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Stinger - VXR42
OK, here are the rules, any other questions about these or the forum can be expressed to me. 1) No direct abuse of any kind whatsoever. I really mean this, and I will ask the admin to remove you if you do. This is meant to be a place for people to have fun and try and be funny, and if anyone starts being rude then it doesn't become that. You hear me? 2) You can only be one Star Fox official character at a time. If you have an OC you'd like to use, or you want to use a non-SF character, you can have them, but remember you can only take one line at a time, so you can't just have a conversation between yourself. If you want to act as an OC, then you can if they are listed in your profile as belonging to you. E.g. I can be Thierry Caroso, Fox the Cave II could be Kamed Nered, Kavi Darkwolf could be Jesse Byrne and Misterchief could be Blade McFallon. 3) This is a PG-13 site. Anyone going too far will have to stop. You get three strikes, all of which will be PMd to you, before you're banned. 4) DOn't advertise stories here. I mean it. 5) I don't mean to sound sexist, but try and be a character the same gender as you are. If you ask me really nicely, then I may let you off, but remember that Fara, Krystal, Croakella, Queen Earthwalker and Katt don't make that many varied choices for the girls. Try and be considerate boys OK? If you do want to be a boy, girls, then just PM me OK. I'm really not trying to be sexist here... (Runs away from angry mob) 6) Don't voice your political opinions too strongly, and if you do, then try and make it humourous, and don't mention religious things either. 7) No god-moding. This means giving your character amazing powers, and it also includes them being able to pull out several weapons from thier coat that just makes it all unrealistic. It just is unfair for the others. 8) No Blatantly obvious Self-insertions 9) Have as much fun as is possible! Any questions?
4/21/2006 . Edited 6/10/2006 #1
[q] This is a PG-13 site. Anyone going too far will have to stop. You get three strikes, all of which will be PMd to you, before you're banned.[/q] That's true. It's totally fair, and if someone makes a bad post, I will edit it, and replace it with "Strike 1" "Strike 2" or "Strike 3" What do you think?
5/7/2006 #2
Stinger - VXR42
Thanks, that's a good idea. Can you make me a moderator?
5/7/2006 #3
Yeah, I'll see to it.
5/8/2006 . Edited 5/8/2006 #4
Profanity is now allowed! But please don't use it in every sentence...
12/2/2007 #5
You may have LIMITED conversations with your own characters. Note: this is not official as of yet, but I'll try to make it like that.
12/7/2007 #6
Yes, we don't want double, triple, quadruple, qintuple, or sextuple posting. (PERVS)
12/7/2007 #7
or septuple, or octuple, or nontuple, or decatuple, or dodecatuple...
12/9/2007 #8
Stinger - VXR42
*bangs SAQ's off switch before he goes into isoscople*
12/23/2007 #9
Don't worry, it's only the umpteenth time!
12/23/2007 #10
Hey guys Can I join in!? ^_^!
1/11/2008 #11
Of course!
1/13/2008 #12
Can I use an OC and what are the rules regarding them?
1/14/2008 #13
Basically you can create your own character (please no mary sues/gary stus) and use them in anyway you like to forward the story, if you want to use someone else's character, ask them, just because you want to keep them in character as the author percives it and you don't want to annoy the author either. Did that help somewhat, or am I too vague?
1/14/2008 #14
Do I have to well um fill out a character sheet for them or do I just join in?
1/14/2008 #15
Well, you can add your characters' names to the cast list (just submit a post on that thread and I'll add it to the list) and if you want a little something that we might want to know about your character. Basically: Name: Gender: Male/Female Other Info: But if you don't want to you don't have to. You see, sometimes we get all mixed up with characters so we just want something to have a record...but...It hasn't been updated in months. Your Choice.
1/14/2008 #16

oi,oi! SAQ78642, would you mind if I add you as a friend? you know, to keep posted on the roleplays XD .....I feel like a complete idiot -.-'(inner me-and no not like the NARUTO show, I HATE that show, onwards) inner me: YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDOIT!!!!!!!!! me: leave me alone! you don't undertsand! IM: WTF?!?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND?? I AM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

5/24/2008 #17

Uhhh, sure?

5/26/2008 #18
Derpy Hooves Appreciation Man

How bout i start the actually star the story?

Fox woke in his room early in the morning. An early morning headache rocked him, but not as much as the new member that was sleeping in the room across from him.

12/1/2010 #19

Hmm...I suppose Falco is still up for grabs...? If so, may I join with him as my one canon character, I don't plan to use any OC's, ect...

2/23/2012 #20
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