Stanley was most likely going to have to be a bit honest here, and it wasn't the honesty that upset him, but what the honesty concerned. He hadn't been the most open concerning his...well, his past issues and how they currently affected him as a person. But that was just him being paranoid, it wasn't like he had an alternate personality or anything. He could probably just explain this easily, and she wouldn't be worried.

"I'm sort of a troubled guy, and I haven't always been the most honest with myself, so I trust you a lot more than I trust myself. It's nothing to worry about, I mean the troubled part, you know, everyone's got their issues, and I'm not perfect, so...yeah..."

3/19/2015 #23
Thorn Beat

After a little while of debating weather to worry or not Paige finally spoke, "No one's perfect," She promised, "Just promise me that if anything... anything starts to really bother you you'll tell me as soon as possible. O.K.?"

3/21/2015 #24

"Yeah, I promise..." Stanley nodded, relaxing back on the bed as a smile grew on his face. He was just being over dramatic, his issues weren't that serious, so there was no reason to waste Paige's time telling her about them. Besides, nothing came up now a days, now that he had someone to open up to and be natural around.

Part of him didn't want to dig into his past troubles; Paige was so perfect, and if she saw how messed u--err, how unusual he was, she might not find him relatable and she might distance herself. He definitely didn't want that, so it was better to keep that stuff to himself.

3/22/2015 #25
Thorn Beat

Paige gave a sigh of content sigh before laying back on the bed next to her boyfriend. "Now that we have all of that, I have a single question to ask you, what's your favorite type of food?" Paige asked with a weird grin on her face.

3/26/2015 #26

"Favorite type of food? I'm a sucker for a good Mexican place, otherwise American diner food is great." Thinking of food made him feel a bit hungry, after all he hadn't eaten since they had left for the mountains. He knew there weren't many options given their current situation, however Stanley wasn't very picky. In general he liked high-protein cuisines, so he stayed away from more carb-based cuisines like Italian, or more vegetable-based cuisines like Indian and Thai.

3/27/2015 #27
Thorn Beat

"Hmm... I believe I prefer a good cup hot cocoa. Do you want to get some?" Paige asked for it was very true. Even though hot cocoa wasn't really food, it was still the best thing Paige had ever tasted.

3/29/2015 #28

"Sure, that sounds great." Stanley replied, sitting up on the bed as his mind raced, trying to think of things he could do. Just laying around made him feel lethargic and useless, especially if Paige was going to be actively trying to improve their situation. He could probably find something to keep him occupied, whether it was counting the stores of food or checking the radio for any progress on a rescue. Not like it was a priority, but he might as well put some effort into helping rescue parties find them.

3/29/2015 #29
Thorn Beat

"What kind of hot cocoa do you like?" Paige asked as they went down the hallway. Paige's personal favorite was caramel hot cocoa when you put fresh caramel into you hot cocoa and let it melt away tot give your hot cocoa that extra rich flavor. Just thinking about it made Paige's mouth water.

4/1/2015 #30
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