Whodunnit?: Iniquitous Intentions
As thirteen unlucky contestants enter Rue Manor, they are faced with a diabolical serial Killer! The secret? The Killer is amongst them and will do anything to kill everyone off one by one! The only way to survive is to solve The Killer's riddles and figure out Whodunnit!
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Please submit your theories of how Petro was killed ASAP! Like hopefully in a few hours or less. I wanna finish this game tonight.

7/19/2014 #301

Theories Sent In: 1

Theories Not Sent In: 2

Time Left: Whenever Nicole Gets Back

7/19/2014 #302

Theories Sent In: 2

Theories Not Sent In: 1

Time Left: Whenever Nicole Gets Back

7/19/2014 #303

Theory 1:

The killer killed Petro by choking her with a necktie and stabbing her several times with a conductor's baton. He then hung her from the ceiling in the gallery and took a painting for some reason.

The Killer is Tip.

7/19/2014 . Edited 7/19/2014 #304

Theory 2:

You, the killer, drugged Petro at the fountain, forcing her to be unconscious.

Then you sicked Lady Blossom the III, who was a porcupine, on Petro. And she somehow killed the victim.

Then you hung her in the Gallery.

Wonderful ending. But you won't fool me, Admiral.

7/19/2014 . Edited 7/19/2014 #305

Theory 3:

Petro was killed by poisoning. The killer, when they knew she did not submit a theory, offered her a choice, and she chose to drink the poison, using the tweezers to open the bottle. With Petro dead, they used the four paintings to represent the rooms we could investigate, the missing one representing the Gallery and killer's location.

Bobbery my friend, you may have helped me get this far, but I'm afraid the game is up, for you are the killer.

7/19/2014 #306

Please adjourn to the Dining Room for dinner.

7/19/2014 #307
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