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Beyond the Oblivion

Dragomir is the nearest town to the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart.

It's population is around 200,000 inhabitants, some are puppeteers, others are normal humans.

The town is made up of three levels of streets all set around the towns central shopping center, which has four levels, the highest of which is only available to Puppeteers.

6/10/2014 #1
Beyond the Oblivion
Elessar sighed, the morning air was cool against his face.and neck.
7/25/2014 #2

Rei: I just want to remember who I am, but I have to figure out things! Lizzie and Mary were sent to help me too! However, I guess trying to start a new chapter in my life at the same time wouldn't be so bad either: I want to learn how to connect my will with Lizzie and Mary; I know we could do some awesome techniques, if I could...

7/25/2014 #3
Beyond the Oblivion
"I can sort that out" Elessar sighed "every morning at dawn meet me at the gym, you need to hone you magic control using the academys practice puppets." Elessar explained as they approached a small shop with tattoos and piecing in the windows.
7/28/2014 #4

Rei: Elessar, I have two completely different sets of magic. Maintaining one of them leaves so little time to practice the other and I must learn how to maintain this strange one because if I let it fuse and become will kill those, who try to help me break free. That's why I tried not making any friends, but with you I feel different...Why are we at this shop?

7/28/2014 #5
Beyond the Oblivion
"you'll see," Elessar replied as the shop keeper stepped into the room. "Ah, master Elessar, welcome back, here are your keys" the dark skinned man pulled a rung of keys out from under the counter and gave them to Elessar as he passed. "Follow me" Elessar called after him, signaling for Rei to follow as he began walking down q steepish flight of stairs.
7/29/2014 #6

(Briefly, Rei murmured, "Hi. Thank you." to the dark-skinned shopkeeper, to be polite, before she followed Elessar. Since the stairs were steep, Rei tried not to slip and break her neck or someone else's.)

(Rei shifted through her regained memories as she walked: Rei knew her name, age, and other small personal things, which was something to be considered good. She learned her mother was a skilled puppeteer, even making her own bandolls, while her dad is human. Also, Rei enjoyed reading, if she liked the gene, of course. However, sadly, she couldn't remember anything about her bandoll or automaton. Plus, what was she supposed to be dong at the academy, if she couldn't contol her partners, or even her own powers, yet?)

7/29/2014 #7
Beyond the Oblivion

Elessar unlocked the door at the bottom of the stairs and entered the room beyond, flicking on the lights to reveal a massive lab, scattered across the walls were blueprints, designs, sketches, across tables and worktops where machine parts. At the far end of the room was yet another door, ice cold to touch.

"Do NOT open that door over there" Elessar said firmly as he walked into a small side room to make a call.

((Wink wink nudge nudge, she should do it))

8/1/2014 #8


(Rei tried waiting patiently for Elessar, but being curious, she edged closer and closer to the door. Finally, grabbing the doorknob shakily and fling the door open. She poked her head inside...)

Rei: Hello? Anybody in here?

8/1/2014 #9
Beyond the Oblivion

The cold air rippled out of the room beyond the door, snaking its way across the floor almost like it was alive.

With the moist cold air parting like a fog would in sunlight, the room beyond the door revealed several bodies laying on metal trays, all limp, frozen, and lifeless.

There was five girls, all around the age of 17, and two ex arm looking men and one full grown woman at teh back. Their bodies were naked and pale, yet covered by a semi transparent plastic cover.

"I thought i said bot to Open this door" Elessar's calm voice floated over to Rei.

8/2/2014 #10

(Admittedly, Rei wasn't exactly afraid, but shocked. Due to being around a drunk bandoll and an automation, who killed using axes, Rei was used to seeing people die and hurt themselves.)

Rei (Flinched when she heard Elessar's voice, but didn't turn to face him): Now I know why. What's going on here?

8/2/2014 #11
Beyond the Oblivion

"What do you think, this is a lab, tech parts everywhere, my designs covering the walls, my creations sat waiting. These bodies are here to become my new Bandolls, the difference being i am trying to use less technology" Elessar replied to her words, his aim was clear, he wanted to make a living Bandoll with as little tech as possible.

8/2/2014 #12

Rei: Then...your going to turn me into a bandoll too?

8/2/2014 #13
Beyond the Oblivion

"No, not you, these are my test subjects, two of th egirls aren't even dead, just in a deep sleep, and they volunteered so i'm not breaking any laws, the rest said i could use their bodies after they had passed to the next world, thus why that woman in the back has been here for nearly six months" Elessar replied as he took Rei by th earm and pulled her out of the freezer room, sealing the door behind him.

Moving to th ecentral desk he began tinkering with his newest design of the Eden Core Heart Circuit for Full human dolls.

"This will hopefully work as a supplicant to the original heart, it can still pump blood through the body, but also allows the Puppeteer to control the energy flow within the body as well. With this new Eden Core Heart, I can become the Wise Man and finally get out of the Military's reach" Elessar elxplained "What makes this new heart circiut better is the fact i don't even have to speak for them to do what must be done"

8/2/2014 #14

Rei: Why are you showing me this?

8/2/2014 #15
Beyond the Oblivion

"By learning how to make a fully living Doll, you'll learn how the mana network is set throughout the entire body, there for you should be able to get a better understadning of how to utilize your two Dolls, the one thing that'll make my new Dolls better than the worlds best, is that with living bodies, i can further remove the bodies natural limiter, making them immensely stronger and faster" Elessar explained as he fitted different parts together

8/2/2014 #16

Rei: No matter what you do, you can't beat Lizzie and Mary, there is something...different about them. They have a connection to my wings: 'One drop from the light, one drop from the dark,' my mother told me, but I'm still not sure what that means.

8/2/2014 #17
Beyond the Oblivion

"One drop light, and one drop dark? That would be the type of Magic they are powered by, one of light magic and one of black magic, look it up, you'll see its in the magic history class text book, under defining magics section" Elessar replied cooly as he continuously fitted adn refitted the Eden Core heart.

"Trust me, I'll even destroy them in the fight we'll one day have, or it'll be a tie" Elessar finally spoke.

8/2/2014 #18

Rei: No, I already looked that up, it's not quite like that. Very similar, but not exact. I hope it's a tie, I don't want Lizzie and Mary hurt too badly...

8/2/2014 #19
Beyond the Oblivion

"When a puppeteers battle starts, there is one rule, defeat oppnent and take their gauntlet, if that means devastaing the oppnents Puppets, so be it, thats how it works" Elessar said "If my new Dolls are strong enough to crush them, i'll simply take the gauntlet, and end the match" Elessar turned his head to face Rei "At least then, you'll still have your dolls"

8/2/2014 #20

Rei: N-No, I promised Whitney, if I duel, I'll give it my all! She was best friends with Lizzie...

(Rei tried to not look at the gears on the table. However, when she just glanced at them...she gasped as her eyes started to glow white and her white feathery angel wings grew out of her back! In Rei's minds eye, she saw herself as a young girl about 8 years old, while her mother told her what the difference between a bandoll and an automaton is. Bandolls, short for Banned Doll, is a puppet with human components and an automaton is something, which was once real and is now a robot. This small slice of memory did help Rei understand Mary and Lizzie better, but didn't help her prepare for a duel or anything...)

8/2/2014 . Edited 8/2/2014 #21
Beyond the Oblivion

Elessar didn't even glance at the Wings, he felt their presence, much like he could feel the two types of magic flowing through her.

"Done" Elessar said as he fitted the last piece of the Eden Core into place, before moving tot he welding work top. There he began to fuse all the parts together with both magic and solder iron.

8/2/2014 #22

(Meanwhile, Rei managed to shake herself out of her memory, but she had to sit down before she collapsed.)

Rei: S-So, are you going to use one of your human dolls against mine?

8/2/2014 . Edited 8/2/2014 #23
Beyond the Oblivion

"Possibly, i will need to test the prototype at some stage of another" Elessar replied as he changed to a different solder iron wire.

"In all honesty, i don't know which one to use yet, i cant use a living girl yet, but, that woman, she might be a good test subject." Elessar mused.

(Btw, i edited a post in Domino in the other RP, do you mind playing ORitel for a while in that thread?)

8/2/2014 #24

*Sure. I don't mind playing Oritel for a little bit. I may not do him as well as a girl, but I think I can pass for him, XD!*

Rei: Elessar, I challenge to to a duel, whenever your ready, use whatever bandoll you want and however many you want!

8/2/2014 #25
Beyond the Oblivion

Elessar finished the welding and set teh new Eden Core heart down before turning to face Rei. "You sure this is what you want, even after you're dolls declared you like me, even when you cannot even control them yet?" Elessar sighed, Fine. You got two months to prepare" Elessar walked over to the freezer room adn pulled out one of the deceased younger girls, pushing her over to the Operation table at the centre of the lab.

8/2/2014 #26

Rei: Dueling you isn't going to affect how I feel about you and I think I know how to control Lizzie and Mary. (Leaves the shop.)

(For the next two months, Elessar saw Rei prepare with Lizzie and Mary. Mary wasn't drinking as much and Lizzie had less anger outbursts. Meditating, training, and calming techniques made it easier for Rei to convey what she wanted to her bandoll and automaton almost seamlessly! Rei's wings also appeared less, but that didn't mean they stopped. One time, Rei fell backwards with the wings, but she got up, laughing with Lizzie and Mary, knowing how silly that must have looked.)

8/2/2014 #27
Beyond the Oblivion

During the two months Elessar had developed his latest Bandoll, Kira, Weilder of the Flames of Carnage.

She was 89% Human and 11% machine, all her limiters had been removed and her brain function heightened considerably.

"Ok, Kira, Fire Vortex, 50% power, annihilate the tree!" Elessar was on the field helping to clear the old dead trees to make space for the new arena for the evening party.

Kira opened her mouth and screamed, fire erupted from her open jaws adn exploded into a spiralling vortex that incinerated the lifeless tree. Elessar had barely used any of his magic in the practice, but had put a considerable amount into making Kira fully operational.

She was, as he would say, the Perfect weapon, easily disguised as a human/puppeteer, she could do just about anything a normal human could.

"Master" Kira returned to Elessars side, he didn't even need to speak, she was there to protect him, like all his other seven girls, she acted on stimulis.

8/2/2014 #28

(Later on, when the evening party started, Rei is with a few new friends, enjoying herself. Lizzie and Mary were close, but mingling with friends too.)

8/2/2014 #29
Beyond the Oblivion

*Don't post here, no one knows he's even off Academy grounds, lol*

[Elessar from Royal Academy]

Elessar stumbled along the streets, he was heading to his lab, undetected by anyone.

In his lab he found everything how he'd left it, aside from Kira, his other prototypes had failed, all except his very first creation!

She'll survive, she has to, i built her perfectly, so to speak. Elessar thought as he collect up his research and and information before shutting down his lab, the shop owner had agreed on what to do when Elessar decided to leave, destroy the shop! So he did, setting fire to the place during the evening and staying in side. a Good shop keeper stays with his shop, as the man used to say.

"The Hallow is coming, because Elessar-sama, Death is near" Those were teh mans last words to Elessar, the puppeteer had felt it, Death was indeed near.

Will you fight them, they have taken those girls friend and sister? asked Divine Codex

I will have to, Death and their master want to lure me to battle, but they will have to come to me, Elessar replied, Divine Codex sighed.

10/21/2014 #30
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