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As explained in chat.

7/30/2015 #1

A buff, six foot tall raven haired man made his way down the sidewalk, whistling along happily to himself as he went. Josh had a bright, charming smile on his face, and his dimples were out full-force. He liked to call it his panty- dropping smile, as the women loved it.

He was looking for a new conquest. Someone to sex up and fuck with. He loved doing so.

His deep blue eyes searched the sidewalks for someone, anyone worth his time. Every once in a while, he honed his mind on a few girls, and made them horny as all get out, chuckling as he watched a few of them grab men and drag them off to have sex with.

Yes, Josh was awesome. And he knew it.

7/30/2015 #2

(Because no one took you up on this yet....)

Of course, as expected, there was one girl that happened to be leaning against a wall further ahead of him, headphones in and all as she scanned over the the people walking past her, though she wasn't that tall, considering that she was wearing heels. The girl was a brunette, a good section of her hair toward the front left was a scarlet red. She wore a brown shirt with red swirls, red jeans, and brown, high heeled boots with red laces. Her eyes were red also, but not a demonic red, but more of a cute red, yet all the browns and reds matched exactly with her hair, and hell, she was pretty sure she was a badass, though not in the same fashion as Josh.

8/10/2015 #3

(Thanks. :3)

And like that, Josh stopped immediately. He refrained from letting that wolfish smirk cross his face as he slowly made his way her way. Without a word, he leaned on the wall next to her. He didn't even look at her as he moved in slightly closer, letting his bare arm lean up against hers. He wanted physical contact with the girl. The physical contact would drive his mind deeper into hers.

His voice was in her head a few moments later, manipulating her mind, making her think that his words were truly her thoughts, her feelings, her ideas.

Look at me, tell me your name.

Start off small, Josh, and work your way up to total mind-fuck.

8/10/2015 #4

(NP X3)

Rosa glanced at him, a bit disturbed from her original thoughts, which she was mostly drowning out with extra loud rock music. She took off her red headphones and side stepped away from him so that they weren't touching. "I'm sorry, did you say something?" She asked, a little embarrassed by the little predicament, which shown on her cheeks as a bright pink as her name would suggest. Of course, looking at him was only slightly enticing, but still enticing as to where she would have fallen for him, had she not been in her current mindset.

8/10/2015 #5

He blinked, as if surprised that she had turned and looked up at him.

He gave an easy, charming smile. "No, I didn't." He said. With that initial physical touch not doing the trick, he knew he'd have to pull out all the stops for this girl. Oh well

He liked a challenge.

His deep blue eyes met hers, and his mind entered her head once more, though this time stronger. He was concentrating.

You're not scared. You like looking into my eyes. They're beautiful. They remind you of everything good in your life. The more you look into my eyes, the more relaxed you feel.

8/10/2015 . Edited 8/10/2015 #6

"Huh..." She mumbled, her eyes narrowing slightly. She put her headphones back on, shrugging as she leaned back against the wall. She was waiting for someone, which was obvious by the way she looked around. She looked at him again. "I like your eyes." She said before looking back across the street, turning up the volume slightly.

8/10/2015 #7
(I'm not sure how to go about this. .-. Josh's personality dictates that he'll just keep trying and trying.)
8/10/2015 #8

(He'll get it eventually. Don't want it to be too easy, do we?)

8/10/2015 #9

(Alright, just wanted to make sure that it wasn't a whole bunch of Josh getting progressively angry as he tries to seduce her. xD)

Shes just stubborn, Josh told himself. No big deal.

The ravenhaired man moved beside her once more, his arm brushing against hers. He would have to use everything he had to get into this girl's mind.

So he tried his damndest, and hoped this would be a break.

Pull your headphones out. You don't want to listen to music. You want to look at me. All you care about right now is me. I'm everything you've ever wanted in a man. Strong, sexy, powerful. It makes you horny just thinking about how good my cock is.

He began to throw images of them together up in her head, but the most common one was her on her knees in front of him, gazing up at him with adoration as she sucked his cock.

8/10/2015 #10

Rosa took her headphones off, letting the rest around her neck as she glanced at him. Again. She was blushing a darker pink, her cheeks slowly turning to a red under the weight of those vulgar thoughts that raided her mind. She would've spoken up and asked if they could get a room, not even knowing his name or vice versa to start, but another version of her, or rather "split personality" walked up, this one had purple in place of the red.

"Making friends?" The one in pink smirked, looking at Josh. "Well, hello." She said to him, that seductive tone in her voice as she looked him up and down about two times.

8/10/2015 #11

"Hell," Josh spoke up. "Ain't it just my lucky day?" He smirked a bit, looking between the two.

He began to berate Red Rosa's mind with images of her down on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock. Makes your mouth water, doesn't it? Was voiced behind the vulgar image. Makes you so fucking wet. Your body is so hot, you just want my cock. Your eyes are glued to it. Everything in you wants my cock. You're fucking dripping. You feel like a horny little cockslut, but you don't care. All you want is my big, hard cock in your pretty mouth

"Josh," he spoke to the new version of Rosa, still mentally mind-fucking the other. He extended a hand out to shake.


A certain red headed woman sat at a table at a coffee shop. She hummed softly as she scrolled through her phone, drinking a latte. To the outside world, she looked absolutely normal.

The peace was disrupted, however, when a muscular man at the next table over stood, and dropped his pants. He was panting and groaning, his erection straining his boxers. He slipped those down too and eased back down in his chair as he began to work on himself.

It earned a chuckle from Cassie.

8/10/2015 #12
Herald Of The Awesome one

Sergei was reading through his grimoire, flipping the ancient pages as he examined each rune, each pen stroke, trying to pull the books arcane secrets into his mind. This process was interrupted however when a large man removed his pants and began to work an erection. Sergei would've been a little aroused at the sight had he not almost memorized a spell. Standing up from his seat beside the man, he swatted him on the back of the head. "Vy chertovski der'mo! Pull your pants up, and use the bathroom!" He swore in his native tongue, before sitting back down and plopping his head on the grimoire with a sigh. 'So close,' he thought. 'So close to discovering the mind control spell, but then that pervert had to ruin it... Why?' He mentally asked the coffee shop's ceiling fan. Sighing he sat up again before taking a sip from his coffee. There was no use in moaning over it, he'd just have to try and memorize it again. Of course he'd be able to learn it easier if he met a mind controlling being. Of course what were the odds of that? Sighing again, he pushed the steel glasses back up the ridge of his nose before going back to staring at the book, attempting again to unravel its secrets.

8/10/2015 #13

"It's Rosa, but they call me Vylet or Vye. Y'know, like the color? And we call her Rose. Just so you don't confuse yourself." The one with the purple bangs said shrugging. "I don't do handshakes, as a side note."

The one "Vye" referred to as "Rose" groaned and pushed her thighs together. She has some amazing self restraint, though she was growing wet and had that urge to get down on her knees and suck Josh off and finger herself all at the same time.

(Confused on what you want me to do with Cassie.)

8/10/2015 #14

The man didn't even seem to notice Sergei, let alone take heed to his words. He was lost in his lost. His eyes were completely glazed, pupils dialated as pants and groans escaped his mouth. The lights were on, so to speak, however no one was home.

Cassie glanced over out of the corner of her eye at the sound of someone speaking to her victim. Huh.

She entered his mind and saw that he was looking for a mind control spell. Oh silly boy. She slipped into his mind and began to quietly work inside of it. She began to bring down his inhibitions, relaxing him. She made sure her actions went undetected.


(sorry, omnie, should have explained. Cass was here for Mahorela.)

Josh heard that delicious moan escape Rosa. He saw her push her thighs together out of his peripheral vision and resisted a smirk.

He had her.

Poor baby, you're so horny. All you can think about is my big cock. Nothing else matters to you. Your mouth is starting to water. Your eyes are glued to my jeans. The more you stared, the more wet you get. All you want, the only thing on your mind, is to be my personal cock slut, isn't it? It's all you've ever wanted.

Say it. Out loud. Admit that you want to be my cock slut.

8/10/2015 #15
Herald Of The Awesome one

As Sergei continued staring at his book trying to block out the annoying fap fap sound of the man behind him masturbating, he began to be eased into it, so much so that the fapping seemed almost as though it was just part of the scenery. His shoulders relaxing, Sergei looked around again, this time to see the man working himself even harder. Sergei licked his lips at seeing the man, allowing his glasses to slide down slightly before turning back to the book chuckling.

Casually he flipped through the pages, looking for a particular spell to make the show more... entertaining. His own man hood growing, Sergei turned back to the panting man before pointing his finger at the furiously jerking man and muttering under his breath, casting the spell.

The jerking man continued to do as he did, unperturbed by the magic working through his body, stretching and engorging the organ he was jerking till the man was stroking a massive three footer. As a small side effect, the spell also caused a large increase in sperm and seamen, guaranteeing a massive load. Giving another chuckle, a small voice in Sergei's head reminded him how much the shirt he was wearing cost, and the russian prepared a shielding spell for when the man behind him inevitably burst.

8/10/2015 #16

The spell the man had cast made her eyes widen. She decided to protect herself, and she implanted the thought into Sergei's mind to shield her, as well.

You feel bad for the pretty redhead in the corner, the hypnotic voice in his mind whispered, forcing itself into the forefront of his brain as if it were a genuine thought. You want to protect her. Put the shielding spell on her as well.

She made all of Sergei's attention focus on her. She began to block out everything else as if it were blurred, casually sipping her coffee, looking the picture of innocence.

8/10/2015 #17
Herald Of The Awesome one

Sergei smiled thinly at his work before suddenly he felt... distressed. Turning his head he noticed a pretty redhead. She seemed pretty innocent and looked as if she was just having a nice day sipping her coffee. Taking one last look at his handiwork, smiling a little as some onlookers gazed at the obviously lust crazed man, Sergei closed his grimoire and picked up his coffee, before moving gracefully over to the redhead.

Sitting himself beside her he placed down his coffee and grimoire, before expanding the shield to cover the both of them. Turning to her he smiled. "I Hope this seat isn't taken," he said his thick accent showing.

Looking over the redhead, he didn't know why but he felt incredibly protective of her. He could almost describe the feeling of protectiveness as only being matched by his grimoire. "If I may ask, vhat is your name?"

8/10/2015 #18

"Not at all," she looked up at him with a bright smile. Her hand extended out to him in a gesture for him to shake. "My names Cassie. What's yours?" Her southern drawl sounded extremely thick and American against his accent

The question was pointless. She already knew.

This man was the perfect candidate for a longtime target. He was handsome, he was talented, and most importantly, he was open. Only certain minds could take suggestion so willingly, and it seemed she had hit the jackpot.

You feel good around her, comfortable. You feel a dull pleasure settling over you, starting from your toes and going up to your head. You don't question it. It doesn't matter. All that matters is this tiny redhead, and that being around her makes you feel amazing.

8/10/2015 #19

"I-I..." Rose, the copy with the red, groaned and shifted against the wall. "I use the bathroom." She mumbled rubbing her thighs together. A bit of sweat formed on her forehead as she groaned and shifted, he had her close. Real close...

The one who introduced herself as Vylet, gave Rose a quizzical glance before casting it to Josh. "What are you doing?" She asked, tilting her head slightly.

8/11/2015 #20
Herald Of The Awesome one

Sergei took her hand gently before bringing it up to his lips and kissing it. "My name is Sergei... Last I checked anyvay," He said giving a small grin.

Cassie seemed... perfect to Sergei, the russian couldn't stop thinking about her despite sitting right beside her. If he didn't know better he would have thought he was the victim of some spell; but that'd be silly, there were no mind controlling beings here.

He began to feel butterflies in his stomach. While Cassie was in all ways one of the most perfect beings he had encountered, he knew for a fact he wasn't the best at talking to people, and could easily be considered anti-social. He wondered if someone so perfect actually could l-

Wait a second... Love? He again heard the fap fap sound was about to stand up to smack the guy again.

8/11/2015 #21

"One moment, sweetheart," Josh winked at Vye. He turned to Rose and feigned a look of concern. He took her belt loops in his fingers and pushed one hand between her thighs. "You okay, baby?"

Youre so horny. So wet. All you want is my cock in your pretty mouth.

He rubbed her thighs, fingers brushing against her wetness.


"Hey," Cassie said softly to Sergei, her brows furrowed in concern. "He doesn't matter." She said, as she saw his eyes on the man. She took his hand and gave it a gentle pat, smiling.

You believe her, was whispered. That man doesn't matter. No one does. Just you and the pretty redhead, Sergei. The more you're around her, the better you feel. She relaxes you, all of you. Your mind, your body, your soul. She makes you feel strong, amazing, incredible.

8/11/2015 #22

"I-I want you... In my mouth..." The girl uttered, moaning as he touched her. "Please...Take me..." She pleaded, leaning into him as she looked up at him. Rose bit her lower lip as she squirmed, looking at Vylet then back to Josh.

8/11/2015 #23

He feigned a look of shock next, simply gaping at her. "Oh, I, uh,"

Meanwhile his mind continued to assault her.

You can't take it anymore, you're too horny. Drop to your knees in front of me, unzip your jeans and finger yourself while you suck my big cock off in front of your friend.

8/11/2015 #24
Herald Of The Awesome one

Sergei gave a look back at the man, before shrugging him away a relaxing back into the seat. "You're right, he doesn't matter." He looked back at Cassie and smiled.

Sergei dragged a hand through his dark hair. "So..." He began trying to find something, anything to say to the redhead. "As you can guess, I'm not from around here... I do not speak English very vell... And there is a vord that I have trouble recalling, that I vas going to ask..." He laughed nervously, slightly embarrassed. "It... uh... Starts vith a D, and it is vhere two people go somevhere and have a happy time... I think... Or maybe it is good time..." He lifted his coffee to his mouth and took a long sip from it. "I vas vondering if ve could do that?" He said hurriedly trying to get over the embarrassment of forgetting the word.

While being around this woman made Sergei feel as though he could unravel all of the secrets of the universe, he still wasn't good in the least at social events, let alone asking a girl out. It was probably the reason he spent so much time with his face buried in books.

8/11/2015 #25

You get a sudden craving for whiskey. It makes your mouth water. You don't care where you're going or what you're going to do there; all you want is to be around her, and to get some alcohol in your system. the voice purred to Sergei.

Cassie smiled, head tilting. "You want to go out on a date?" She asked. "That sounds good." She pursed her lips. "How does... A few drinks at my place sound?" She asked.

Youre beginnng to get turned on, you feel yourself start to heat up, your cock stiffening. You can't take your eyes off hers. You'll agree to anything she says.

8/11/2015 #26
Herald Of The Awesome one

Sergei gave a large grin. "So that's the vord... And few drinks at your place sounds very Khorosho," he said, blushing slightly as he began to stiffen imagining what they may get up with alcohol involved. "Vill there be vhiskey?" He asked, quietly casting a small portal spell in his trousers, thinking it would be awkward walking down the street with a massive erection.

Quickly Sergei downed the rest of his coffee, standing up and nonchalantly gripped his coat, and swung it over his shoulder, the weather being rather hot in his opinion.

8/11/2015 #27

The redhead smiled and stood, clasping her latte in her hands as she looked up at him. He was decently taller than her. "Of course," she nodded. "Jack Daniels is my favorite alcohol."

She began to throw up images of them fucking in his mind. Her on her knees, sucking him off ; him fucking her from behind ; him eating her out. The images were on loop, berating his mind at a constant rate.

8/11/2015 #28
Herald Of The Awesome one

Sergei blushed slightly as his mind began thinking of him and Cassie fucking, and it actually made him harder than before. Pushing up his glasses over his reddening face, Sergei extended his hand, hoping Cassie would take it so he could gain at least some minimal of physical contact.

"So... As ve have just met, could you tell me your address?" He cocked an eyebrow. "I vould make valking to you home much easier," he said giving a small grin.

8/11/2015 #29

She looked down and smiled as she took his hand. She ignored his blush, knowing what it was from, obviously. She rattled off her address for him.

You want to get drunk. You want to show her what a man you can be, how strong and powerful you can be.

8/11/2015 #30
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