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I would recommend anything by Kernil Crash on her site 'Crash Debris': In particular, try 'Child of the Night' for a nice long and tear-jerking novella (my personal favourite!). It's h/c mainly, dark in places and features the crew with some very poignant characterisations. Also try 'Cloths of Heaven' and it's sequels for a conflicted look at the Crichton/Aeryn relationship that certainly reflected my bitter feelings towards Aeryn at particular points in the timeline. For more stories, look in the great 'Leviathan Automated Archive' for pretty much any character-centric, genre, season or pairing fic you could want: 'Return to Sender' by Annigmatic is a really good fic here that's worth reading if, like me, you're intrigued by the whole Scorpius/John dynamic. As for stories on, I loved 'You Can Never Go Back' by Cathy6 (ID: 1194331) as a sad, rather dark look at Aeryn and John, and 'On The Naming of Names' by cofax (ID: 794874) as a short and moody Pilot introspection piece that makes you go 'aww' at the end.
4/30/2006 . Edited 4/30/2006 #1
I beta'd the Cathy story and I agree--it rocked. Dark but still quite good.
8/1/2006 #2
Live journal has a lot of good stories, but I, myself, am writing one, although I miss-thought of the title so the title in the story and the actual one are two different titles LOL
3/14/2008 #3

Anything written by Maayan is basically worth reading- but her fics are soooo hard to find! The Leviathan archive has a few and some can be found scattered across various smaller archives and recc pages- but plenty are missing. If anyone knows how to contact Maayan these days, or has a secret source of her old stories (years ago I had them all on my harddrive, but that was several computers ago), please let us know where we can find them. Her stories were a really significant contribution to the Farscape fanfic world! I remember particularly liking 'Sleep While I Drive' and all the other fics that sprung up around it.

Also I suggest

Golden Apples by Betan Survey (was available on Leviathan)

Written on a Thumbnail by cofax (here at (actually, as with Maayan's stories, I'd probably recommend all of this author's fics)

In the Company of Ghosts by KodiakkeMax (at Leviathan too I believe) -- this one is a truly epic read, but you'll enjoy every minute of it.

Bellum Interruptum.... unable to remember authors name (profuse apologies); nor do i remember where I found this one- suffice to say I remembered it years later. It's a much modified Casablanca set to the Farscape universe.

5/28/2008 #4

thanks I need that *is off to read and recomend Laceym*

5/28/2008 #5
Alex Foster

Some of Maayan’s work can still be found here: I agree with the previous comments. Maayan was one of the greats in the Farscape fanfiction world.

8/19/2008 #6

Hey guys!

I'm actually looking for recs. I just finished season 4 and I'm looking for some fic to tie me over until my friend catches up with me. I don't want to watch the miniseries alone!

Some of the scenes that I found the most compelling were when Crichton took on Scorpius' personality - specifically, the interactions he had with Aeryn during those moments. They were were absolutely chilling! Are there any good fics out there that include or expand on some of these interactions?

9/7/2010 #7

I would personally LOVE to see more Scorpy/Sikozu ships, but Scorpy in general is always fun.

6/2/2011 #8
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