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An attempt at starting a roleplay, 'cause we were discussing it in my other forum. (Please see RULES before beginning).
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"We should go watch a match." Nolans eyes flashed with a severe case of boredom. Scurvy sighed and ket her pen plop onto the bed. She leaned against her friends shoulder. "I'm game, but what match?" "I saw Ashlin walk into the Arena." Scurvy rolled over her friend and gathered her thing, walking out of her room. "Let's go troll."
10/4/2014 #91
Majestic War
Talon snarled lowly, his mind fixated on breaking this girl in front of him. Crimson eyes darkened, axe spun once more, and the referee broke the tension by leading the two to the Arena. The redhead have him a wave and a flirty wink, and Talon responded with absolute silence.
10/4/2014 #92
Ashlin liked this boy already. He was good looking and undoubtedly tough. She was going to show him what she was all about.
10/4/2014 #93
Majestic War
Talon sighed, calming himself and his urges. He twirled the axe in his hand and finally spoke. Thirty seconds. "So..Ashlin. You look too...pretty--" he spat the word out with a fair amount of disgust, "--to be fighting."
10/4/2014 #94
Ashlin winked at him. "I'm a master at surprising people. Just wait and see." Scurvy and Nolan walked into the spectator stands just as she said that. Scurvy groaned. "She should've been born a blonde." Then her attention averted to Talon. She groaned again and plopped down beside Nolan, who raised an eyebrow but didnt question her.
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Majestic War
Talon spun the axe in his hand again, eyes flashing. "Doubtful." He muttered. Ten seconds.
10/4/2014 #96
"Are you sure?" She smiled sweetly. Nolan visibly cringed and Scurvy damn near threw up.
10/4/2014 #97
Majestic War
Talon almost blanched and cleared his throat awkwardly as the match began. "So...er...what surprises me?"
10/4/2014 #98
"Why don't you come and see?" She winked again. Scurvy rolled her eyes. "Just end the fight already someone." She glared at Nolan, who had somehow dragged her here to watch two flirts fight it out. He si.ply chuckled and said, "You like being mad."
10/4/2014 #99
Majestic War
Talon growled in annoyance before unleashing a guttural roar and darting towards her. He brandished the axe and planted his feet on the ground, pulling the pole arm into a wide swing. His long hair swung around his neck annoyingly, and he snarled at it, switching directions, and aiming for Ashlin's legs.
10/4/2014 #100

Ashlin nimbly sidestepped out of the way, twirling and planting a light kiss on Talon's cheek before kicking a heeled foot into his stomach, juiced up with Pyromancy flame, though it was a light kick.

"Ashlin thinks she knows how to play." Scurvy snorted. Nolan shook his head as if to say 'what a disgrace, but he didn't make any verbal slurs. Yet.

10/4/2014 #101
Majestic War
Talon backpeadled slightly, raising a finger. "Hang on." He drew a dagger from his belt, and sliced off his long hair, letting the wbony locks fall to the ground. His remaining hair stretched to his neck, lined with spikes and straight pointed strands. He inhaled deeply and twirled the axe. "Alright then, Ashlin. Let's dance." He spun the dagger in his left hand, and circled her, studying her posture for openings. His eyes narrowed accusingly.
10/4/2014 #102

Ashlin was watching Talon's every move with a smile. Nolan began tapping his finger against his leg in irritation, then it was his teeth. Then he started laughing to himself and shaking his head, ebony hair swaying with his movements. Scurvy felt herself smile. 3...2...1...

" Just slay her already!" Nolan shot forward in his seat, pale hands clutching at the seat in front of him as he hollered at the combatants.

10/4/2014 #103
Majestic War
Talon glanced up at the stands, noticing Scurvy and Nolan. He paused for a moment, shrugged and then nodded in response. He turned back to Ashlin, and his gaze darkened, face taking on a serious expression. He stabbed the blades of the axe into the ground and closed his eyes, standing stock-still.
10/4/2014 #104

"That's not slaying her. That's not--" Scurvy grabbed Nolan's hand and pulled him into his seat, petting his hair.

"Shhhh, Nolan, it's gonna happen." She soothed in a half-teasing, half-motherly voice. Maybe.

[EDIT: Majorly shipping Nolan and Scurvy right now and I don't even know why.}

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Majestic War
(Shipshipship!) Talon stood still, inhaling and exhaling in sync with the voices in his head. "Fight.." He muttered. "Fight..." He waited for the slightest movement, waiting for Ashlin to even breathe. (Sorry, was on the phone.)
10/4/2014 #106
Ashlin took a tentative stwp forward, eyes flashing. "She dead." Nolan commented, slapping Scurvy's hand away from his head and staring riveted at the not-so-riveting fight.
10/4/2014 #107
Majestic War
Talon's eyes snapped open and time seemed to slow as optical pools of crimson glowed brightly. Within seconds, a wraith, a scarecrow, a skeletal dragon and two ghouls flanked Talon, armed to the tooth. The nineteen year old rest the crescent blades of the axe on Ashilin's neck, mustering all his strength despite having no mana left. "Killing blow," he whispered, and the referee blew the whistle as Talon sank to the ground, trying to focus, but failing.
10/4/2014 #108
Scurvy threw her arms back, an "oh really" look etched into her face. Nolan quirked an eyebrow. "Did he just steal your move?" A nod. Ashlin stated dazed at Talon. Scurvy stared hatefully at Talon. Nolan just rested his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling.
10/4/2014 #109
Majestic War
Talon glanced at Scurvy and Nolan and grinned. He held up five fingers. He'd cast five spells simultaneously. Scurvy had only cast three. His grin grew wider and he closed his eyes as he was carried away by the Thuergists.
10/4/2014 #110
"He seriously thinks he's better than me? Five spells?" Scurvy shook her head. Nolan glanced at her. "What's up?" "I dueled him earlier. Beat him with a three spell combo. I didnt feel like being dragged away. Now he thinks thats my limit." Scurvy shook her head. "Damned idiot thinks after one fight he knows my strength."
10/4/2014 #111
Majestic War
Talon mustered the last of his strength and held up another five fingers. Ten. Ten spells wasn't his limit, but it was his preferred method when sparring with Dworgyn. Any more and he'd draw on the power of Thalomir and forcibly age himself.
10/4/2014 #112

Scurvy leaned over the seat and held up ten fingers, then closed her fists and made another ten. 20 spells wss her absolute limit at the moment. She wasnt done training though. There was still much to learn. She slumped back in the seat, pouting. And she didnt rely hunchbacks and ancestors for her strength. Nolan smirked and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

Edit: OP Scurvy ftw. Too bad 20 spells damn near kills her...literally.

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Majestic War
Talon lost consciousness and failed to see Ashilin staring at him, or Nolan wrap an arm around Scurvy.
10/4/2014 #114
Majestic War
(Talon's absolute limit is fifty-two, but if he goes that far, then he's using Inheritance. His limit without inheritance is 30 simultaneously, but he will die before that. And I don't mean cough up blood, I mean he will literally vaporize if he isn't using Inheritance. And fifty two during Inheritance kills him, too. Talon's pretty fragile despite his strength and his power. He's reckless and doesn't use it right.
10/4/2014 #115

"Should we go see him?" Nolan asked. Scurvy paused.

"You can if you must."

"But I want to stay with you."

"You're too damn clingy, Nol." Even so, she stood and let Nolan lead her away to Bartleby knows where.

Another note: No, they aren't a couple..yet...DUNDUNDUN. And by the time Scurvs is Battlematron, her limit is much higher (next to Ambrose, she's considered the strongest in terms of natural power.) I don't know the exact linit quite yet though.

10/4/2014 . Edited 10/4/2014 #116
Majestic War
(XD) Talon inhaled and exhaled, cracking his eyes open. He didn't feel quite so pepped, but he was tired.
10/4/2014 #117

Nolan knocked on the door to Talons room, glancing at a fuming Scurvy. "C'mon Scurv. Scared someone might finally be stronger than you?"

"No!" Scurvy replied indignantly. Nolan smirked and shook his head.

10/4/2014 #118
Majestic War

Author Note: TALON WHY YOU SO WEAK. Just kidding. By the time Scurvy is Battlematron (Which may be at the end of the epilogue of DASR), Talon will be dead. And no, this isn't a spoiler, you should've seen that coming.

Talon glanced around the room, yawned obnoxiously and rolled over, sleep consuming him. "G'night..." He muttered.

10/4/2014 #119

I added a battle style to RP profile to better define her battling and weaknesses.

Nolan knocked again, this time more loudly. Scurvy tapped her foot impatiently against the ground.

10/4/2014 #120
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