Wizard101 Roleplay!
An attempt at starting a roleplay, 'cause we were discussing it in my other forum. (Please see RULES before beginning).
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Majestic War

Talon growled impatiently, throwing the sheets off of his body, not caring if he was bare-chested or not. He threw the door open, a snarl etched on his face. "The fuck d'ya wan--Oh." He paused at the sight of Scurvy and Nolan. "Sorry about that. What is it?"

10/4/2014 #121

"Just wanted to see how you were after the match." Nolan said with a glance at Scurvy. The silver-haired girl snorted in a very unladylike fashion.

"I miss the old, mean you sometimes, Nol." Nolan smirked before turning to Talon.

"Mind if we come in?"

10/4/2014 #122
Majestic War

Talon shrugged and stepped away from the door. He allowed the duo to come in, and covered his axe with the pillows and sheets before clearing his throat. "So..."

10/4/2014 #123

Nolan settled on the couch while Scurvy surveyed her surroundings. She glared at Nolan as if to ask why he'd brought her here. Nokan shrugged before turning to Talon. "How'd you like your opponent?"

10/4/2014 #124
Majestic War

Talon coughed. "Uh...is she your friend?" His knuckles turned white, and he gripped the hilt of his axe.

10/4/2014 #125
Majestic War

(Double post, whoops.)

10/4/2014 . Edited 10/4/2014 #126

Scurvy let out one of her snorting laughs. "Sure we are! Best friends for life! Forever and always!"

"Meaning no." Nolan clarified as Scurvy slumped down beside him on the couch. "She's an overconfident flooze."

"Been chasing Nolans tail and biting mine since our novice years." Scurvy spat in disgust.

10/4/2014 #127
Majestic War

Talon retched. "She's too pretty. It disgusts me." He gripped his axe tighter. "I just want to crush her skull, and bash her brains in."

10/4/2014 #128

"Too pretty?" Scurvy questioned. "Since when were porcelain dolls ever considered pretty?"

"Since you joined Ravenwood, miss atrocity." Nolan teased. Scurvy slapped him across the face, albeit lightly, before leaning against his arm. She was deep in thought, likely over some homework or class she missed out on.

10/4/2014 #129
Majestic War

Talon had to question.

"Are you two a couple?"

His face remained innocent, and his eyes swept over the duo almost encouragingly, as if he enjoyed seeing them together.

10/4/2014 #130

"Yeah, no." Scurvy shrugged. "Like I said before, most of my friends are boys. He's one of em." She patted Nolan on the leg. "I need to finish that essay you dragged me away from."

"Fine then. I'll visit you later today or in the morning." Scurvy nodded before porting away in a blast of green light.

10/4/2014 . Edited 10/4/2014 #131
Majestic War

Talon chuckled. "You like her, don't you, Nolan?"

10/4/2014 #132

"Of course I do." When he realized what Talon meant he blushed and caught himself. "She's my best friend."

10/5/2014 #133
Majestic War

Talon let out a laugh. "Take good care of her, kid. Now get out so I can sleep." He crawled into bed besides the axe and closed his eyes, indicating that he wanted Nolan to leave.

10/5/2014 #134

Surprised Nolan exited the room with a sigh, closing the door behind him. Why does everyone think I like Scurv?

10/5/2014 #135
Majestic War
Talon shut his eyes tightly, expecting Ashilin to walk in and "check on him". He steadied his breathing and gripped his axe tightly.
10/5/2014 #136
Majestic War
(Shipping Talon and Ashilin and I dunno why)
10/5/2014 #137

Ashlin knocked on door with three rythmic punches, eyes sparkling.

Meanwhile, Nolan was back at Scurvy's side, working with her on a joint project side by side on the bed.

10/5/2014 #138
Majestic War
"Come in," Talon croaked, afraid of what would happen next.
10/5/2014 #139

Ashlin strutted in, eyes wide aand innocent. "Hi..." she said quietly.

10/5/2014 #140
Majestic War
Talon raised an eyebrow. She didn't look so porcelain and fragile. She looked a bit scarred now. He took interest. "Hi." He responded back. "Why are you here?"
10/5/2014 #141

"Just wanted to see how you were." Her eyes flashed admiringly. "Only Kerstin has ever been able to use mass spellcasting as well you did."

10/5/2014 #142
Majestic War

Talon raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Who's Kerstin? And PSH. Trust me, the most spells I can do use at once are thirty. But then that might really hurt."

EDIT: Talon forgets that he's not wearing a shirt.

10/5/2014 . Edited 10/5/2014 #143

"You might know her as sscurvy." She scrunched her nose at the name, like it disgusted. "And I think her max is only 20, or at least that's the most I've seen her do. The witch is full of surprises. And herself."

10/5/2014 #144
Majestic War

Talon's eyes narrowed, but he remained silent. "What's the real reason you're here?" He scratched absently at a scar on his chest, stare fixated on her face.

10/5/2014 #145

Ashlin stared at his muscular chest before shaking her head and responding. "Do you think you can beat Kerstin in a fight?"

10/5/2014 #146
Majestic War
Talon thumped his chest proudly. "If Valerian says I can, then of course!" He said with a lopsided grin. "Why?"
10/5/2014 #147

"That bitch thinks she's so great just because she's mastered all the schools!" Ashlin snapped suddenly. She grabbed his hand staring at him intensely in the face. "Everyome thinks she some fighting prodigy. I want you to prove that silver haired freak is a fake."

10/5/2014 #148
Majestic War

Talon growled lowly. "She isn't a fake. I won't prove anything. Don't talk bad about Scurvy again. She is great." He answered, ignoring the fact that she had grabbed his hand. "What else do you want?"

10/5/2014 #149

Ashlin frowned and let go. "Nothing." She stiod and started walking out.

10/5/2014 #150
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