The Young Blood Chronicles
Yes this is based off Fall Out Boy's hot amazing new movie/music video series The Young Blood Chronicles. There wasn't a forum for it which is unbelievable to me, so I made one myself! Enjoy! OC's welcome!
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Leon Kuwata Baseball Star
Name: Gender: Age: Occupation: Appearance: Bio: Side:
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Leon Kuwata Baseball Star
Name: Meg Pierce Age: 26 Gender: Female Occupation: Henchwoman Appearance: Pale skin, dark honey blond waist length curly hair, dusty green eyes, dark red lips, black liner and shadow around eyes. A short leather jacket over a black tank top, black fingerless knuckle gloves, black heeled boots under tight leather pants. All black. Bio: Meg was abducted at a concert by the organization because she got nosey. They spared her, but made her kill her boyfriend under a death threat. She doesnt like her job and has a crush on Pete Wentz. She tries to avoid the other women. Side: Neutral.
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The Reddest Of Roses

Name: Ariella (Ari) Stone

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Occupation: Inventor/Henchwoman

Appearance: Ari had blackish brown hair that goes to her middle back, she keeps it in a high up ponytail. She has dark brown eyes and blood red lips. She wears black eyeliner and mascara, as well as eyeshadow to make a smoky color. She has fair skin, it's not pale but it's not exactly tan either. She is curvy and very attractive. She wears a black cropped leather jacket, with a dark red tank top and dark skinny jeans. She wears black high heels. At the moment she is as bloody as the band members, and has a long gash going down her thigh. (She was bloodied just like the band so it would look convincing to the members and not look suspicious.)

Bio: Ari was recruited by Courtney since they had been best friends a long time before, she became Courtney's right hand and helped invent the technology that puts Patrick in a trance. Though no one actually knows she is bad as she acts as a spy for Courtney. She started hanging around, mainly seducing the band members and eventually hanging out with them. They eventually got to where they trusted her and she has been with them through the entire experience. She pretended to escape with them when in reality she was feeding information back to Courtney. No one knows she is bad and don't really suspect her either. She HATES Meg, when questioned by the band members why she hated her she'd just shrug and say she didn't trust her and she couldn't be to careful. (Can I do this? :))

Side: Bad

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Leon Kuwata Baseball Star
a henchwoman!! awesome!! Approved! Just find a way to make it seem like she was with the gang the entire time in the rp. Nicely done!!
7/18/2014 #4
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