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So, I was in Algebra the other day and I suddenly had a random theory. You know how a mule comes from a horse and a donkey and donkeys and horses are able to mate and reproduce but mules cant produce any offspring at all.

So, if a vampire and a human can mate and create a Damphir, can Damphirs reproduce?

It would make sense if they couldn't, I mean, technically vampires and humans are different species...yet humans can become vampires so I guess a Damphir could have offspring, but it makes more sense to me that they wouldn't be able to. The reason why Horses and Donkeys can reproduce but their offspring can't is because if natural barriers between their species that make it impossible. Their not supposed to mate because their species are too different so complications happen or something like that (I learned about this last year in Bio. I cant remember exactly how it works). It seems like the same should stand for Vampires and Humans...

So, the ultimate question: can D have children? 0_o

12/6/2009 #1
Trixie Falsae

In Hideyuki Kikichi's universe, damphirs can reproduce. A damphir named Granny Viper in Pilgrimage of the Sacred and Profane talks about her son, who was a damphir as well. So in essence, vampires and humans are the same species.

8/30/2010 . Edited 9/23/2010 #2
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