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9/19/2015 #1

"You idiots better not screw up my paycheck." Said a garbled voice through the multiple earpieces.

Four men walked into the bank with suits and ski masks, two with shotguns and two with assault rifles. "Calm down, Chamber." One of them said, obviously the second in command. "Listen up! I want all the money in this!" The second in command yelled in the most professional way. The civilians screamed as they dropped to the floor. The bankers were stupid enough to listen, just like the file said. Within minutes 2.5 million in cash was brought out. "Was that so hard?" The man said as he dropped back to the front door with cash.

"Good job guys, nice and cl-" He was interrupted by the sight of police outside...they arrived quietly.

"Gimme thirty seconds..." The man in the earpiece said as multiple shots rang out. The police were confused and terrified at their hidden assailant. Within those thirty seconds enough police were cleared that the robbers could make their escape. "Now I can say good job to you guys." The earpiece transmitted again. Behind the earpiece was a man in a militarized suit, and a sniper rifle. The sniper packed his gear and switched his clothes on the roof quickly, not wasting time. The criminal arrived street level to a four door BMW. Getting into the luxury car he headed on the same path as the getaway van.

"Good job, drop my cut off at the spot." Chamber said through the phone. Ending the call he threw the phone out the car, towards the front so he ran it over. Pulling up to a high class casino he parked. A valet took his car and parked it, giving Chamber a large duffel bag in return. It was his money from the job, a nice paycheck. Walking inside he went to a room way in the back, hidden by twisting hallways. The room he went in was clean and minimalistic. A bedroom off to the side with a living room/kitchen in the middle. Throwing the bag in his bedroom he walked back out with a wad of cash, intending to bet tonight.

An hour later...

"Thank you for your money, gentlemen. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go find some experienced players to play poker with." The well dressed black man said as he stood up from his seat by the poker table. The men around her were seething with anger at how easily they lost the game.

Taking his leave from the angry group of men he walked towards the stairs of the casino. The second floor was for V.I.P.'s only, it's where Kane belonged. Among the rich and famous there was also the quiet millionaires who stood in the shadows. Kane, was one of the quiet ones...because the reason behind his fortune's was not exactly, well, correct of most people's morals.

The other reason he came up to the V.I.P. area, is because that's where his base of operations was hidden. He was about to go out to do another hit. Walking into a room that was covered by a bouncer he grinned. Truly his hidden base was a work of art. Monitors and files everywhere, all filled with information containing targets and past jobs.

Walking over to a popped out panel he slid it over to the side. It revealed an empty space, just large enough to fit a human. Stepping inside the panel closed and a hiss was heard as it did something to Kane on the inside. In a few moments the panel slid open to reveal the black man clad in a black militarized suit. It was similar to that of United States Special Forces, only more sleek and minimal. Grabbing a duffel bag off his rack the villain walked towards a second door. The second door revealed a large garage, filled with many exotic cars. Picking out a Graphite Gray Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat he put his bag in the passenger seat and got behind the wheel. A large garage door opened to reveal a ramp going to street level and he drove off into the night.

9/19/2015 #2

Meanwhile, across town, a beautiful blonde was making her way out of a bank. She had her purse over her shoulder, and two briefcases in her hands.

She was smirking.

Her long blonde locks fell over her shoulders, pin straight she wore a tight, black pencil skirt, her favorite pink heels and a sports jacket with only a white, lacy bra underneath. A pair of Gucci sunglasses covered her eyes

The job had gone perfectly. The bank wasn't busy, as it was a few short minutes before closing. She made her way in and slid her sunglasses off, touching the tellers hand.

The glazed look in her eyes when she fell under her spell was delicious.

After a make out session and the cute, nerdy brunette eating Jessa out, she made her way out of the place with millions of dollars in bills.

Jessa was the best in town. But she had one more thing to accomplish.

She wanted to dominate a hero.

9/19/2015 #3

Are you kidding me? Chris swore under his breath as he looked through his scope. He saw a girl walking out of the bank with bags. His bags. With his money.

Quickly he disassembled his rifle and packied it inside his duffel bag. Tossing the bag over his shoulder Chamber dropped a rope down the side of the building he was on and began to rappel down. In moments he was on the ground and walking towards the girl. Tossing his bag in the trunk of his car on the way Chris activated his optical camo and walked over to the blonde, a shimmer through the air.

9/19/2015 #4

Jessa hummed softly as she made her way toward a beautiful pink Mustang. She smiled faintly as she placed the briefcases into the back of her car.

"I know you're there," she said, bending over to fix her skirt. "And I'm warning you to walk away now before you can't."

She could sense his presence, his mind.

9/19/2015 #5

A shimmering sound was heard as he came out of optical camoflage.


A man in a militarized suit was there, a 9mm pistol aimed at her head. "That's my money." He said slowly, allowing her to process it.

Truly he didn't mind a fight, as he could finish her off in mere moments. Chris liked lone wolfing it, it allowed him to be more free in his killing other villains

9/19/2015 #6

Chris. Chris was his name.

A chuckle escaped the blonde. She turned and took his hand, pulling her sunglasses off. Eye contact and skin contact were all she needed.

She gave him an easy smile as her grey eyes met his.

"It's alright, Chris."

Her voice invaded his senses, taking over every thought, every sensation, every sense.

"You can lower your gun. It's alright."

9/19/2015 #7

For a mere moment Chris fought her thoughts, her commands. It was a thin film of resistance against her mind powers, something that he was going to have to build on in the future. Chris didn't know that the blonde was in his head, controlling him.

Very slowly he put down his pistol, the safety still off. "Give me. My. Money." The villain said with a voice full of venom.

There was one thing that concerned him though. How did she know his name? He was very confused at that, maybe she had a database?

9/19/2015 #8

"No it's not."

Her words made perfect sense in his mind as she said them, she made sure of it. She kept that charming sweet smile as she reached up with her other hand, her thumb slowly stroking his cheek.

"It's my money, Chris, you know that. You're just confused. Calm down, honey, everything is alright."

9/19/2015 . Edited 9/19/2015 #9

Chris tried to pull away, but couldn't. He was under her spell, her power and will.

Then he pieced it in his mind. She was superhuman. With superpowers.

He had messed up on his part, not doing enough intel beforehand. Next time he had ensure he was the only one that was hitting the bank. Or at least not another superhuman.

9/19/2015 #10

"We're friends, right Chris?"

She smiled as she watched him go under even deeper. She leaned up and brushed her lips against his faintly as she took the gun from his grasp. She put the safety on and tossed it into the back of her car.

"Everything's okay. Just take a deep breath for me."

9/19/2015 #11

As she brushed against his lips Chris gave a longing sigh. He hadn't had a kiss in a while and he would probably be bad at it if he tried.

"Y-yeah...we are friends."

No. He had to fight this. She couldn't control him like this. It made him feel so...vulnerable.

9/19/2015 #12

"You're such a good friend, Chris."

Jessa pulled back to smile at him, placing her hands on his cheeks. She stroked his face gently. She could sense him trying to fight.

"Do you know what good friends do?" She asked him.

"They submit when they need to. And you want to be a good friend, right?"

9/19/2015 #13

"No. Friends do what they have to." Chris said, his resistance getting higher. He caught her hands and pulled her off him. "Friends don't caress each other either." He said as he was struggling on the inside, his brain having a civil war over what was right.

"Why did you take my gun?" He asked, his tone sounding less dreamy. He was coming back to reality.

9/19/2015 #14

Fuck. She needed something more intimate than just touching his hand.

Before he could respond, the blonde stepped forward. She cupped his face and pulled him in for a deep kiss as she slid into his mind once more. She began to warp his perception.

They weren't friends. No, they were fuckbuddies. In fact, Jessa was very much in love with Chris, but he held all of the power in the relationship.

Fake memories began to flood his mind. Chris plowing Jessa doggie style, Jessa on her knees in front of Chris as she sucked him off after a successful heist. The list went on and on.

9/19/2015 #15

The memories. They all felt fake, yet extremely real. He hadn't known the pleasure of sex for months now, partially because he didn't like sluts, so to have sexual memories fill his memory confused him greatly.

But he still moaned into the kiss as his length hardened from the memories of them fucking. Pushing her against the trunk of the car he deepened the kiss, his mind lost in the feelings and memories it had to sort through.

9/20/2015 #16

The beautiful blonde hopped up onto her trunk. Her short legs wrapped around his waist. She caressed his chest with her hands, slowly skating down to feel him up through his clothing.

"So hard for me already, Chris," she whispered to him.

9/20/2015 #17
"Mhm." He breathed as he began to kiss up and down her neck. He was so horny right now, he could almost get naked right now and fuck the girl senseless. But he still had sense. "Car. I mean, not here. Not in public..." Really he just didn't want people to see him making out with a girl on the side of the road. It would hurt his image within the Killer Community.
9/20/2015 #18

"Whatever you want, baby."

She pulled back to look at him and flashed a sexy smile. She slowly rolled her hips against his. "Though, a car is a little bit... Disrespectful, don't you think?" She asked, batting her lashes at him.

She took his hand and slid it into her sports jacket, to her lace covered breast.

9/20/2015 #19
"No. Not my car..." He trailed off as he felt the soft mounds of flesh under her bra. Snapping out of it he pulled away, his eyes blinking quickly. "Fuck." He swore as he walked off, back towards the direction of his car. He didn't want to get put under her spell again. Then again Jessa was his Fuckbuddy...wait, no she wasn't. Chris didn't know anymore as thinking this much gave him a headache.
9/20/2015 #20

God fucking damn it, she was horny now.

So, she stepped it up a notch.

"Chris!" She yelled out.

She waited for him to turn around. She slid her jacket and her skirt off, standing there in her lacy, matching bra and panties. She bit her lip.

"I'm all yours."

9/20/2015 #21

Chris didn't turn back, he didn't want to get sucked back in. But her voice...her beautiful soothing voice. She was calling to him.

"If you want me. Get in the car." The black man had enough respect for himself to not fuck a girl on the street. At least a secluded area in a car would be decent, maybe a hotel if she convinced him.

9/20/2015 #22

She smirked a bit. She put the top up on her mustang and locked the car. Not bothering to redress she moved over to his car and got inside.

He may not want to admit it, but she had him. A part of him, at least.

9/20/2015 #23

Doing a long burnout he smirked, this car was...well a Hellcat. As it's name stated. Taking off quickly he picked out a closed parking garage. That would do nicely to fuck in.

"We're going someplace quiet..." He said in a small voice. He was disappointed in himself and his mind's weakness to succumb to her will.

9/20/2015 #24


The blonde reached over and gently rubbed his thigh. "We don't have to do this if you don't want to, Chris." A lie. But she wanted to make him feel better.

9/20/2015 #25

"Just shut up and jack me off." Chris said in defeat. With one hand Chris unbuttoned his pants and unveiled his 8 1/2 inch cock that sprung to life.

They were almost to the place and she might as well start already.

9/20/2015 #26

Her eyes narrowed.

Oh he was getting shit for that later.

Her hand gripped his cock tightly. She began to slowly stroke him, her grey eyes watching him closely. Every so often Jessa would squeeze.

9/20/2015 #27

With every squeeze he would tense, his grip on the wheel tightening.

Arriving at the garage he rolled to a middle floor and stopped, turning off the outside lights. "Jack me off, slut." He wasn't going to get romantic with her, not after she was in his head.

9/20/2015 #28

At that word, slut, Jessa have a particularly hard squeeze with a growl. Slut, huh? Oh, she would show him. She just needed to wait.

9/20/2015 #29
"What are you waiting for? Give me a proper feeling. Not this shit. Chris leaned over and spanked the girl's ass.
9/20/2015 #30
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