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It's currently 1:12 AM, December 18th, 2015. Please pardon any typos and other shiz.

Needless to say, I have been inactive most, if not all, of this year.

No, I have NOT quit writing. I never will, and I never will forget a story (unless it deserves forgetting). Life has just been rather...difficult for me at this point. Lots of anxiety. I'm fine physically -- nothing life threatening. I'm not dead. Never came close to being dead. I just have a severe anxiety disorder and clinical depression that has been a butt to me in the past couple of years. My absence just pushed me away even longer because I was ashamed, like I betrayed you guys.

I am back now, or at least, coming back, and there is much to discuss in concern to what happens now.

  1. This account will NO LONGER BE ACTIVE. That's right. BuBu Winter is no longer active. Once my notices are up, that's it. I will be moving to a new account located HERE. My stories are still going on, but they will be focused one at a time and re-posted there.
  2. Perception has (for now) been CANCELED. Not on hiatus. Canceled. Meaning I'm not currently working on it and won't for a long time yet. That much should be obvious at this point. I swear though, it WILL get done. Just no anytime in the near future.

Why am I making a new account? To start fresh I suppose. Re-organize anything. Prioritize. In the time I have been absent I have grown much as both a writer and a person. BuBu Winter, simply put, no longer exists in my mind. Don't necessarily want her to exist. It's a time for moving on, and what better way to do that than a fresh start?

Why is Perception canceled? Because I have three - four other stories that still need to be completed. As excited as I am for Perception, it has to wait even longer than I -- and probably you guys -- hoped for.

So yes, I am coming back, I am alive, and I'm just about ready to start writing again. I'm so so SO sorry for waiting so long to do this...but it needed to happen. And it finally did.

If you have questions, this forum shall still be up for that. The character submissions are officially closed down with the cancellation, but don't worry, I have everyone saved onto various files to prevent losing them. Also feel free to PM me on my new account.

Again, I'm so sorry for...everything, I suppose.

There's a new beginning for us though. And I'm honestly very excited for it.

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Majestic War
YO! WHATEVER YOUR REAL NAME IS (I suppose calling you BuBu is kinda out of date now) YOU SOUND LIKE A PROPHET. So Perception was cancelled, huh? No matter! Glad to see you back, new account or not. I will be sure to keep in touch! Read our stories, friend! See you around~
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Wolf the Wolf

In the days before "Christmas", fanfiction.net gave to me...

12 awesome fanfictions

11 trolls a-trolling

10 flame wars flaming

9 horrible OC's

8 plotline's a-failing

7 weird plot twists

6 fangirl fits

5 update faiiiiiils!

4 awesome crack ships

3 banned subjects

2 'what...why. why would you write this' fics


1 friend that I really really missed returned!

I'm so happy you're back! Don't panic about Perception, when you get to it you'll get to it. For now, let's just ignore me being super late in seeing this...

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