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An attempt at starting a roleplay, 'cause we were discussing it in my other forum. (Please see RULES before beginning).
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Bringin' this roleplay back to action because I'm bored. Also, there's an order to go by now, which is located in le Rules. Star Pirate, if you're still with us, you can respond after me if ya want and I'll add ya to le order list.

Shina leaped back, sparks of electricity beginning to shimmer around her as she allowed the raw magic of Divination to swell around her in a protective barrier. She glared at Valdus, who was casually leaning against the tree doing absolutely nothing. Some powerful wizard you turned out to be!

She snarled and spat at the ground before turning back to the Walking Furnace. "Why are you here, you mechanical barbarian?"

6/29/2014 #31
Majestic War
Valdus smirked at Shina's display. Like he needed to do anything. She was already powerful enough. Hell, she could probably even maul him. But then again, Valdus was ALMOST as powerful as she was, so maybe he might have a chance.
6/29/2014 #32
The Dimenssionalist

"Objective: located and secure target. Mission status: now complete."

Once B.L.A.S.T said that, a Marleybonian air ship appeared from the clouds. The air ship was different from standard models. It was slightly bigger and completely black with a purple K on the sides. There was only one lunatic with that logo. One very smart, very dangerous lunatic.

Dr. Katenstien.

The voice of the cat was amplified on the ships speaker.

"Good job B.L.A.S.T. New mission, destroy everything and everyone in the surrounding area. I don't like witnesses. And Valdus, would you so kind as to step aboard my ship?"

Once the cat said that, a walkway descended from the ship.

B.L.A.S.T eyed the wizard he'd clashed with earlier.

"Objective: destroy. Additional notes: I'll enjoy this"

6/30/2014 . Edited 6/30/2014 #33
Majestic War
Valdus gritted his teeth, his red eyes flashing ominously as Katenstein's ship reigned overhead. Thalomir's voice resounded in his head, a deep rumble, and the man's image came to mind. 'You know him?' Valdus nodded. "Yeah." He hissed angrily. He felt Thalomir raise an eyebrow, but the tyrant questioned nothing else. Valdus felt the familiar feel of his ancestor's power as it coursed through his blood, flowing like a river. Thalomir raised an arm, and opened his palm, his fingertips directed at the walking furnace. 'Go forth, my son.' Thalomir breathed. 'Destroy anything that opposes you.' Valdus breathed out, although his breath was more of a hiss, and his eyes flashed as he stood straight and raised an arm towards the sky. Crimson eyes narrowed dangerously, and he whispered one word. "Come." A bolt of black lightning flashed from the sky and into the young man's open palm.
6/30/2014 #34

Guys let's try to keep it to le order: Majestic, Di, me. Alright? :P After this post it'll go 'Jestic then Di then me.

The moment the black lightning struck Valdus's hand Shina was at his side, a single clawed hand wrapped around an outstretched wrist. She could the feel the immense power coming off from him, and the dark magic that swirled in his palm threatened to crawl up her arm. She stubbornly refused to let go, dismissing both the threat of the machine and the ship and thinking only of her friend. Ice-blue dragon eyes, lit with a feverish intensity, stared into his red ones, her grip on him tightening. Don't, boy."

6/30/2014 #35
Majestic War
He glanced at her. "I'm going to hit Katenstein." He tried to wrench his arm from her grip. "Don't stop me!" He exclaimed more sternly, and aimed another palm at her. "I have to kill him. I NEED to kill him. Thalomir...Thalomir commands it."
6/30/2014 #36
Majestic War
(Di? You there?)
6/30/2014 #37
The Dimenssionalist

I haven't died. I have summer camp remember? Oddly enough, it's even harder to reply from there than it was at school.

B.L.A.S.T took full advantage of the distracted Shina and smacked her away from Valdus.

"Analyzing target: Threat comes from war hammer. Solution: remove threat."

B.L.A.S.T took a treasure card and burned it in his furnace. His flames burned with magical energy.

"Summon: Fire-Bats"

Flying from his furnace opening came a swarm a flaming red bats that charged at Shina.

Meanwhile, Katenstein took notice of the male Wizard's expression and general lack of walkway walking.

"I take it you wont be going up then? Is Thalomir down there with you? Or rather, in you? Salutations Thalomir! It's been sometime hasn't it? Now I get that you're reluctant about walking aboard the ship of super-genius madcat but what if I told you there's something really interesting up here. For instance, what if a wizard had some sort of family legacy power that had a huge drawback but a certain cat found a way to recreate that magical gene without the horrible setback? And what if said cat had the necessary tools to give that gene to anyone? Would that hypothetical situation be enough to bring you up here? Ask your friend Thalomir he can vouch for me. We go way back! Did I mention we have milk? Well, the milk is probably some sort of milk experiment and odds are drinking it will lead to a horribly, horribly painful death but we have it case you want it. We also have..."

The madcat continued to ramble on about different things he had on the ship and different reasons why Valdus should definitely come aboard but there was still the one comment that rang in his head.

6/30/2014 #38

Funny. xD I'm ALMOST done with DO Ch 4 btw. Should be up tomorrow, if not tonight. Again, depends on if I want to edit late at night again..

Shina, snarling, put her war-hammer back in the appropriate slot on her belt. First a Walking Furnace tries to kill her, then a mad-cat who thinks he knows Thalomir comes in this big balloon.

All of it was becoming a bit annoying.

She could hear the cat's rambling echoing in her ears as she ducked under the fire bats Walking Furnace had so kindly conjured. She outstretched her palms, one aimed for the bats, another at the robot. Jilak, grant me the blessing of your power, the true and untempered might of Divination. Powerful white lightning crackled around her hands, and with a slight smirk etched on her humanoid face, two bolts sprang from her palms, as hot as white fire. The bats disintegrated immediately, a measly pile of ash lying on the ground the only sign they had existed. As for the machine, she couldn't be sure; smoke had completely covered the area her attacking enemy had been. That would have to do however. Without bothering to bring her war-hammer back out, she moved behind Valdus, placing her clawed hands firmly on his shoulders, showing no intention to release him.

"Don't listen Val. Thalomir is a tyrant. Heed his words and the words of the mad cat, and you're no better. And you know I can -- and will -- destroy you if you fall prey to Thalomir's influence. The mad cat is lying." As she spoke, a protective barrier of Divination swirled around them, sparking in white, blue, and purple lights. She kept her eyes on the ship and her ears on any sign of the machine.

6/30/2014 #39
Majestic War
Valdus gave a small smirk. "Listen? Obey? Thalomir doesn't control me. His will is my will. I am of his kin. I do not do his bidding--but my thoughts are his. We are one--all of my ancestors are inside of me. And if there's one thing I have to do, it'd be destroying Katenstein. Shina, you may think that this isn't the right choice...but I will it." Valdus answered, his eyes flashing, a goofy grin on his face. "Together."
6/30/2014 #40
The Dimenssionalist

"- there's also a pool table with rocket-launching ques that"

The cat only just realized no one was really paying attention to him. Instead of getting furious like he normally would, he just continued to ramble about something else.

"Hey you guys! I can't actually hear what you're saying but I doubt it's about boarding the ship. B.L.A.S.T when you're done killing everything remind me to build a lip reading machine. One that can actually write on someone's lip and then read it! Wait, why am I telling you this? Don't I have a secretary - oh right! She exploded! B.L.A.S.T remind me to hire a new secretary. Anyway, I'm going to assume that you still don't want to board the ship despite all the awesome and horribly deadly stuff I have. In case you think I'm lying I assure you I'm telling the truth! After all, it worked great on me! You can't just not want to look at it for yourself! I promise I wont kill you! By the way, have any of you seen a dangerous killer robot? Mine seems to have disappeared"

Sure enough, B.L.A.S.T wasn't anywhere in sight.

6/30/2014 #41

With a small frown that might have been in relief or paranoia, Shina glanced around her. The robot was gone, which could have meant any number of things. She shook her head clear of the thoughts before turning back to Valdus, allowing the force field around her to dwindle slightly. She glanced at her associate/friend, a mixture of exasperation, understanding, and something else -- concern? -- glinting in her dragon eyes. She squeezed his shoulders tightly. "There's more than one way to skin a cat, Val."

6/30/2014 . Edited 6/30/2014 #42
Majestic War
He nodded, feeling the power drain from his body. "Thanks, Shina." He breathed, his voice not even a whisper. "Alright, so what should we do now?"
6/30/2014 #43
The Dimenssionalist

"Hey! Do you guys see that walkway? I was making a list of possible reasons why you aren't boarding the ship and one of them was: maybe they didn't see the walkway. Well in case that was your problem, there is a walkway a few feet from where you're standing. It's the one that leads up to my ship. That was another thing by the way: maybe they didn't know the walkway lead to my ship. Just so you're aware, in case there are other air balloons for some reason, my ship is the one with the purple K on it. That's my logo in case you didn't know. So whenever you see it, know that whatever it's on belongs to me. Unless someone is copying me. In which case you should alert them that copying another person's logo is against the law and you'll be reporting them to the police. But when you get to the police, don't tell them it's my logo. They might arrest you and most likely me. Are you hearing any of this? That was also on the list: maybe the speaker isn't working. If the speaker is working, stomp your foot on the ground three times then spin on your axis in 360 degree counterclockwise turn. If the speaker isn't working. Just blink. Also, if you find B.L.A.S.T, tell him there's a reason why I didn't give him a stealth mode. And if he asks what that reason is, tell him it was so he wouldn't disappear like he just did. Wait, did you blink? Does that mean you can't hear the speaker? Do I have to repeat this all? Blink if didn't hear what I said."

Sorry for the large walls of text and minimal B.L.A.S.T action but there's a reason why the robot is gone and Katenstien is a lunatic so....

6/30/2014 #44

Shina glared up at the ship, determining what to do. After realizing she was still holding on to Valdus, she quickly pulled away and drew her war hammer, spinning it around a few times. She snarled to herself. What should they do? She didn't like mad cats, and had her wings been functional she would have simply flown up there and crushed his puny cat skull in. Cats annoyed her; insane cats were worse. She looked over at Valdus, her free hand motioning for him to move. "Your choice, boy. Just none of that Thalomìr magic crap."

6/30/2014 #45
Majestic War
Valdus scoffed. "I can't not use my inherited power, but whatever." He spread his arms. "Get up, asshole." Valdus snarled, and kicked the ground. Moments later, a large apparition in the form of a war-battered skeleton emerged. He didn't look strong, although looks were always deciding.
6/30/2014 #46
The Dimenssionalist

"Okay, so you kicked something on the ground. That's kinda like stomping in the sense they both involve leg movement but still not stomping by definition of stomping and, subsequently, the definition of kicking. So I've been working on the list a bit more and let me clear up a few more reasons why you might not be climbing up the walkway. If you're worried that the walkway wont support you, I assure you that you aren't nearly as heavy as you look and that this walkway could hold up to twenty helephants. Now unless you're planning to walk up with twenty helephants, I assure you, you'll be fine. Now if you are planning to go up with twenty helephants, I recommend you don't as the walkway will almost certainly snap. I understand how tempting it is to walk up to a ship with twenty helephants by your side by I assure you now is not the time. I also advice you don't walk up with anything that amounts to the combined weight of twenty helephants as the bridge will still break under the weight. Other thing you might be wondering: 'how do I know Katenstien isn't just playing a prank and he'll really just move the balloon when we reach the top?' I assure you that while I was an avid prankster in my past youth, I am no longer into that and you can trust that I wont move away once you reach the top. Another thing you might be wondering is..."

The madcat continued to ramble while the other characters continued to do something much easier to read.

hehehe, somewhere in that rambling Dr. Katenstien revealed an important clue heheheh

6/30/2014 #47

Shina suddenly wished she didn't have the sharp hearing associated with Draconian's heightened sense. The cat's rambling was starting to give her a migraine. She swung her war hammer a few times, glaring at Valdus with sharp eyes. "Whatever Val. Your go."

6/30/2014 #48
Majestic War
"Cool." Valerian noted, and grabbed hold of the warrior's hand with a grin. "Tell him that he's going to die!" Valdus began to spin--slowly at first--before he picked up speed and let go of the skeletal warrior's hand, tossing him into the air. The warrior grunted, and spun in the air before diving madly towards the walkway. "DYYYYYNAAMMIIICCC ENTRYYYYYY--!" He yelled in an obnoxiously raspy tone.
6/30/2014 #49
The Dimenssionalist

"... so you can rest assured that no Kracken will suddenly WHATTHEHELLISTHAT?"

Pressing a button on his keyboard, Katenstien activated the magical turrets hidden on the ship and blasted the skeleton with magic lightning.

"Okay. So now you might be nervous that I have turrets pointed at the walkway. Well just so you know, those will not be used on you. They are built in for the event of a rampaging skeleton like the one that just ran up here. Anyway, I just thought of another reason why you should climb the walkway: it's the safest place in the area! I found B.L.A.S.T by the way. He's right behind you"

Standing behind the two wizards was the robot who managed to sneak behind them while they were distracted.

"Mission: destroy the surrounding area. Status: almost complete. Notes: underground bombs capable of destroying everything within a hundred feet have been planted."

Following that was a minor earthquake which seemed like Dragonspyre's way of saying "run!"

"Additional notes: Only the target is needed to survive. The female wizard must die. Bombs explode in one minutes time. This unit has a 57.86% chance of survival. Other wizard has 0.00001%. Procedure: Stall and destroy female wizard"

Burning another treasure card, B.L.A.S.T unleashed a ring of fire that surrounded the area.

The cat's voice rang through the air again. "Oh, I like this! Valdus here's a game: save your friend from B.L.A.S.T while you try to board the ship before the area explodes and takes you with it. I assure you, no matter who's in your bloodline you wont survive a blast like that. So can you do it Valdus?"

7/1/2014 #50

Shina cursed herself. Had she really become so distracted by someone she hadn't heard the walking furnace before? Perhaps. But now was not the time to worry about it. She attached her warhammer back to her belt and, feeding off the fire ring the mechanical being had created, began to replace the strong electrical currents with that of the school are Draconians had been born with: Pyromancy. Even so, she was no master at it, and stood back a ways, glancing at Valdus. "Your challenge, boy. You lose and I die, just know that I'll be haunting you for the rest of your damned life."

7/1/2014 #51
Majestic War
Valdus merely scoffed, drawing a small belt from his pocket and slicing his palm, holding his open palm over the ground as his eyes began to glow. He glanced at Shina and held out a hand. "Grab on and hold tight. This might hurt." He explained simply, and began muttering the incantation as the blood slid from his hand and fell towards the ground.
7/1/2014 #52
The Dimenssionalist

"Observation: if you were just going to cut yourself to death, you may as well wait for the incoming explosion in 48 seconds."

Not waiting to see what Valdus was planning, B.L.A.S.T charged at the two with Furnace Fist blazing.

Meanwhile, Katenstien was watching from the ship, probably with popcorn, giving out "helpful" suggestions.

"You should run!"

"Time's a tickin'!"

"Oh I wish the bombs countdown could be delayed for just a minute more"

"Seriously, you two are probably gonna die."

7/1/2014 #53

Ignoring the mad cat, Walking Furnace, and blood, Shina quickly latched onto Valdus, her free hand crackling with a dim flame as she glared daggers at the machine. She supposed if she shot another wild bolt at him he'd disintegrate, but she had given Valdus the lead on this one.

Oh, and there was the bombs. Those certainly weren't fun from what she'd heard.

7/1/2014 #54
Majestic War
Valdus grinned madly. "Boom," he hissed, as he felt the explosion building outwards from the bomb. He snaked an arm around Shina's face, and his eyes began to glow. The single drop of blood beneath him grew as well, spiraling around his feet. Valdus smirked, and leaped into the air, propelled by his own blood as the bombs went off.
7/2/2014 #55
The Dimenssionalist

The explosions blasted rocks and debris everywhere, leaving the area covered in dust and smoke.

"Woah!" screamed Katenstien. "What the hell just happened down there? Are you still alive? Please tell me you're still alive. B.L.A.S.T, assuming you haven't killed yourself in the explosion, check and see if they're still alive. If they are still alive, hurry up and bring them here, the floor isn't stable!"

Almost as if to prove the scientist right, whatever remained of the ground began to shatter under its own weight. Lava from underneath began to surface, sinkholes opened up and there didn't seem to be a single section of stable land.

Katenstien frantically checked his monitors. They all showed the same thing: smoke.

"Damn it! I can't find B.L.A.S.T, I can't find Thalomir and with my luck that annoying girl he hangs around with probably survived!"

10/5/2014 #56

Shina remained clutching to Valdus, the hot air around her reminding her of home. She coukdnt help but smile.

10/5/2014 #57
Majestic War

Valdus inhaled deeply and within seconds they were in the cover of trees. He exhaled, and steadied himself with a hand on the ground. "Shit." he muttered. Used too much mana. Thalomir echoed inside his mind, deep rumble full of confused tones.

'How does he know me, boy? What have you told him? What does he mean, gene?'

Valdus couldn't help but grimace, the pounding in his head restricting him from doing much else.

10/5/2014 #58
The Dimenssionalist

Before I take my turn, can you tell me where you are? Cause I'm a bit lost.

10/6/2014 #59
Majestic War
(Where we are? What do you mean?)
10/6/2014 #60
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