Pairings: Which are Good? Which are Bad? Why?
What pairings you like. What you don't and Why. Voice your opion freely instead of reviews so c'mon.
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Personally I'm none to fond what about you.
9/1/2006 #1
I think its the only Athrun couple that makes senes. If you have read the "Novolist" version of SEED you would know that Athrun use to love Lacus.
9/2/2006 #2
I'm not fond of the pairing, either. It was just too much of a perfect relationship for me. I didn't really mind that they were together, but they didn't seem meant-to-be. In truth, I don't think that Lacus and Kira are meant to be or that Cagalli and Athrun are meant to be. In truth, I have this nagging suspicion that Athrun is just better off alone or with someone whom the anime hadn't introduced (maybe an OC) or an underdeveloped character (Miriallia, Juri, ect) or someone whom has major problems (Fllay, although I don't like the girl), Kira should have died despite the fact that I love him to death, Lacus should have gone off with a Natural so that the PLANTS would be more supportive of the end of the war, and that Cagalli shouldn't even think of a relationship until later in life. The couples that had been created just all seemed thrown together for the wrong reasons. The thing with the novel version of Gundam Seed is that, yes, it is part of the GUNDAM universe, but, like with movie-based novels, it adds things that doesn't happen in either the anime or the manga.
9/10/2006 #3
i agree with you about AThrun is just better off alone. I just think that none of the characters in the Gundam SEED/Destiny series is worthy to be with Athrun.
11/29/2006 #4
Thank you for agreeing! Although... I don't necessarily think that Athrun's too good for anybody. It's just that they don't match romantically. Lacus and Cagalli are both awesome. Cagalli strives to protect her people at all costs, and I find that awesome. It just makes a romantic life with Athrun so much harder. He's the son of Chairman Zala and probably would have become a chairperson himself, had circumstances have been better. It may have made more sense if he tried to marry her after that, but two different political schedules would screw everything up. And Lacus... I feel that what they had was more based on friendship. Personally, I like the idea of Lacus and Sai. It's kind of like what some people see in Miriallia/ Kira.
11/29/2006 #5
I'm not saying that Athrun is too good to be with anyone, it's just that since his engagement to Lacus has been unoficially cancelled, Athrun seems to be not interested into getting into another relationship. Maybe the only reason he's with Cagalli, is because she's the only person available and she fancy Athrun.
11/29/2006 #6
don't like this pairings, but i think Lacus only looks up to him as a brother..
3/30/2007 #7
I agree. Beside that, they were force to be engaged due to the poisition their father were in. They were force to fall in love each other. (some people might disagree, but I say "Bring it!") If their relationship began such as in Kira and Lacus (where Kira comfort Lacus from everyone else in Archangel) where the relationship is BORN, not created, I might give chance with Athrun and Lacus. Enjoy, May God be with you all.
4/12/2007 #8
I think so too
12/22/2007 #9
I liked this while it lasted, but AsuCaga is my OTP when it comes to Athrun :EDIT: Sorry, I'm watching Destiny right now, and there was this cute scene where Athrun is injured, but trying to get up to convince Kira to go help Lacus. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING!!!!!!!! (And as for Mu in that scene... sorry, off topic...)
1/4/2008 . Edited 1/4/2008 #10
Athrun 77

I know its been awhile I don't want to bump threads. But this pairing would worked out if was arrnaged Marriaged. Athrun and Lacus loved each its just the war tore them apart... I don't like it or hate it its just that this pairing is misunderstood alot. But I am a KiraXLacus fan.

2/15/2009 #11
Dragoon Swordsman

I would argue this pairing is the one that makes the most sense for Athrun, with Meyrin Hawke a close second. His relationship with Cagalli was one of the most contrived pairings I have ever seen, Meer is an idiot whom Athrun never shows interest in anyway, and Lunamaria is more of a fangirl type than anything else.

Athrun and Lacus's relationship was clearly far more than simply going along with parental wishes, to say otherwise one must completely disregard SEED Phases 8 through 10, along with 20. Moreover, Athrun actually needs Lacus's healing touch more than Kira does. Kira has to deal with the Mendel revelations, yes, but he has more of a support system; Athrun (the closest he has to a brother), Cagalli, Murrue, Miriallia, Dearka (Mendel heavily implies that they're friends), and his foster parents. Athrun, by contrast, had his entire worldview challenged, and had to fight against his own father, who ultimately died in his arms. By the end, though he still has his friends (especially Kira), Athrun is more alone than Kira is.

2/27/2009 #12

true true...i completely agree with you. athrun and lacus relationship is much more complicated than it looks. it's not just about the arranged marriage...but also how they are with each other....Athrun needs Lacus to help him and support him in his life, while Lacus on the other hand...seem obligated to guide Athrun whenever he needs one. Furthermore, Lacus act as Athrun's moral support through the series. Although Lacus chose to be with Kira, I'm sure that part of her can't let go of Athrun, the same goes to Athrun. Though both of them seem to be moving on with their life, there's a part inside of them that they can't let go of each other. And both of them can't bring themselves to admit it.

3/8/2009 #13

It is possible, but I think I prefer Kira more. I mean, the love triangle (hexagon??) was quite excellent and exciting. Though Athrun is quite a gentleman, I support his pairing with Cagalli better. Kira and Lacus are more fit, I believe, though they were a little unventful in GSD

4/14/2009 #14
Athrun 77

Athrun and Lacus seemed like couple to me more then AthrunXCagalli did. They actually you know seem like a couple. I like KiraXLacus too, but I think both Athrun and Kira fit Lacus.

4/14/2009 #15

Haha! So he never took her out on any dates. I did see a ring!

4/14/2009 #16
Athrun 77

^^^ We don't know that he problay did...Plus Athrun didn't have much to he was fighting a war.

4/14/2009 #17

True, Athrun didn't have much to fight for except revenge for his mother's death. In GSD, he is reluctant to go to war but have to because he doesn't want the same war that happened 2 years ago happen again. It's not until Lacus convinces him and help him to make up his mind, he is determine to stop the war.

So I'd say...the close connection between the too is still there despite they r wit someone else. But in the end, Athrun seem comfortable n content to be alone...once again.

4/16/2009 #18

Kira was meant for Lacus. cagalli was meant for Athrun. Also, it lacks the thing I see in KL. AL lacks what happens between the two. KL seems to fill it.

5/16/2009 . Edited 6/30/2009 #19
Athrun 77

ShadowX20 remeber this Athrun and Lacus topic. I'm Kira and Lacus fan,please make that statement on Athrun and Lacus topic.

5/16/2009 #20

I'm not too fond of this pairing. Personally, I think Lacus is too pristine to be paired up with anybody (not that she is exactly). Although, any relationship with her in it would be slow, boring, too perfect, and kind. (though I could be wrong...)

7/25/2009 . Edited 7/25/2009 #21

Lacus may be pristine, but she could be paired up with someone in GSD.

9/2/2009 #22
Athrun 77

Lacus may be pristine, but she could be paired up with someone in GSD

Well the only Guys that make sense to pair her up is Athrun and Kira Why cause she knows them alot and read them like a book.

9/2/2009 #23


9/3/2009 #24

True lacus and athrun were as many people say forced into a relationship but personally they are too good for anyone else. kira and cagalli are amazing on their own accord but these too are just by far better(as induviduals). so why won't they make a great couple??? i would love it if they fell in love...................

4/27/2010 #25

This pairing seems more fitting than any other Athrun or Lacus pairing, though I am a shipper of Athrun and Meyrin. Like Dragoon said, Athrun needs much more support and Lacus's "healing touch" than Kira does. Kira has his sister (whom he was much better off with), Athrun, and the rest of the Archangel, while Athrun only had Kira at the time (you can't assume Cagalli or Meyrin, considering Cagalli seems to be disregarding Athrun altogether, and Meyrin hasn't seen the same things that Athrun or Lacus have).

The only problem with this pairing for me, is that as a character, I cannot stand Lacus. She seems just much too pristine and humble for my likings.

8/24/2010 #26
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