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Beyond the Oblivion

This is where the Academy students will go to class, hand out with friends at lunch and learn about the currently used Magic Circuit used in Machine Doll's.

6/10/2014 #1
Beyond the Oblivion
Elessar sat at his desk in class and watched the teacher scribble away on the board discussing Types of heart circuits for automatons. "Mr crescent, what is the heart circuits used in your own automatons?" Professor Kimberly asked "The Eden Vital, I built them myself," Elessar replied, getting curious looks from other students and fellow puppeteers
6/10/2014 #2

(Is this the beginning of the rp? If so...)

(A good distance away from Elessar sat 3 girls of varying ages. One girl with long red hair and strange yellow eyes looked out the window, daydreaming. However, the girl sitting next to her focused on the lesson and was amazed at Elessar's response. She has light brown hair and brown eyes.)

Lizzie: You built the device inside me?!

(Lastly, another girl sat next to her, but she had her head down on the desk. Then she raised her head, she had been slightly conscious, and raised her hand. This girl has red hair and brown eyes.)

Mary: I need a drink...Professor, is there any wine around here?

Rei: Mary, you can't drink alcohol in the middle of class! Plus, you don't ask for that kind of stuff in school, even if you are of age!

Mary: You and Lizzie are no fun, Rei...

6/11/2014 . Edited 6/11/2014 #3
Beyond the Oblivion
Elessar turned ti face Lizzie "Aye, I designed and built them, but I doubt you have the Eden Vital heart, those have not been released for mass production, I would further assume that you were fitted with the Eden Heart Mk6" Elessar replied cooly as he watched Lizzie. "So we have a genius in our midst, wonderful" Professor Kimberly moved on to explain how the Eden Mk6 had been built to allow an ignition boost for combat. Elessar turned his gaze to the outside world, watching others on the field as the trained.
6/11/2014 #4

(After class, Rei sat in a window to read, hopefully to learn something new or to remember something she'd forgotten. Lizzie joined her, but Mary went to go drink from her personal wine bottle, which she hid during the day.)

Lizzie: You got amnesia and Mary gets high, yet I'm always wondering about myself. Remember anything yet?

Rei: My memory's not going to come back every time I open a book, Liz. Give it time. I wish I knew where you and Mary came from.

Lizzie: I told you: Just think of us as your Guardian Angels.

Rei: You did save my life. Also, wonder why I'm here, I'm not that good of a puppeteer, in my opinion.

Lizzie: Your good enough.

(As Rei read, wings popped out of her back, but she didn't notice, and they faded away.)

6/11/2014 . Edited 6/11/2014 #5
Beyond the Oblivion

The was a loud and sudden explosion on the campus field, students and puppeteers alike turned their gaze to see what was the commotion.

Elessar stood a midst the chard and ruined ground, untouched by the fire that had been thrown at him. He looked up to see a wyvern automaton above, and stood on a bench was a girl in his class. Her silver hair swaying in the breeze.

"Mr Crescent I challenge you to a dual" she spoke. "I accept" Elessar replied cooly, before shadows rose around him to form two white haired girls. "Val, Cecelia, destroy the wyvern" Elessar spoke softly, gently tapping the girls shoulders.

The two grils blurred out of sight before reappearing above the wyvern, each throwing a powerful axe kick that sent the Wyvern spiraling to the ground. Further more Cecelia raised her had and with a swift swing, released a bolt of lightning that tore through the wyverns wings, whereas Valkyrie used her shadow ability to pin the beast in place.

Elessar placed his palms together before murmuring "First Trigram, release" any sensory type puppeteer or Automaton would have felt the sudden increase in the mans magical output. Elessar walked up to the wyvern and plunged her fist into the automatons chest before ripping out its Eden Mk6 circuit heart.

"Game over" Elessar tossed the heart over to his challenger before walking away with Valkyrie adn Cecelia in tow.

6/11/2014 . Edited 6/11/2014 #6

(Students and puppeteers watched in shocked silence as Elessar walked by.)

Rei: I'm certainly not better than him...

Lizzie: I don't think anyone is...I've never felt such an increase of magical output before...

Mary: (Drunk) HEY! WHAT CHA' LOOKIN' AT?!

(Rei and Lizzie just pointed, dumbstruck, at the damaged automaton. Rei wanted to congratulate Elessar, Cecelia, and Valkyrie, but she was too nervous.)

6/11/2014 . Edited 6/12/2014 #7
Beyond the Oblivion

One of the nearby puppeteers over heard Rei and Lizzie, walking over she spoke

"You've obviously not seen Magnus, he has six Machine Dolls and is considered the strongest in the school, though, after seeing how quick that battle was. Well, I'd be sure to clear the area should him and Magnus every fight" The sighed, checked her academic diary she headed to her next class.


Elessar sighed as she stood ontop of the bell tower, he had a deep forbodding that some bad luck was coming his way.

6/12/2014 . Edited 6/12/2014 #8

Mary: Magma?

Rei: Mag-nus.

(Later, Rei saw Elessar on top of the Bell Tower and panicked: Rei thought he might jump! Heedless of the crowd around...)


6/12/2014 #9
Beyond the Oblivion

there was a deep whistle as an object was propelled through the air.

Elessar lurched forward and jumped from the tower, with a twist of his body, he threw his fist down into the shell and a rocket.

With naught but sheer strength of his own body Elessar drove the rockt straight down into the ground, releasing an explosion that ripped up the surround ground within 20 meters as well as part of the tower.

A midst the flames, Elessar stood, his jacket and T-shirt having been burned away, leaving his toned chest bare and slight burnt.

"Winter's Fury, assemble" he murmured and all seven of his Bandolls appeared around him. He waited for the next thing to come, but it didn't.

((time to spice things up, have some random Puppeteer challenge Elessar soon, make strong to push Ele to using 3 trigrams))

6/12/2014 #10


Lizzie: Now, THAT is what I call going out with a bang.

Rei: That was amazing...

*Here's your opponent. Temporary OC.*

???: I could do just as good, if not more so.

(Everyone turns to see a girl with reddish-brown hair, skin the color of the inside of an almond, and grey eyes. Around her stood 3 bandolls: A boy with blue hair and green eyes. Another boy with sandy-blond hair and blue eyes, and a girl with red hair and turquoise eyes.)

Girl: I'm Whitney. My codename is White Wind. These are my 3 extremely powerful bandolls: Sony, Taylor, and Ami. I'll give a real challenge, Elessar Crescent, if you want a piece of me.

6/12/2014 . Edited 6/13/2014 #11
Beyond the Oblivion
Elessar looked at Whitney and sighed, he check ked his watch. 13:00 pm "save it for the evening party, we'll do battle then, I do winder if your dolls will last against the Winter Fury, rank eight of the rounds" Elessar causally began ti walk away with his puppets following close behind.
6/13/2014 #12

Whitney: We'll see... (Starts to walk away.)


Whitney: It's Whitney...

Lizzie: Never mind. She's drunk. (Covers Mary's mouth and drags her off to the dorm, Rei follows.)

(As expected, everyone is at the evening party.)

6/13/2014 #13
Beyond the Oblivion
Elessar walked our from the shadows of the stands, his seven machine dolls surrounded him almost protectively. His face was unreadable, as always, even Magnus watches with curious eyes. "so, White Wind, are you prepares to face defeat?" Elessar asked as he waited for her response and first move to start the battle. "we are to win at all costs, you know the plan, girls" Elessar whispered almost silently to his girls.
6/14/2014 #14

Whitney: Excuse me, but I think you the one whose going to lose this time, pal! Sony, Taylor, Ami, let's see if our training in status and soul is enough to combat a few new tricks!

(Soon, it was obvious: Sony, Taylor, and Ami shared status's in speed, flight, and strength, respectively. Whitney had to use her pieces of her soul to allow her bandolls to use these abilities and that could be dangerous... Sony's speed reached such intensity, he was starting to move faster than the speed and he curled into a ball, knocking into Cecelia, Fae, and Valkyrie with the force of a cannonball!)

Taylor was a good flyer, previously being a Kabutomushi (Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle), but he had tons of projectile weaponry on him such as swords, guns, aura, axes, it was like an attack couldn't touch him! He attacked Lucelia, and Scarlett without moving from his stance.)

(Ami tore out iron, rock, metal, ect. to attack or protect herself from Asuna and Mia!)

6/14/2014 . Edited 6/14/2014 #15
Beyond the Oblivion

Mia jumped back and stayed in a protective stance at Elessar's side.

Cecelia and Valkyrie avoided Sony's attack whereas Fae screamed at the top of her lungs and released a sonic boom that blocked Sony's advance. Grabbing the boys clothes Cecelia luanched Sony back at Whitney with the power of G-force.

Lucelia and Scarlett merely blurred out of Taylors weapon range before Lucelia threw a fire ball at him whilst Scarlett kicked at the air and sent a crack shooting directly at Taylor.

Asuna, however, also barracaded herself with earth, and with a slight shift of her foot, sent two solid steel spikes straight through Ami's feet, essential pinning the girl in place.

Now it was Mia's turn. The girl formed a large bow from pure white energy, along her line of sight an arrow formed, drawn and ready yo fire. She waited her masters command.

6/15/2014 #16

(Whitney ducks as Sony zooms over her head. Luckily, Sony flipped over and his feet hit the wall, which he used to launch toward Fae and struck her in the gut with his "Homing Cannonball" attack again and used Sonic Step left and right to avoid Cecelia and Valkyrie.)

(Lucelia's fireball and Scarlett's crack were fast and Taylor did receive some form of damage, but it was merely just shock because Taylor's "Projectile Shield" ability sent they're attacks back at them!)

(Whitney used most of her will to power-up Ami's strength and the spikes started giving way, but not fast enough! So, Ami used "Screwdriver Punch" to make the spikes crumble!)

Whitney: Way to go, Ami! Ha, beat that, Elessar!

6/15/2014 . Edited 6/15/2014 #17
Beyond the Oblivion
Elessar sighed. The fire dispersed and the crack stopped completely after Taylor had tried to send it back. "my girls gifts are impossible to send back or uses against them," the man explained. He nodded once. Mia took aim as Elessar opened his first trigram. "push her to her limit, but dint kill her" elessar breathed, so low only Mia could hear him. The girl nodded and set her sights on the ground before Whitney, then she released the arrow. The energy arrow vanished and sunk itself into the ground before Whitney. "Lets see how loyal your puppets are!" Elessar called out as he snapped his fingers, the energy arrow glowed brightly before suddenly exploding violently.
6/16/2014 #18

(Whitney screamed as she realized she couldn't hope to land safely, so Sony dashed to her rescue, Ami covering him. Enraged at Mia, Taylor whipped a Snake Sword at her, which extends like; a whip, but has little metal shards along it. Instead of attacking Mia's body, he knocked the bow and arrow from her hands. Afraid they might attack Whitney again, Sony stood in front of her as Ami went to join Taylor.)

Whitney: My bandolls are extremely loyal and they care about each other as well!

6/16/2014 . Edited 6/16/2014 #19
Beyond the Oblivion
Elessar shrugged at Whitneys words. Mia kept her hand extended as the bow dispersed, her hand caught the snake sword and with an incredible pull, she dragged Taylor into the ground before releasing the sword and discarding it. Keeping her hand out before her, the dispersed energy reformed in her hand to reform the bow. "my bows are made of energy, there cannot be destroyed."
6/16/2014 #20

Taylor: (Gets up and dusts himself off, but he was wobbling) I...wasn't try-trying to...destroy it, but I guess I can't disarm you so easily.

(Swiftly, Ami grabbed the ground and flipped it upwards, so it acted like Domino's, and hit Mia, knocking her down and making her disoriented. Then, Taylor jumped on her and, using one of inventions, shocked her.)

6/16/2014 #21
Beyond the Oblivion

When Taylor pounced on Mia, Elessar moved. Everything seemed to freeze, like time had stopped. Elessar's foot swung round adn shashed into Taylors chest before the boy could shock Mia.

Elessar sent Taylor flying back across the battlefield to Whitney.

"Master" Mia staggered to her feet before shaking herself and re focusing, her bow reforming again.

Suddenly Scarlett adn Valkyrie appeared above Taylor and Ami, Scarlett split the air around them and formed a cage whilst Valkyrie used the shadows to lock them in place by pinning their feet to the ground.

"Cecelia" Elessar spoke, his first Machine doll appeared before him, facing Taylor and Ami, she snapped her fingers before plunging her hand between teh cracks in the air. Lightning exploded from her hand scattering everywhere wihtin the cage.

Bolts of lightning struck both Ami and Taylor with enough force to shatter bones and burn colthes.

"Winters Fury, triple axe kick!" Cecelia, Valkyrie and Scarlett moved as one each kicking ami and Taylor in the chest with a force that sent the pair firing back across the battle field.

'Dam, this is taking too long' Elessar thought as he felt the trembling of his muscles, he was exerting to much energy at once, he was near his 30 minute time limit.

"Second Trigram, release!" the man made a second hand sign, and suddenly his magical output doubled in strength, his trembling muscles relaxed adn his mind sharpened.

"Scarlett, Infinite Air Space!" Elessar called, Scarlett nodded and drove his fist into the ground, the air cracking rapidly in all directions with a violent intensity. Then the cracks exploded, releasing sudden bursts of hurricane force winds that tore at trees and the lights.

6/16/2014 #22

(Taylor and Ami laid, burned, on the ground. They could still attack from where they laid, but Whitney didn't want to put them through anymore pain.)

Whitney: Taylor! Ami! No, I won't lose, not now!

(Although, close to her limit as well, she shifted her will from Taylor and Ami to Sony. Sony created a "Star Tornado", which swept himself, Taylor, Ami, Cecelia, Fae, Lucelia, Scarlett, Valkyrie, Asuna, Mia, trees, lights, and some ground up! This protected Taylor and Ami as well as having the winds cut into Elessar's bandolls flesh like; knives. Also, Sony smashed the trees, rocks, and lights into them! Around and around the arena the tornado went, increasing in speed as Sony kept running in circles on the winds, refusing to be hit by any attacks!)

6/16/2014 . Edited 6/16/2014 #23
Beyond the Oblivion

Elessar sighed as he remained rooted to the ground. "You're a bigger fool than I had first thought!" He shouted out to Whitney as he made a third hand sign "Third Trigram, RELEASE!"

Elessar opened his third seal and forced more magic to flow through him.

"Winter Fury, Infinite Blizzard!" Elessar called out and his girls disappeared from sight in a sudden snow storm of flurrying snow and ice.

Cecelia was the first to move, appearing before sunny she drove her hand through his chest and grabbed his Magic Heart Circuit, ripping it from his chest.

Fae and Valkyrie were next to strike, appearing before Ami and Taylor, both ripping out the puppets heart Circuits.

Then Scarlett and Lucelia made their moved and attacked Whitney with a flurry of punches and kicks that left the woman collapsed to the ground and falling unconcsious.

When the blizzard faded Elessar slumped forward, his trigrams re-sealing and draining his magic. "It's...over" he sighed and suddenly pitched forward, his girls catching him before he could faceplant the ground. Unconcsiousness took him and the world blackened around him.

Without further word, his seven puppets carried him away to the Infirmary.

(don't leave him alone, lol)

6/17/2014 #24

(Friends rushed forward to carry Whitney and her 3 bandolls to the Infirmary as well. Rei, Lizzie, and Mary helped too. Whitney and her bandolls were 1st to recover and talked with Rei, who was sitting by Elessar.)

Rei: You were both incredible!

Whitney: Thanks, he shouldn't have called me a fool, though. He's an extraordinary dueler, but I lost some respect for him when name-calling.

Rei: Yeah...

Whitney: I've never seen you duel before.

Rei: I can't...

(Lizzie and Mary wanted to say, "I'd protect you, no matter what!" but after seeing how well Elessar dueled they weren't sure they could guarantee that.)

Whitney: Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it here.

Rei: Why are you here?

Whitney: I need money...I usually bet when I duel.

Rei: Why?

Whitney: My family is very sick...I'm leaving tomorrow to see if I can find what no one can beat me at and I'll make money that way to pay for my family's care.

6/17/2014 . Edited 6/17/2014 #25
Beyond the Oblivion
Cecelia walked over to Whitney while Elessar remained unconscious. "Toy fought well, having pushed master to releasing his third trigram is quite a feat few have managed" Cecelia kept a firm un readable gaze. Cecelia place a small side bag in Whitney's hands " Master is not one to see people suffer, take this as a token of respect" Cecelia turned and walked away as Professor Kimberly entered the room. "my what a show that was, hmm he's still out cold? My he's strong, well, I guess my next lesson will be postponed until he wakes. Unfortunately for you Whitney, because you lost the battle, you have been removed from the Rounds and evening party, you can no longer use the code name of White Wind, good luck with yo-" Professor Kimberly stopped as Magnus appeared, the man murmured something to Kimberly and the pare left quickly.
6/18/2014 #26

Rei: What was that all about?

Lizzie: Whatever it was, I don't trust Magnus...

Whitney: Good thing I'm leaving; there's really no point staying here if I can't battle or go to the evening parties. (Opens the small side bag to find a ruble of cash inside. Of course, it wasn't enough to pay for the care of her family, but it was a start.) Rei, can you promise me one thing before I leave?

Rei: What?

Whitney: I can be a bit catty when battling, but I enjoy it, and I know it takes others longer to learn than some people. When you get better, promise me you'll start battling too! Promise?

(Rei hesitates with a sober Mary, but Lizzie jumps in with, "Promise." Rei watched Whitney leave to check on he bandolls repairs. Again, Rei's angel wings appeared, but this time Lizzie, Mary, Elessar's bandolls, and the rest of the Infirmary noticed!)

6/18/2014 #27
Beyond the Oblivion
Elessars bandolls made no sound, but watched unfazed by the display. Energy shifted within Elessar, despite his unconscious state, he transferred information to Valkyrie who dispersed into nothing. "everyone, please remain calm," Cecelia spoke up "there is a group of unidentified aircrafts approaching."
6/19/2014 #28

(Rei's attention was drawn to Cecelia as her wings faded away again, but half the Infirmary was still gawking at her. Mary comforted Rei and Lizzie took over the situation.)

Lizzie: What are you all staring at?! Mind your own business! Aircraft's are more important than a pair of wings! (Rei smiled weakly at Lizzie.)

Male Student: Aircraft's? What are they for? What do they want?

6/19/2014 #29
Beyond the Oblivion

"This is why their here, this is who they're after" Cecelia gestured at Elessar, before dragging the blanket down his chest to reveal a glowing little orb embedded into his flesh.

Every so often the orb flashed brightly, sending an unseen or felt signal.

"My master was ordered to join the military, when he refused, their sentensed him to death, we have since fled to hide him from them, but activating his trgrams alters them of his location" Lucelia explained

6/19/2014 #30
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