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An attempt at starting a roleplay, 'cause we were discussing it in my other forum. (Please see RULES before beginning).
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Because the other two sorta died, here's a third one. This will be the last one until someone requests a new roleplay to start. Bracket or bold anything not part of le actual roleplay. Please see RULES before starting.

6/29/2014 . Edited 6/29/2014 #1

Using le new char; anyone can join in now! And let's try to keep it from getting as intense as the other two RP's until later, aight? xP

Scurvy sighed as she leaned against the Life school tower. Boredom made her feel exasperated, like she knew she could be doing something interesting but was too lazy to get off her bum to do it. Her friends were all in class, and she couldn't help but want to slap them for having the afternoon classes instead of the morning ones. Take classes in the morning, have fun all day, right? But noooo, they just needed their beauty sleep. Stupid boys.

6/29/2014 #2
The Dimenssionalist

Not intense? Blasphemy! But understood and somewhat welcomed.

"Greetings kid!"

Appearing from seemingly nowhere was a kid who looked about Scurvy's age. In fact, he had the most generic looking face ever, save for weird looking eyes and ratty hair. He looked like the kind of person who'd disappear in the crowd without you ever being able to remember him.

"I can't help but notice that your stuck without friends because you were the only one smart enough to pick morning classes. Nice to know that no matter what people say about the semi-public magical education system, there will always be a few bright kids around. Now since I admire your intelligence, I'd like to request your permission to play a card game of sorts. It's a game of my own invention that doesn't really have a name yet but it sure is fun to play!"

After saying that and still not giving the the girl a chance to even say hello, he pulled out the cards from his spell deck and laid them all face down across the floor.

"You see, it's a game of skill and intellect! I've made sure that there's absolutely no way anyone can win by luck. The problem is no matter who I play against, there's no challenge what so ever. That's why I eyed you. You were one of the few kids smart enough to pick morning classes. Not to mention I've seen you in school. Not only do you look smart, ooze intelligence, but your grades alone are proof you'll have serious skill in this game! So whatdaya say? Care to play a round?"

6/30/2014 #3

Well our other two RP's are all battle-intense and I felt like a mellower RP would attract more people if they ever saw this. Less awkward to pop in on xP. Oh, and remember to put le char in le OC thingy so I know who you're RPing as.

Scurvy raised an eyebrow at the kid. What was he, some sort of stalker? She didn't know who the heck he was. She's certainly never seen him around, and that's saying something; she knew everyone at the school. Yet somehow he knew when she had classes, knew she was smart despite being one of the brattiest kids in school (a title she regarded as an honor), and apparently knew her grades.

Yep, definitely a stalker. She frowned and pulled her tie out of her hair, letting the thick, silver-grey locks of hair fall across her shoulders. She leaned forward a bit, eying him suspiciously. Of course, he is right. And I don't technically have anything to do now... She gave the slightest shrug of her shoulders. "Alright then. Let's play."

6/30/2014 #4
The Dimenssionalist

The kid's identity is a secret, thought I'd hold back that info for a while (that and I'm still not sure myself). By the way, so I don't risk having to delete a post, is MW in this?

6/30/2014 #5

Hmmm, alright, I'll allow this one time for that to be allowable. xD And as of yet, no, MW isn't in this RP. When he makes his post -- if -- then we'll had him onto the order, and he'll respond as the last person in le order.

6/30/2014 . Edited 6/30/2014 #6
The Dimenssionalist


The kid quickly mixed up the cards and set them in rows of 10x5.

"Each card has a copy somewhere. All you have to do is match the two pairs by flipping over two cards. If they match, you get to keep both. If not, well, you lose a chance. You have a limited number of chances by the way. Lose too many and you lose the game. Once you match all the cards, you win and because I like you I'll even let you keep whatever cards you get, win or lose!"

6/30/2014 #7

Scurvy laughed outright, shaking her head and wondering just what the heck she had gotten herself into. "A matching game? Are you serious? Ah, well, if I get to keep the cards, I suppose it's worth it." She glanced at each individual card, cracking her fingers as if she were about to get into a fist fight. She glanced up at the boy and winked. "I'm known for being notoriously lucky, so you can go first. Besides, I wanna see what all goes down before trying my hand at it."

6/30/2014 #8
The Dimenssionalist

"No luck in this game, only skill and intelligence! For instance,"

The boy flipped over two cards. Both Life Blade.

"See? I was smart enough to memorize the cards!"

6/30/2014 #9

Scurvy smirked. Nothing to do with luck? Fine. Did she believe that? Of course not. Luck helped a little bit in every circumstance, even if most people refused to acknowledge it.

"That simple, huh? Very well." She flipped over two cards, both of which were fairies. A lopsided grin formed in her face, and as she picked out a piece of lettuce stuck between her teeth she asked, "What's your name anyway, kid? Haven't seen ya around before."

6/30/2014 #10
The Dimenssionalist

"The name is Raht!"

The kid, now named Raht, grinned and flipped over two more cards. Both Centaurs.

"You've never seen me, but I bet you've heard of me. Even if it's never been by my name."

6/30/2014 #11

"Raht?" She shook her head, flipping over two more cards, both Dryads. The name was peculiar at the very least. Sure, she went by Scurvy, and that's pretty odd, but it was a nickname. If Raht was his real name and not some poorly chosen alias, she would have gladly slapped his parents upside the head. She leaned back slightly, looking at the cards. "And what makes you think I've heard of you?" She nonchalantly picked her nose.

6/30/2014 #12
The Dimenssionalist

"Lot's of kids in this school have met me, even if they don't know it!"

Raht flipped over another two cards. Both Rebirth.

"Goody a rank 7 spell. Rank 7 means I get to flip again!"

Raht flipped over another two cards. Both Forest Lord.

"Rank 8 means I get to take a pair of cards from you!"

Reaching out so fast his arm could barely be seen, Raht snatched Scurvy's Dryads.

"Your move."

6/30/2014 #13

"Is that so? I suppose that's how you knew me then." Scurvy shrugged, feeling indifferent as she flipped two cards, both of which were Gnomes. She raised an eyebrow. "Any specialty there, or...?"

6/30/2014 #14
Majestic War
(Forgot that this RP was started. Alright, I'm last then!) Noxus watched with vast interest as the gruff looking somewhat battered female and the all-too-smiles-child played a unique game with one another. His scarlet red eyes flicked across to each figure and their hands as they played. "Hnnn.." He mused.
7/1/2014 #15

Alright, so with 'Jestic added to the order, it'll go: me, Di, and 'Jestic. Di, it's your turn since I was the last to post before he joined. After you it'll be me, then the order can continue normally. Make sense?

7/1/2014 #16
Majestic War
7/1/2014 #17
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