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"Y-es, Alpha." She whispered, her voice breaking as she felt Cassie's warm tongue on her thigh, her hips twitching as she tried and failed to close her legs.

Cassie was just too much. Tori was already driven half mad by want and pleasure, let alone the need to have this beautiful woman possess her. She was breathing hard, and she whimpered breathlessly when gentle, teasing fingers slipped into her panties and began to tug them down her legs. Tori squeaked, and her whole body tensed for a moment once the freshly shaven mound of her womanhood was finally revealed, though she put up no struggle, only clasping her hands behind her as she leaned back and closed her eyes.

10/15/2015 #31

"Good girl, Omega, good girl."

The words were a soft and gentle coo. She kept her hands firmly on Tori's thighs as she leaned in and watched her expression. She located her clit, first. Her tongue teased over the little nub slowly. She didn't want too be too rough and possessive, not yet, at least. She wanted this to last.

10/16/2015 #32

Although she had resolved to sit still and be a good girl for her Alpha, Tori's willpower lasted only a heartbeat once Cassie's skilled tongue located her clitoris. She let out a breathy squeak as her hips bucked, and before she knew it she was twisting and squirming madly, trying to turn her hips away and escape Cassie's delicious tongue.

10/16/2015 #33

She smirked against her. She slowly pulled her tongue away from her clit. She gave her thigh a nip and moved a hand, moving a teasing finger inside of the blonde. All of Tori's sounds were delicious, and the look on her face when she was being pleasured was even better. It was great. She was glad she'd approached her at the bar.

10/16/2015 #34

Despite her earlier struggles to escape, Tori let out a plaintive whimper when Cassie pulled away, though she quickly settled into still submission when she felt a firm nip on her thigh. Cassie's finger worked slowly into her aching sex, and Tori's tight walls promptly clenched down around her, her hips jerking as she strained to keep her hands to herself.

10/16/2015 #35

Slowly, another finger slid inside of her. She began to pump them into the blonde, working to get them as deep as possible. She tried to find her g-spot as she watched the blond. She nipped her thigh once more, then soothed it with the gentlest of kisses upon the spot.

10/16/2015 #36

Tori had slouched down against the couch, her buttocks perched precariously on the edge of the cushion as she offered herself up to Cassie. Normally, she preferred something slower, a good bit of massaging, teasing, caressing, but tonight she needed her release immediately. As much as the thought of Cassie making slow passionate love got her breathless, she craved the harsher touch now. Though her lust soaked mind combined the two of them, and she had thoughts of Cassie shoving her down onto her stomach atop a massage table, forcing her to enjoy a slow, torturous massage...

"Please... I can't-I can't hold it back." she gasped, her whole body beginning to shake with pent up need as her inner muscles clenched around Cassie's fingers, the contact against the sensitive little spot inside of her making her moan, making her toes curl.

10/16/2015 #37

"That's alright, babe. I know you're pent up, honey. You let go when you need to."

She nipped her thigh once more as her fingers slowly began to speed up and push in deeper and deeper into her. She smirked slightly despite herself as she moved her fingers slightly inside of her. It only proved how pent up Tori was, at the fact that she was so ready to cum so quickly.

10/16/2015 #38

It was Cassie's final nip on her inner thigh that had her undone. Tori cried out as she came, her tight core squeezing around the invading fingers, coating them in her arousal. Her hips pumped eagerly against Cassie's touch, and her hands slipped from behind her back as she grasped desperately at Cassie's wrist, not sure if she was trying to push her away, or ensure she stayed there. Finally, her gasps and incoherent pleas faded into soft whimpers as she clutched her legs tight together, her hips jerking occasionally as she struggled to keep still.

10/16/2015 #39

"Good girl," was cooed. She slowly pulled her hand back and moved onto the couch next to her. She pulled the smaller woman into her arms and smiled as she shushed her gently, kissing her temple. She was adorable, truly adorable. Cassie genuinely enjoyed this girl, and it prompted her to ask a very important question. After a few moments, when she was sure the omega in her arms was less dazed, she spoke.

"I need to know, Tori. If you'd like to be...mated, by me." She asked.

10/16/2015 #40

Tori mumbled something unintelligible when Cassie scooped her up into her arms. Snuggling happily against her new Alpha, she squeezed her thighs tight together and shyly covered her breasts, though was in no hurry to be anywhere but in Cassie's arms. Her eyes slipped shut as she finally caught her breath, but soon enough she was blushing furiously again, her flush extending almost all the way down to her waist this time.

"Umm..." She hesitated, fidgeting anxiously. "Well if you made me answer, I doubt I'd be able to say no. And I wouldn't really mind, if you pushed me into that. But... I don't know, it's all so fast."

10/16/2015 #41
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