Not With A Bang, But A Whisper
Lurking on the HiNaBN tumblr tag? Haunting Stone's dusty DA account? Just found the host-site more or less hacked to shreds? HAVE YOU YET ANSWERED THE URGE TO DRAW FANART? You love HiNaBN; we all do. It ended with a bang - the rest is up to us.
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Like how I hid rules and introductions under that title, EH?? H'okay, let's get down to business.

  • 'Soft Returns' (holding the shift button down while pressing the enter key to skip single-line instead of double) don't register in FFnet forums, so be wary of mangled paragraphs when posting replies.
  • When posting a new topic, BE SURE TO CLICK THE WORD 'New', and not just the button surrounding it, because apparently this does nothing.
  • I have no idea what HTML will actually work here, but am excited to find out! For science! (Your best bet is to stick to what is offered in the text editor.) Links may or may not be marked as spam, which is a drag. I'll try to stay on top of that.
  • Profanity filter is off. Be kind to each other.
  • No dwelling on the past, or speculation over Tessa Stone. NO BUMMERS, M'KAY? What we have available to us is an awesome experimental bit of art and storytelling, with an open-ending that is, frankly, SUPER GREAT for FanFic writers and the infinity of their imaginations.

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i n t r o d u c t i o n s ! g o !

My name is MaussHauss (after a 2006 obsession with deadmau5 and... Disney?) and I draw.

  • favorite thing about HiNaBN (or HinaBN if you're in journalism) is the COLOR PALETTE, and the punchy pop-art style.
  • least favorite thing is that Conrad doesn't have nearly snarky enough of an English accent in his dialogue bubbles. Boo!
  • I like bullet lists, food, AUs, paranormal/horror shows, survival horror games, and Lisa Frank freaking color palettes.
  • I don't like feral swamp cats. They go for the eyes, they do.
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