Looking for Guardians of Ga'Hoole Role-Players
I've been in a RP group in Facebook but the community is falling apart now. Right now, we are looking for new people to join in.
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If you want to join in I want to know about your OC and if it has any kind of ability. I would strongly discourage abilities like: reviving from the dead, instant-death attacks, shape shifting, super strength and other super stuff, and powerful nachtmagen.

Post if you want to join in and I will soon post in a link from Facebook.

5/28/2014 #1
I have never done a serious role play before but I have looked over some a and would love to do it
6/2/2014 #2

You can post here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guardians-of-GaHoole-OOC-Discussion-Page/1432226780360170 One of the problems we have with our RP community is the lack of role-players. But there was a lot of us back then.

6/2/2014 #3
Well I'm willing to start it off and give it a shot And judging by the face book page the story line seems to be rather complex yet simple I'm sure I could bring in several interesting characters wherever that may be I am rather excited on trying to do this so keep me informed
6/9/2014 #4
Another note after reading all the text on the face book page are there any limits/guidelines that need to be followed for characters development/back story and the story line , do you have a spacific plot line in mind , or does anything go?
6/10/2014 #5
Another note after reading all the text on the face book page are there any limits/guidelines that need to be followed for characters development/back story and the story line , do you have a spacific plot line in mind , or does anything go?
6/10/2014 #6

There are a few limitations in character development, like special abilities. Shape shifting, super anything, defying the laws of physics, and defying death. These are just sample of "prohibited" skills that your character can have.

The current era in our role-play community is still on King Soren's reign. But it shouldn't limit your capabilities to think of a background story for your character.

6/10/2014 #7
What about wepons I'm guessing that there are no guns , or are there ?
6/10/2014 #8

Nope, no guns. Only battle claws, swords/ice swords, ice splinters, or anything that you can improvise in the battlefield. Like What the Band did with the sticks by setting the tip on fire.

6/10/2014 #9
Trying to have all the bases covered
6/10/2014 #10
So soren is king and the alliances between the north and south of broken up. There is no war just yet but it could break out at a wrong move from either side. So currently they are in kind of a state of cold war. Will get gaurdians be cut off from the north thus a shortage of ice wepons or is everything the same but they just don't like each other very mutch
6/10/2014 #11

There was a small skirmish that happened during the patrol at the Northern Kingdoms. An officer was injured during the fight and stated that a guardian attacked him. After a couple of weeks, a small forest at the Northern Kingdoms was burned down killing a couple of owls and a thousand homeless. They also stated that the owls who burned down the forest are guardians.

6/10/2014 #12
Someone is definitely itching for a chance to extract revenge on the gaurdians through self inflicted a tacks then passing the blame
6/10/2014 #13
The gaurdians may know about these events but do they know that the blame has been tacked on them . If they do know they will most likely engage in peace talks that may or may not work
6/10/2014 #14

Of course, there will be peace talks but it may depend on the outcome of the current situation.

6/13/2014 #15
Ok I've thought it ought and I might have a character developed for this... I've been busy the last few days though
6/17/2014 #16
Name gyro species Great Horned owl Affiliation gaurdians He is a very skilled blacksmith that has been working on what he calls a "impact amplifying slider sword" but after an incident that sent him and two other owls crashing into the tree he is no longer allowed to initiate large scale testing of his devices on the island this leads to him regularly leaving the tree for days at a time for testing this leads to him stumbling upon interesting places and things he is quite friendly and will drop everything to assist anyone with a reasonable problem even if he isn't exactly qualafied for the job Appearance. He has the blackened look of a blacksmith but yet all for his secondary father's are a pure white and have never dulled despite being a blacksmith
6/17/2014 #17

Sounds interesting and cool.

Do you have any RP experience in the past our this issue your first?

6/17/2014 #18
This is my first
6/18/2014 #19
So 8 that case if you have any thing to say good or bad I won't take offense to it :)
6/18/2014 #20

I apologize about my previous post, it looks like the auto-correct in my tablet got me. And, just be careful on what you're gonna say to the other role-players. Here's some basics. Type in the words you're gonna say in a post, comment or your own post. Whatever you type is your characters dialogue. Please refrain using any human curses, only Ga'Hoolian curses are allowed. Type in an asterisk (*) if your going to make an action, open and close.

Type in "(ooc)" if you yourself, not your character, wants to talk. You can use this for clarifications or to ask if someone is online.

6/19/2014 #21

ok then sounds pretty basic and understandable

first person perspective, written different from a narrative, writing remains in-character, a couple of rules of how to write it,

is there any thing else i need to know?

6/19/2014 . Edited 6/19/2014 #22

Do you already know how to make a character in Facebook?

6/19/2014 #23

...possibly but i'm not sure.

just in case could you tell me anyway please?

6/19/2014 . Edited 6/19/2014 #24

Go to Facebook and go to the drop box, where you log out, and pick "create page". After that, choose "entertainment" and press the drop box and pick "fictional character". And I guess you can do the rest. Just ask me if you need some help.

6/19/2014 #25
Ok ...wow I have never done that before but I think I did a pretty good job of it though I made one for gyro and another one from a character that I thought of years ago ...Kira. in any case I set their websites to the oc Facebook page
6/19/2014 #26
Kira's page. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=248004948728382
6/19/2014 #27
Gyros page https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=750813738304152
6/19/2014 #28

for some reason the page didn't work for me. is this still going?

6/22/2015 #29
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