What is with Zutara?
Seriously...why do people like Zutara?
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Zuko seems awfully old for Katara, some say Aang is 112, but actually he is 12 and was frozen in an iceberg for 100 years so technically he's ten. I don't think Katara will ever be with Zuko anyway, I mean they're enemies and she really likes Aang, she kissed him for crying out loud and people still say she will go to Zuko! I mean SERIOUSLY!
8/9/2006 #1
THANK YOU! I can't understand it either. It's nice with the whole water-fire opposites thing... but you can have that with a Sokka/Ty Lee or Sokka/Azula pairing. Aang needs Katara, the only one who can pull him out of the Avatar state and in she needs him (she said so in season 1 ep 8). Plus, it could never be Aang Toph because she's a stubborn earth bender and he's a free air bender. They'd fight all the time. Kataang is great because they really care about each other.
8/10/2006 #2
It's good to find someone who agrees with me!
8/11/2006 #3
There you Kataangers go bashing ZukoxKatara shippers.....*sigh* two words....GROW UP!
8/16/2006 #5
I'm amazed, you've done something mature. Thank you.
8/19/2006 #7
I can't help it! Zutara irritates me!
8/21/2006 #8
Vannessa Hillstead
That's fine and all, but seriously I don't like when Kataangers give Zutaraians grief about it. I happen to like both pairings.
8/28/2006 #9
that is EXACTLY what I am talking about! I don't mean to bash it, but it seems pretty weird. I can't remember my reasons, but I will post them as soon as I get the chance.
10/5/2006 #11
I really hate it when ppl post up "Oh lookie! Anti-Zutara forum!" or, "Oooo! Anti-Kataang forum!" Right now, there isn't a lot of proof or at solid ones, the producers are giving us. They always black out the screen whenever Katara and Aang are kissing. Now, you ask....why don't they just black out every kissing scene? From what I conclude, the producers are well aware that Kataaang and Zutara are the main ships right now. So, by blacking out kisses or not providing solid evidence to both ships, they are simply saying, "just wait and see." Yes, they dont black out other kisses like SokkaxSuki one, or SokkaxYue one, or ZukoxJin one.....that's because they aren't the main pairings, and if they do black it out, it'll just be a waste.....
10/5/2006 #12
Guardian of Atlantis
10/13/2006 . Edited 10/13/2006 #14
My gosh. As if we don't have enough of this. Seriously, this forum is going to get ugly if you guys keep it up. And I love katang to death, but it's not like zutara is impossible. It just has a lot more way to go then katang does. Nothing wrong with that though.
10/16/2006 #15
Totally agree w/you.
10/18/2006 #16
I personally dont see why people cant bash zutara. its not like theyre bashing the person who likes it. Personally, i hate zutara, it makes me gag just at the thought of them getting together. BUT, if you like zutara, ok fine, you like what you like. And those of you who keep going into these forums and saying "Im getting sick of all the zutara/kataang arguments" well, if you dont like the arguing, STOP GOING TO THE FORUMS!!!!!!!if you go into every forum saying stuff like that youre just as bad as everyone else.
10/27/2006 #17
THANK YOU!!!!!! It's about time......
10/29/2006 #18
Midori Aoi
eh, yea but at the same time we wouldn't deal with so much crap if people make those forums. But I guess people like Zutara because the idea of it is just...i dunno nice. I mean I reaaaally like Zutara but I also like Kataang too. not as much but still lol. as for bashing Kataang i guess it's the same as bashing Zutara. If I want to I could be telling you guys Kataang sucks and all this other load of stuff, but that would be me lying. I like Kataang but again not as much as Zutara. but other people could go on and on about it, like Oh Kataang is horrible because Katara is fourteen and aang's twelve and that would just make things weird becaus that would mean Katara's Lolita! (she's into younger boys) or something like that. but I hate it when people bash, it's not just the pairing they bash but the fact that others like it too. and that's starting problems. I say down with bashing. it just makes people hostile and on the defensive, everything would be a whole lot better if we could all just talk about it instead of fighting.
11/2/2006 #19
Excuse me, but... wasn't the point of this forum not to argue who bashes who? This one believes that the forum started simply wishing to see the zutaras point of view for the kataangs. It is ment to be peaceful, and only to ask other reasons for what they like without going into all out war like other forums in this section this one has seen. zutatas, the kataangs just want to see where you are coming from with the pairing. This one in perticular wishes to know. Please don't let this place turn into a warzone, as it may in the near future. this is my challange to both sides, coexsist in this forum peacefully. No pointing fingers about who started what. in this forum, my challange is for both sides to not start anything. p.s. ignore what this one wrote in his profile about zutara. this one was less openminded back then, that he was, and didn't mean any offence at all, that he did not. i just ment (back then) that I didn't like the pairing. since it has been moved to 'pairings I (at first wrote 'put up with', soon to be reworded to 'acknowledge') acknowledge' I'm not totally in favor of it, I perfer kataang, but this one seeks a peaceful forum here in this section, and as this one is not dangerous yet, it still has hope. p.s.s. please accept this ones challange.
11/27/2006 #20
i didnt mean to start bashing but i just dont like zutara. kataang makes more sense.
11/28/2006 #21
Oh lookey, another anti-Zutara forum! Let the w*** begin!! And ahem, last time I checked, two years wasn't a big age difference. If Zuko is too old for Katara, then Katara is too old for Aang.
12/1/2006 #22
I would liek to give explanations to why I like BOTH of them... First, Zutara with is why we're here in the first place.... and please read all the way through.... ZUTARA: I personally like Zutara because I believe, in this case, in the phrase 'opposites attract.' I mean, I just love how that relationship is so bendable. It can go either way. I guess I'm a fan of the craftmanship of a pairing just as much as the actual pairing. Also, it just seems sweet when they're together.... It's like they're thinking 'I know I want to, but what will happen? Will it be a disaster, does he/she feel he same way? Aren't I supposed to be against her/him?' Besides, ever since Zuko turned good there's really nothing extremly bad with it (YES! I still have some hope for Zuko even after the finale, even though the severly hurt his chances... Either way, I'm just explaining why I like it so....). KATAANG: I personally like Kataang because both of them are just so sweet together. They both care about each other and know they want to be with each other and love each other. They just don't know how to do it. The season finale did prove that Aang loves Katara, but I think Katara could go either way. The only bad thing against Kataang in the finale was when Aang 'let go' of Katara, but of course that was to save her so it is acceptable that it was FOR her. Normally, people would go with Kataang because it's the customary way.... The expected way. The pairing that's soooo sweet you know it has to come true... Of course sometimes you have to think outside the box. There are my reasons, pretty much. If you didn't understand them, don't worry, I understand myself (sorry, that's slang where I come from! lol...). ***Please don't bash my opinion. Feel free to debate with me, but don't bash them***
12/1/2006 #23
i dont like zutara cause it seems like it will never happen.
12/4/2006 #24
The Cookie Thief
Dudes and duddetes, here me out: Zutara is right. Kataang is wrong. Check out my thing: Why Zutara will happen.
12/29/2006 #25
Would everyone stop this pleeaaaaasssse!! Stop with the whole "Zutara is right, Kataang is wrong, here's the proof." Just let people believe what they want and stop forcing your beliefs in everyones faces telling them to think the same as you!!! If you're so confident that Zutara's going to happen, why don't you just shut up and wait for it to happen?? Besides, this is a forum for people to express their opinions on why they dislike Zutara, and you've just barged in and tried to shove Zutara down their throats!!! There are plenty of pro-Zutara forums, why don't you go take your 'proof' where people will actually care? I'm not speaking against Zutara, I'm speaking against your immature behavior.
12/31/2006 #26
Sessha has to agree with Shiantor. If you wish to state why you like zutara, or why you think it might happan, that is fine. Stating Kataang is wrong however, that is not the point of this forum, that it is not. Go to a Zutara-pro furom, and leave this forum for those who, as far as sessha can tell, either dislike, or don't understand Zutara. Thanks, Shiantor, sessha likes that you can handle his shallange, that be does. close to a fight, but seems to have been avoided. excellent show.
1/5/2007 #27
ack, sessha ment challange. stupid spelling. sessha means this one in japanese
1/5/2007 #28
to shiantor: FINALLY about time someone said that.
1/10/2007 #30
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