Wizards of Waverly Place Roleplay
So, this is after the Tournament, so Max is mortal, and Justin and Alex are now full wizards. Create new characters, or roleplay characters that already exist. Join in and become a wizard, werewolf, or even a vampire.
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5/25/2014 #1

Name: Nicole Star

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Species: Wizard

Background: Nicole was born from Julia and Danny Star, both who are wizards. Nicole is one of three, being the middle child. She is siblings with Taylor(Female) Star and Jason(Male) Star. She has been training to be a wizard since she was three years old, and they have lived on Waverly Place since Jason(the oldest) was born. Now, they are starting to prepare for the Wizard Tournament. She is also dating a wizard boy named Sam Nelson.

Extra: She speaks some Spanish, and has a pet dog(A maltese named Bear)

5/25/2014 #2

*Name: Damien Russo

*Gender: Male

*Age: 15

*Species: Wizard

*Background: Damien is a long lost child from the Russo's. He turned evil so Theresa and Jerry had to lock him up in Wizard Prison. It was hard for them to do so as he was just a little child. He was Justin's best friend. Professor Crumbs saw evil in him, he had to be put away. Justin's memory of him had to be erased as quickly as possible. Damien was a Russo, no longer.

In prison Damien had grown better and seen bad in prison. He uses his power for good which helped him get out of prison early. Damien is now going to be reunited with his family. However they have no idea what his true intentions are.

Extra: Damien has black hair and he's about 5" 10. He has been in prison for 8 years. He can sometimes be aggressive but he is usually extremely funny. He's smart and cunning. In prison Damien has grown and trained himself to become a very powerful Wizard!

8/14/2014 #3
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