Wizard101 Roleplay!
An attempt at starting a roleplay, 'cause we were discussing it in my other forum. (Please see RULES before beginning).
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I'm not a stickler for rules, so here are what few ones I have:

- Be respectful. If you aren't, you're banned. No warnings or nothin'. Yes, I do care that much about respect and have no tolerance if you decide to be jerk faces who cyber bully.

- Submit an OC before RPing. Not punishable by banishment, but it helps to have a clear view on who you're Roleplaying as. Name anyone you might be playing as, and don't use any other characters unless you have their permission to. NOTE: You can do more than one character, but everyone must be submitted in le Oc thing.

- Follow the story. What does this mean? It's means no magical farting Leprechauns are going to jump out of no where singing heavy rock songs whilst riding a rainbow unicorn who's hopping on a trampoline. We don't do that here.

- As suggested by Di, there will now be an order to go by based on who starts the roleplay, second to join, third, so on. If you won't be active for a time, inform the others so the roleplay might continue, maybe even giving another person permission to control your OC (if you're fine with that of course). New people who join in later will be last in the order. Make sense? If not, I'll elaborate further/word it differently. To find out the order, look below the main rules. xP

- If you want a new thread started, just ask and I'll happily oblige. :)

- Have fun! Need I explain more?


Roleplay #1 - Majestic War, Wolfheart ze Fangirl, BuBuWinter

Roleplay #2 - Majestic War, The Dimenssionalist, BuBuWinter

Roleplay #3 - Not determined yet.

5/7/2014 . Edited 6/29/2014 #1
Star Pirate

I have read and wish to join.

5/8/2014 #2
The Dimenssionalist

A huge and rather belated welcome to Star Pirate! Sorry it took awhile to get to you.

Anyhow, to avoid confusion from delayed posts, I'm suggesting a turn based system. Like, Star Pirate makes a post, then Majestic, then me (this is not the actual order, just an example) and so on. If it's someone's turn but they don't think they should post something at that moment, they can just say "pass". This way we won't have to delete irrelevant posts (such as mine) and everything can go smoothly. What do you guys think?

Anyhow, signing off for real this time. Good night.

5/8/2014 #3

That's a good idea, Di. This was the first time I made a Roleplaying forum, so I hadn't even considered that. *hits head on wall in stupidity* We should definitely try that. As for the order, we can do it as whoever posts first. (Like in #2 it would go Majestic, you, me, then whoever comes in.) if someone wants to join in the middle of the Roleplay, they can ask if it's alright and they'll be last in the order. If it's not okay, a new thread can be started for them.

Does that sound good?

AND HI STAR PIRATE! *bows* (sorry for my loopy-ness; it's currently 9:36 at night and I should be sleeping being sick and all..)

5/8/2014 #4
Star Pirate

Thank you for welcoming me. :) Is my character accepted?

5/9/2014 #5

Yep, she's accepted.

5/9/2014 #6
Star Pirate

thank you

5/9/2014 #7
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