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Obviously, you all have an affection for the tall, dark vampire hunter known as D. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here. What do you like about D specifically? Why is he so memorable to you? Personally, I think his sad life is what makes him as attractive as he is to me. Think about it; this dark, tortured soul wouldn't be lonely without enduring the life he had. Thus, his mysterious, stoic attitude wouldn't even be there. I think his misery is one of the sexist things about this guy. How I'd like to heal his pain *sigh*.
5/2/2006 #1
Fallon M-mm
Apparently Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingvird was voted one of the best role models for children. i object. D, ok, he does around killing Nobles, but he's just so calm about it and he never reacts or does anything dumb and he's so responsible and level-headed that I actually find him to be better than Atticus. Remeber Dan in the first book? He's so good with kids.
5/9/2006 #2
D ::drools:: Oh man, umm, i think D is sexy cute calm and collected. All traits which make a girl squeal. I like him for all he is and wish i could meet him in real life so much. ; ;
5/17/2006 #3
Fallon M-mm
If only books coupld be reality...
5/18/2006 #4
Oh...D truly is a handsome man. If only he was real...I'd love to.... ....well, let's just say my boyfriend would have serious competition *sigh*. His past causes him to remain stoic....and emotionally unconnected. Poor guy. I'd definately try to cheer him up ^_^. If only, if only....
5/18/2006 #5
silver ice night
The object is not to get too hung up over how cute,calm and collected he is, but to keep any emotions in serious check otherwise they take over with major crushes and soon your hurting because youve reailized that you cannot have him. *guilty of it on a different character* Anyway, the affection for me is that hes just, well... Hes different.Hes not as he seams and he hurts for what he is. Theres more for me to add on this subject, its just that Ive never really thought about it before.I'll think about it and repost sometime in the future.
5/29/2006 #6
Yeah, he's cute...but he's also pretty deep. A tortured soul, that's what he is. It's really amazing that, despite his depressing life, he is able to go about his days without sucumbing to the pain. He shows an astounding amount of self-control and spirit. I admire his character for that.
5/30/2006 #7
Fallon M-mm
I was thinking. One of the things that makes D such an intriguing characthat the author never writes anything from his point of view. In scenes with D and some other people, it's written from an on-lookers POV. I think if we saw things from his point of view, that might take away from how intriguing he is. Though once or twice it would be nice to know what he's thinking...
7/8/2006 #8
Lord Akira
I just feel admiration for him really. The sheer tremendous will power he must possess....the self-control.. and optimism. He must have been alive for milleniums facing the same human b*** over and over again and still delivering and apparantly never once killed a human! I was comparing him to Lucy from Elfen Lied who after like 7 years of living is already killing people by the dozen. I'm sure D must have faced many similar things in his long life and he's a dhampir - can you imagine the loneliness he must feel! Being rejected by humans and vampires. I wonder what really keeps him going though. What will he do when he has fulfilled his goal?
7/9/2006 #9
Fallon M-mm
How do we really know hwat his goal is? The vampires are always being killed, but they also bite people and multiply. Some hunters don't always succeed. D just seems to be lost and lonely. Maybe he's just a hunter while he's waiting for something, but he doesn't really know what.
7/9/2006 #10
Fallon M-mm, you made a really interesting observation above, about how the author never tells us what D is thinking. I never thought about it before, but it's true- in fact, over and over again in the books, the author actually asks the reader something along the lines of: "what might the gorgeous young Hunter be thinking?" it's always an unanswered question. oh, here's a direct quote example I just flipped to in the fourth book (actually it's in the preview of the fifth book): "What sort of conclusions were being drawn in the heart beneath that black rainment?" The author never tells us, he asks us. There are probably at least half a dozen questions like that in each book. What IS D thinking/feeling in any given situation? In the fourth book, when D goes to check out the flying pirate-ship town full of bones, the doctor says to him: "There's carnage all around us, and your expression says you don't feel a thing. What does it take to break that pretty face of yours? What could make you cry? Or make you laugh?" to which D replies, "I've seen too much." That explains everything right there, doesn't it? We'll never really know what D's thinking, what he's remembering, what he's hoping for, what he cares about. He's a mystery. We WANT to see him cry and laugh. We are curious about what it would take to make him show that much of his human side. And I think we're all probably curious about his darker nature, too. What would it take to make D drink blood? Sure, he goes to town on those nasty lustful siren-sisters in the first book, but that doesn't count. When's the next time he'll bare his fangs? I want to know, and so do you. ^_^ All we know about him is what we see him do- and what he does is help people, rescue them and inspire them, and occassionally punish them, too. And he's looking for someone, presumably his father... but why? We know he's tortured, we know he's lonely. We know he's strong and beautiful and all of that. We know he's still got some faith in humanity, and that he destroys vampires. But he is still a mystery... and that's why we're obsessed with him, ne? ^_^ by the way, can anyone reccommend any good fanfics written from D's POV? I think that would be fun to read!
7/22/2006 #11
Fallon M-mm
First off, yes, I know of a good fanfic. I think a lot of people read it (I'm only half way through) but it's when D is a kid and IS from his POV. It's called Portrait of the Hunter. Sorry to the author-- I wish I could remember your name. Possibly what makes us want to see D's POV so much and see him laugh or cry is because we know we never will. The Mina/Drac thing was way back 1800s time, so D's probably been around for nearly as long. It's true, then he HAS seen to much to make hom break face, if he's been hunting for even HALF that time he's been alive. So for us it's that kind of black intrigue that we want because we know we'll never get it. Partly, anyway. **The grass is always greener on the other side of the road!!!** D's like a rock in a river. The water has carved him, and shaped him. He's just kind of wasting away the ages doing battle with the Nobitly, true, but both sides of his soul, whether he's consiously aware of it or not.
7/24/2006 #12
bwah ha hah, that's awesome. You just reccommended that I go read my own story! lol. for some reason I find that flattering. (I beam with pride!) ^_^ it's no big deal that you forgot my name. I forget it half the time too. anyway what is this about Mina Harker being D's mom? In truth I never considered that possibility, but now that you mention it... that would make an awesome story, and would probably fit in a little better with the actual VHD world (in which it seems that D has never actually met his father). I never gave much thought to the fact that "Portrait of the Hunter" is written from D's POV. I guess I really do get inside his head and explain what he's thinking/going through... and by doing so I suppose I've violated the general 'rule' of his character, lol-- but hey, it's just a fanfic. What I really want to read is a good fanfic (most likely a humorous one) written in first-person from D's POV. A fanfic that would be like, "My hand said blah blah blah and I sat on my horse under my big hat and didn't say anything." lol! A story in first person would be so much fun! Maybe even a journal-- oh yeah, a journal! has anyone written something like that yet? it would be like: "Day 37,643,357: Same hat, same horse, still hunting Dad. Day 37,643,358: Same hat, same horse. Angry frontiers-people shot a laser cannon at me today. Fortunately I split the beam in two at the last minute and went on my way. Still hunting. Day 37,643,359: Same hat. Horse got killed again by cyborg-eating demon-beetles. wonder if I should wash this hat sometime? Still no sign of Dad." lol! Please let me know if any of you run across any fanfics along those lines!
7/24/2006 #13
Fallon M-mm
OH!! Lol. I KNEW your name was familiar! That's half the reason I'm only half way through it was that I couldn't find it again to read it. But now that I know your name I can go get it. Cool. Yes, I might actually undertake a 1st person VHD fic. I've been meaning to do a more proper one than the one I have up now-- a French project that I had lying around, which very convieniently happened to be about blood. Anway, if I can find time for that I'll do it. Yes, another fic added to my list of four stories I'm working on... YAY!! This one I can at least post in chapters. Granted that I write it, which is still just an idea at this point. Anyway, to me it seems that Mina is D's mom. I never really questioned that she wasn't, but your right nothing ever supports that she definitly is... Oh well. I'm rereading all the books, and can look out for hints at that.
7/24/2006 #14
Fallon M-mm
Hey, I was rereading the forst D, and noticed something. We were kind of wondering about D and his dad and stuff. Reread pgs. 189-190. Especially 190. D says something interesting there.
7/31/2006 #15
Fallon M-mm
I'm sorry for this, but I would have to say that all of you VHD fans seem to hibernate in the winter. Really, conversation was going relly well in the summer, but as soon as we hit winter, you guys all start hibernating, lol. Just saying.
1/13/2007 #16
Yes, I do my best hibernating in the winter. Especially when this freaking house is an average of 50 degrees by noon. . Anyways, in the Pilgramage of the Sacred and the Profane D was going after the unknown shadow again. I so think its his father. Kinda sad about Granny Viper but highly unusual,sorta, how D was all emotional-ish in that 'ceremony'. I hope Tae's ***(trying not to spoil it for those who haven't read the book yet) is okay.
1/13/2007 #17
Fallon M-mm
Dude, I've got to start reading it. I've had it for a month but I've been too busy. OO-- guess what!!! I got Coffin! Holy cr*p, I flipped through like half of it and it took my like a half hour. Wow. Got a lot of reading to do.
1/14/2007 #18
The sixth book is my favorite so far. I was at the mall yesterday getting new tires for my car when I wandered into the bookstore, and what did I find? COFFIN: THE ART OF VAMPIRE HUNTER D. I nearly died on the spot. I knew it was coming out, but I never expected to find it here in this little town. Now it's sitting proudly on my coffee table. My favorite picture is "Melancholy" on p.28.
1/17/2007 #19
Fallon M-mm
Omygod I know Yoshitaka Amano has got to be the best, most creative artisr ever.
1/22/2007 #20
Isn't he awesome? He draws the sort of thing that seems like it might move when you glance at it out of the corner of your eye. Very creepy... and fascinating. Everything's drawn with this sort of graceful violence- it's organic, almost fluid, and charged with energy. and notice how our hero's expression is exactly the same in like 90 percent of the pictures? lol. with most characters, that would get boring, but it only makes D even cooler in my opinion. page 106 is another of my favorites. Oh, and don't you love all the scarves? Grin.
1/22/2007 #21
Fallon M-mm
Yeah. You put that really well with the graceful violence and organic. Cuz it all really is. And after looking through Coffin I really want to know more about D. Cuz Amano's interpretations are just incredible. I haven't yet had a chance to look through the whole thing. I on page 140 something so that just goes to show how huge it is. But for the better, as far as I"m concerned!
1/23/2007 #22
Fallon M-mm
Yeah, reading that only made me want to know more about D. And I loved the story! I hAven't actually gotten to look through the entire book yet, cuz it's so huge. I'm on page 140 something.
1/23/2007 #23
Fallon M-mm
Sorry- those 2 posts say the same thing pretty much. At first it didn't show up so I thought it didn't get it so I posted it again. So don't think I'm a schitz. I know they same pretty much the same thing. Apologies.
1/23/2007 #24
No worries, I feel your pain. I accidentally double-post all the time over on deviant art. My computer is practically an historical artifact, so... it has problems. *pets computer*
1/23/2007 #25
Fallon M-mm
lol, as long as the comp itself is generally desirable.
1/23/2007 #26
Alucard the Dhampir
Question!!!! Dont read if you havent read the first three novels!!! How does D have the blue pendant in the 2nd and 3rd books if he gave it to Dan??
1/24/2007 #27
THAT is what I've ALWAYS wanted to know. D: I'll assume he got a new one? XD
1/25/2007 #28
Fallon M-mm
I mostly just asume that D is magical and mysterious and he just DOES I never thought about it but never never questioned Kikuchi that he just DID.
1/25/2007 #29
I just assumed that he either a.) had another one made b.) carried more then one in the first place or c.) knew how to make a new one himself. Or even a possible d.) knew where the rest were stored and just went and picked up a new one. Its never specified how long it is between each book. Although with the appearance of the Doctor one would assume a gap of a few marginal years, but its not stated if that assumption is true for each time span between each of the books.
1/25/2007 #30
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