Book Versus Movie
What did you think of the movie? The actresses? Lena's completely changed story? Bridget's flirting? Tibby not being small and skinny? Come and discuss it!
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My favorite character is probably Lena - I'm the most like her. But Bee comes very, very close. Tibby is probably my least favorite, even though her story in "Forever in Blue" sounds the best. prongs
9/17/2006 #1
I like all of the girls. I can't choose who I like the best. I also thought Bailey was awesome. It sucks that she died.
9/18/2006 #2
Effie is cool too - In the interview with Ann Brashares, she said that Effie always steals the scenes, so she might have a bigger part. prongs
9/18/2006 #3
Yeah, Effie is cool. I wish she would have been in the movie.
9/19/2006 #4
My favourites are Tibby, Effie, and Bailey. It sucks that she died... :\
9/23/2006 #5
OHMIGOD- BAILEY!! It was the only reason people like cried in that was SO sad...- she was the most loveable character portrayed, like WOW portrayed, and I can bet that actress will have a jumpstart career if she doesn't already...
10/3/2006 #6
The actress who played Bailey was AMAZING! I loved her! I cried for other reasons though... at the sleepover with Carmen and Tibby, when Carmen phoned her dad, when Bailey died, and something else, I think. prongs
10/5/2006 #7
Yeah, Bailey rocked. I loved her. It was sad that she died.
10/16/2006 #8
I like both Bee and Blake Lively
12/8/2006 #9
Yeah, Blake did an awesome job with Bee's part.
12/12/2006 #10
Bee and Lena are my favorites, in both the movie and the book. Well, I can't choose for the movie, but I've never connected with Tibby as much as the other girls in the books. Lena is the most like I am in real life. But I like Carmen too.
12/12/2006 #11
12/13/2006 #12
Hey, that's cool. I like all of the girls because they are all cool in their own way. I think I relate to Carmen and maybe Tibby the most.
1/16/2007 #13
I am most like Bridget. IM kinda shy like Lena, but i play soccer like bridget and I sometimes I go for wat I want but not guys. My hair is black with ONE strand of blonde hair.
1/16/2007 #14
Tibby is so hard 2 relate 2. i love bee bcuz she has all the attitude i wish i had. lena and carmen r ok. i like win. he sounds like a gr8 guy. and kostos and bailey
3/25/2007 #15
I am just like Bee. I play soccer, and im average for my age. Im still growing. I just dont have blonde hair though :( I wish I did though :(
3/26/2007 #16
Hey, that's cool that you're like Bee.
4/2/2007 #17
ya. Soccer is my special.
4/2/2007 #18
I'm sorta like Carmen because I love to write. But I like the other girls too.
4/17/2007 #19
I can relate to Carmen and Lena the most, because of their interests and backgrounds. And yeah, Bailey was awesome.
7/7/2007 #20
Yea I like Lena.
7/7/2007 #21
I like all of the Sisterhood. And Bailey rocked.
7/19/2007 #22
Oh I hated Bailey
7/19/2007 #23
Oh, really? I didn't know that. --prongs
7/20/2007 #24
I was attached to Bailey from the start. But when I heard the word "leukemia" I was almost positive she would not survive. Why did you hate her, 2cool4skool2?
8/8/2007 #25
How could anyone hate Bailey? She was awesome. I, too, am curious as to why you hate her, 2cool4skool2?
8/20/2007 #26
I saw the movie today, and seriously, no movie has made me cry quite as much. I cried the most when Tibby watched that video that Bailey made. She was a really amazing person.
8/21/2007 #27
I had tears in my eyes when Tibby saw Bailey at the hospital and wanted to give her the Pants.
9/5/2007 #28
I had tears in my eyes during that scene, too, but I mostly got teary during the video scene, like I said, and also when Tibby and Carmen were trying to help Bee cope with her mother's death. That got me seriously choked up.
9/5/2007 #29
My favorite characters have to be Bailey and Carmen.
9/13/2007 #30
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