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The Lunar Chronicle's first challenge/competition forum! For chatting, finding stories, and generating ideas. All are welcome.
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Hello! Welcome to The Earthen Union.

Feel free to jump right in to the world of writing and challenges, but we'd like if you introduced yourself here!


Name/Nickname (Please don't tell us your irl name!): Lioness or Lion

Favorite Lunar Chronicles Character: Cinder

(Optional) Three facts about you: I really like to read, I have met Marissa Meyer, and this is the revamp of the first forum I've tried to create :)

3/17/2014 #1

Name/Nickname: Stone or Pebble

Favorite Lunar Chronicles Character: Cinder

(Optional) Three facts about you: I'm a girl, I love to read, and WHAT YOU"VE MET MARISSA MEYER?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

4/4/2014 #2

Hey Pebble :D Welcome to The Earthen Union.

Yeah, she signed my copy of Cress at a book signing. My friend (who's really obsessed with the Lunar Chronicles, more than me) got all three of her books signed and a picture :D she's really nice and funny and published Sailor Moon fanfiction as a teenager. (Marissa Meyer, I mean. My friend hasn't watched Sailor Moon :P)

4/4/2014 #3

LOL. I don't even know what Sailor Moon is XD

4/4/2014 #4

Name/Nickname: Medolia, Melody

Favorite Lunar Chronicles Character: Wolf and Scarlet

(Optional) Three facts about you: I love to read sing and anything to do with music.

I hope u get a lot of views on this forum. It's beautiful :]

4/21/2014 #5

Yeah, I had never heard of Sailor Moon before either; apparently it's a 90's anime.

Welcome Medolia :)

Yay music people! I'm not a singer, but I play in the band :) I have a lot of friends who sing though.

Thanks, haha. I hope I get a lot of views too.

4/22/2014 #6

Name/Nickname: Ivy

Favorite Lunar Chronicles Character: Cinder

(Optional) Three facts about you: I'm a girl, I love to read, and I also love to write my own stories.

Oh, I love Sailor Moon! It was a really popular anime back then and still somewhat is. I've read some of Marissa's fanfics and they're really good. When she was on here, her username was Alicia Blade.

4/23/2014 . Edited 6/1/2014 #7

Hello Ivy! Welcome to the Earthen Union :D

Glad you love to write, I hope a lot of us do too :).

Sailor Moon does sound really cool, actually. I might try it once I finish with Doctor Who. (Though I'm not sure you ever actually finish Doctor Who.) Anyway, I had forgotten Marissa Meyer's user, so thanks. :P

4/23/2014 #8

You're welcome. :)

4/23/2014 #9

Name/Nickname: Maddy

Favorite Lunar Chronicles Character: Cress

(optional) Three facts: I like to draw, I like to write (although I've never written fanfic), I'm that crazy friend Lioness mentioned, and I, too have met Marissa Meyer.

Smiles for all!

5/16/2014 #10

Yes, yes. I must read the fanfics and watch the show and be an semi-obsessive stalker. :D (joking, of course.)

5/16/2014 #11

Whoohoo I'm the crazy friend hello everybody

5/16/2014 #12

Yes, yes, hello, crazy friend. No seriously Maddy welcome :D.

5/16/2014 #13

Name/Nickname: Lynn

Favourite Lunar Chronicles Character: Umm, I have to admit it's Iko

Three facts about you: I enjoy reading but I haven't had all that much time for it lately, I love writing, and I'm participating in Camp Nano in July.

6/22/2014 #14

Welcome, Lynn :)

Don't worry Iko rocks, and I feel the same way about reading. I mostly don't have time because of the internet, but...

I had forgotten there was Camp Nano in July, thanks for that :)

Anyway, welcome :D

6/22/2014 #15
Hi Lioness. Hehe, no problem. I take it you haven't heard about the private cabins either then?
6/22/2014 #16

Private cabins? Apparently not.

6/22/2014 #17
Name/Nickname: LLC Favorite Lunar Chronicles Character: Thorne and Kai (Optional) Three facts about you: I started reading/writing fanfiction bc of this series, I'm going to meet MM (finally) in May, I love chocolate
3/8/2015 #18

Welcome LLC!

It's great that you love the series so much, and that you're going to meet Marissa Meyer!

3/8/2015 #19


8/1/2016 #20

Name/Nickname: Safari

Favorite Lunar Chronicles Character: Scarlet

(Optional) Three facts about you: Giraffes are my favorite animal, I can't whistle, and I'm allergic to pineapple.

12/17/2016 #21

¡Los saludo terrícolas!

Mi nombre es Hatobamu, pero mis amigos me llaman Hato XD

Mi personaje favorito de las Crónicas Lunares (debió ser Levana pero... cosas de la vida ja, já) es Iko

Acerca de mí:

1. ¡Adoro Las Crónicas Lunares!

2. Sin la música, la vida sería una equivocación y

3. Si ya se dieron cuenta, yo escribo en español (no es broma, soy Sudamericana, nacida y criada en esta hermosísima parte del mundo)

¡Por todos los cráteres lunares! ¿Qué ha venido a hacer alguien como ella por acá?

Por favor, no se asusten, mi única intención es llenar el fandom de TLC con fanfics en español, porque así más personas amarán la saga

Si algo he aprendido es que las personas aprecian más las historias si se las refiere en el idioma de su corazón. Además, con la tecnología actual, no hay barreras que no se puedan superar, ¿cierto? ;-)

Espero que nos llevemos bien durante esta experiencia y sin nada más que agregar, ¡manos a la obra!

1/4/2019 . Edited 1/5/2019 #22
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