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Kirby's Nintendo's favorite pink puffball. And here's where you can talk about him! Game tips provided for GBA and Gamecube games!
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Lord Jupi
Welcome to Kirby's Neon Star!! Frosty, creator of KNS and the guy who's talking to you right now, says this is a place where you can talk your heart out- about Kirby. Feel free to post ANYTHING here-but not the 'F' word. All others are okay, as long as you don't : 1) Insult people with them and 2) you censor the words like this: $h*t or any other way you can think of to censor them. That's it! Other then cussing and threats, feel free to do & say whatever you like. Have Fun! -FJA, KNS Founder Current Kirby-Related Romance (Virus): KirbyRibbon (permanent) _________________________ "Hello, light." - Ed
4/27/2006 . Edited 5/30/2006 #1
Hello. i've been invited to be a mod so i'll make sure you guys don't corrupt this thing or start personal fights or any thing. enjoy this forum!
4/27/2006 #2
Lord Jupi
It's gotten quiet 'round here. Wonder if it's that power-grid upgrade thingy. Emails to me for moderation are appreciated. Keep checking this forum topic out for updates!!! __________________________ "Hello, light." - Ed
4/30/2006 . Edited 5/30/2006 #3
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
I guess it was that power thingy, Oh yeah: Hi! I'm Princess JennieO of Hyrule64, the Princess of Zelda games and Ice Climber lover {as you can see on my profile for the Clips I found} and I'm the sorcerer of animal-shape-shifting, and my assitants: WWLink, Popo, and Nana!!! WWLink, Popo, Nana: HI!!!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------- FJA: Hi! Isaac, Jenna, Kirby, Rayquaza, Mia, Garet, Felix, Sheba, Ivan, and Alex: HI!!!!!!! FJA: Oh, those are my muses, don't mind them too much.
5/3/2006 . Edited by Lord Jupi, 5/12/2006 #4
kingdom kirby9
hi i'm a kirby fan (look at the name) like in my animal crossing i have a kirby pattern. has anyone beat kirby 64? i did ------------------------------------------- FJA: Hello?? I did, too!!!
5/5/2006 . Edited by Lord Jupi, 5/12/2006 #5
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
Played it, but didn't past cause it was a rental . Nana: it was starting to get to the good part. . .
5/5/2006 #6
Lord Jupi
2 things! 1: YAY KIRBY!!!! 2: I have beaten Kirby 64 at least 50 TIMES!! (and on rental, so hah, Jennie!) Miracle Matter & O2 were hard! I usually beat M.M. with Bomb/Bomb, Fire/Needle, Bomb/Needle, or Fire/Bomb. I like them (the abilities)!!
5/6/2006 . Edited 5/6/2006 #7
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
nah, if you read MY name, it said Princess of Hyrule 64, So while I was trying to play the Kirby one, my sibling wanted to play the OoT game. I'm sure you'll love this clip! Link 'lost' his extra hat and sword when all this time, SOMEONE has it in front of the culess Link this whole Movie!!!!!
5/6/2006 #8
Lord Jupi
OMG animation is bad, but it looks like something I would do. ^o^ Good though!! Here's something funny for you: copy and paste link in new browser window!!! It involves The Matrix, Star Wars, Kirby, and a toaster. ROFLMAO!! ^O^ Use Subtitles!!! _________________________________________________ "Hello, light." - Ed
5/7/2006 . Edited 5/30/2006 #9
Ah I see more people have come. that's good! I hope you guys are having a good time. (it seems you are!)
5/7/2006 #10
Lord Jupi
yeah, we are! heh. heh. heh. ME LIKE COOKIE!!!! ^o^ _____________________ "Hello, light." - Ed
5/7/2006 . Edited 5/30/2006 #11
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64 -Here's a SSBM comdy clip you should check it out!
5/7/2006 #12
Lord Jupi
o_O I would classify that as....IMPOSSIBLE! Oh well.
5/7/2006 #13
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
???? what chu mean by that?
5/7/2006 #14
Lord Jupi
1: Bob-ombs do not fall from the sky like that, only in sudden death, which I highly doubt happened. 2: Sandbag. Case closed. :P
5/8/2006 . Edited 5/8/2006 #15
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
What so impossilble about sand bag?
5/8/2006 #16
simply put just use home run with a home run bat. simple as that.
5/8/2006 #17
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
Did you watch the clip also? because I think the admin means how can sandbag be in the clip
5/8/2006 #18
Lord Jupi
Yeah, Sandbag has only appeared in Home-Run contest, and on a trophy(which I have!). I see the author of the clip had to have done some serious editing to put Sandbag in the movie.
5/9/2006 #19
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
I wonder how long that took him. . . .
5/9/2006 #20
Lord Jupi
A loooooooooooooooong time, most likely.
5/9/2006 #21
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
cant image that, hey do you play the Wind Waker game?
5/9/2006 #22
Lord Jupi
Heh. Girl, i have beat it at least 50 times, each time starting a new game and playing through it till I beat it again (sometimes)! It's easy, but I still play it! Why? 'Cause it's fun. :)
5/10/2006 #23
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
If you go to my profile, scroll down to the bottom of my clips and check out the clip where I said this guy should be in ripby's beleive it or not!
5/10/2006 #24
Lord Jupi
Wow. I have the Hurricane Spin and not even I can do that!!!!
5/10/2006 #25
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
Me niethier. . .at least not yet. . .
5/10/2006 #26
Lord Jupi
I've been practicing and I think I've got it!! ^o^
5/11/2006 #27
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
I couldn't, My cousin has the game and wont let me have it back until he finshes it. . . .
5/11/2006 #28
Lord Jupi
Cousins are annoying (sometimes) :(
5/12/2006 #29
Princess JennieO of Hyrule 64
Tell me about it , nearly all my cousins are half a year younger than me, even the one who has my WW game!
5/12/2006 . Edited by Lord Jupi, 5/12/2006 #30
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